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Anyone that is on a list expecting an upcoming pup this year I want you to understand that you will have to invest time, energy and yes money into your puppy. Just please everyone who is looking to adopt from me, you need to plan wisely for your puppy. You need to figure in vet bills, things that may or may not occur during their lifespan. KNOW that is it not easy, if you aren't willing to put in the work time and money then don't even ask for one of my puppies.
My puppies are a lifetime commitment for their entire lifespan. Which is usually 12-16 years. So plan on that time length and everything you would need to raise them, if you can't do it or may not have really thought about all this entails and have second thoughts, let me know, because I would rather know now, then down the road... and have an abused puppy on my hands. I just simply cannot and will not do this again.
It is not fair to me and certainly not fair to the innocent puppy that has no voice and needed protection. 
If you do all this and are really willing to commit, in the end... You get an amazing dog someone to love and comfort you and always has a kiss when you come home waiting. They do so much more for us then we ever could for them. That is the wonderful thing about these dogs. You wont ever find a more loyal and lovable companion!

There is a few tweaks to the contract, most of what I said above is already in the contracts but I added a few more things. This is in the deposit agreement that I will have everyone who is on a confirmed litter sign again, if you don't want to sign it, well then you wont get a puppy. Blunt, but true. I will need them all back once I send them to you in the next week. If you need to mail them, no problem. You can mail them in 3-5 days to me normally. But, if I do not receive these back and you respond to me directly that you KNOW this is a serious adoption and have the funds and time to care for your upcoming puppy you will lose the deposit and your spot will become available to someone else who is willing. 
I just cannot say how important this is to me, I start them off in life on the best foot possible, with the best care and expect that the level of care, love and devotion I give them will continue to be given when leaving my home.

Thanks to everyone out there for all of your support and love, below is the updates, look for an email shortly. I will need it signed and back to me by Tuesday at the latest of next week or you will lose your deposit.

If you have any questions please reach out to me 801-634-7233 or if you have changed your mind about adopting let me know now. I will not be mad, in fact I will be happy you understand everything and are willing to put the puppy first. When you are ready, come back, I will be here. I do not plan on going anywhere or stopping my breeding program. I will consider the last two days a Hiccup - so to speak. :)

Deposit Agreement Updated! As of 1/31/2017:


On the date as listed above, seller (Stefanie Peacock) and buyer: _____________________________
do hereby enter into a deposit based agreement. Total Price $850.00 for Pet – $1850.00 for Breeding Rights This deposit goes towards your final balance.  (Circle Breeder or Pet) Proof of spay/neuter is required to be given to the breeder by the pups 10 month of age. Either take a picture of the vet receipt text or email, or copy and mail to the breeder.
A nonrefundable deposit of $200.00 pet - $400 breeder was received by buyer to hold female or male Shih Tzu –circle one
Receipt of deposit ensures that seller will not show puppy to other interested parties
FOR PRE-BORN ADOPTERS: If the sex of puppy that you have requested is not available, you may choose a different sex out of the litter. (Depending on your “Pick of Litter” spot) OR your deposit will move over to the next litter, no specific pick of the litter will be given. If you do not want to wait for the next litter to be born, please know this is a nonrefundable deposit. Once the puppies are born you will choose which pup you want within the first day or two, with pictures, videos, FaceTime’s or Skype.
You can move your deposit three times. The first deposit counts as your first placement. Once you move it two more times you have lost it. Please be aware that this is a non-refundable deposit. If your puppy dies or the mother miscarries you can move your deposit to another litter. However, it is still non-refundable if you choose not to move and wait for the next litter. Also, please know that if the breeder has updated her prices and you move your deposit you will have to pay the higher price. So please be 100% certain you want to move your deposit!

You can move your deposit three times. The first deposit counts as your first placement. Once you move it two more times you have lost it. Please be aware that this is a non-refundable deposit. If your puppy dies or the mother miscarries you can move your deposit to another litter. However, it is still non-refundable if you choose not to move and wait for the next litter. Also, please know that if the breeder has updated her prices and you move your deposit you will have to pay the higher price. So please be 100% certain you want to move your deposit!

 At three -four weeks of age you will come over to my home to visit your puppy! Then we will go over all info you will need to know when bringing your puppy home and go over any questions you may have. We will sign the final contract at that point and the final balance will be due at that time. AKC papers, puppy packet, all food and treats and pee pad will be given to you at that time. Then on adoption day usually four weeks later, I will have your puppies medical records, toy and personalized outfit waiting for you. We usually will be waiting out front to make sure your puppy goes potty before you head home! SO FUN!

Please refer to the website listed at the top of this contract for more detailed information
Please initial you have read all information listed on sellers’ website and agree to all terms and conditions listed here within this contract and on the website. (Contracts, Rules and Refunds.) If at any time Stefanie Peacock feels there is a hostile environment (mean, rude or bullying behavior), poor or no communication from the buyer or finds out that buyer neglects or abuse animals, is being deceitful and planning on breeding the pet price puppy, you will lose your deposit and you will not be allowed to adopt from Stefanie in the future.
The puppy will be in the care of Stefanie Peacock until seller deems the puppy is ready to be released. Upon such determination, seller will notify buyer that puppy is ready to be visited at 3-4 weeks of age. At this time, the buyer will come over for a visit and pay the remaining balance. At that time the seller will give you the AKC papers, signed contract, puppy toys, puppy food, puppy outfit (if name is decided) puppy pee pads, puppy packets, bag of puppy treats and your puppy will have their first check up and dew claws removed at time of visit. We will also take about 15 minutes to go over all information needed to prepare the buyer to be fully ready and prepared for the puppy to go home around the 8 week mark.
(If you live out of state and are adopting, you will not need to come over at 4 weeks. I will Pay Pal you the request for the remaining balance and then on adoption day will go over all that was listed above.)
On the day of adoption, (specified by seller, usually 8 weeks of age) your puppy will be bathed, groomed, toe nails clipped, anal glands cleaned and will come home with their first shots and deworming and their full medical records.
After the seller contacts the buyer to inform of adoption day, and if the buyer does not show up on adoption day at specified time, the buyer will have 3 business days to pick up their puppy or they will lose the puppy to another family. This is a serious adoption. (There will be no refunds – this is a serious adoption and should be taken seriously)
Failure to adhere to this deposit and its associated time line requirements releases seller from the holding clause as outline above. After 3 business days of contact to buyer, buyer hereby releases seller to keep deposit and the final balance and to sell puppy or enter into another deposit agreement with another family.
Also, be aware that this is a serious adoption, plan ahead for any shots, medical visits and such that may occur during your puppy’s lifespan. If you cannot devote all time and love necessary you should not consider adoption. Puppies take time and love and patience. They do not have a voice and depend and rely on you to be their voice, take care of them and provide all love and care as if they were your child.
If at any time you cannot take care of your puppy for one reason or another you are required to give you puppy back to Stefanie Peacock with no refund. This is a very serious adoption and this puppy is to be loved and cared for by the Buyer for the puppy’s entire life span.
Please visit my website to review all information and search/read other Shih Tzu related information so you will be well aware of what to expect when bringing your darling little puppy home.
Contact to buyer is defined as personal contact or voice/text message to number listed within this deposit agreement. Seller encourages buyer to remain in contact with seller and notify of any changes to number or address. Failure to communicate within 24 hours of reaching out will result in a loss of your deposit.
As for Seller:                                                                             Date: __________
As for Buyer: ____________________________ Date: __________
(I understand all listed above and agree to all terms and I am of legal age to enter into this binding contract)
Phone Number, Cell Number, Email and Home Address of Buyer: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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IN CONSIDERATION of the sum of $850  (Pet Only: $850.00 – Breeding Rights: $1850.00) received by Stefanie Peacock, (“Seller”) whose address is 817 Cedar Terrace Dr. Sandy, UT 84094 from _____________(“Buyer”) whose address is ___________________________________, receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, Seller grants, sells, conveys and transfers the following dog (the “Dog”)

Dog’s Name: 

Breed of Dog:                     Shih Tzu                                                  

Color of Dog:


Dog’s Date of Birth:    

Sex of Dog:   Male Female


Registration # (if applicable): On AKC Papers

Sire Name: King Simba, King Mufasa

Registration # (if applicable): On AKC Papers

Dam Name: Princess Jasmine, Tinkerbell, Ariel, Aurora, Mulan, Rapunzel or Belle (circle one)

Registration # (if applicable): On AKC Papers

REGISTRATION AND OWNERSHIP TRANSFERS:  Upon payment in full as set forth above, Seller, at his/her own cost, shall promptly take all legal actions necessary to officially transfer ownership and registration, if applicable, of the Dog to Buyer.


SPAYING AND NEUTERING: If adopting a pet, you need to give proof of the Veterinarian receipt of the spay/neuter by the puppies 10 month of age to the breeder Stefanie Peacock or you be in breach of contract and Breeder will obtain possession of your puppy. (You will lose your puppy)


SELLER REPRESENTATIONS:  Seller warrants to Buyer that Seller is the legal and true owner of the Dog and that Seller has the unqualified right to sell the Dog.   Furthermore, Seller warrants that the Dog is sold free and clear of any lien, security interest, mortgage or other encumbrance.


Buyer’s Initials ____________



X The Dog is sold with no express or implied warranties or representations having been made by Seller to Buyer other than those expressly stated above.


Buyer’s Initials ____________


Buyer’s Initials ____________


X The Dog is in good health and free of communicable diseases at the time of this sale.  Buyer has ­3 business days from the purchase and/or adoption date to have the Dog examined by a licensed veterinarian (Buyer will pay all veterinarian fees).  If the Dog fails the examination, the Buyer, with a written statement from the veterinarian, and a second examination with a written statement from Sellers Veterinarian, Dr. Anderson at Animal Crackers Vet 7540 Redwood Road, West Jordan, UT 84084, (801) 810-0360 for verification, may then at that point return the Dog to the Seller for a full refund. (Minus the nonrefundable deposit – or you can move to a future litter.)  Failure to have the Dog examined within the above time limit will nullify this warranty.

X Please initial you have read all information listed on sellers’ website

and agree to all terms and conditions listed there. (Contracts, Rules and Refunds.)

X  ADDITIONAL PROVISIONS: This puppy you are adopting is to be part of your family and is a lifetime commitment. If for any reason at any time you are not able to keep the puppy, you are required to give the puppy back to the Breeder (Stefanie Peacock) with no refund. This is a serious adoption and you should be committed fully to this animal for its entire lifespan. If you cannot commit to this puppy then you should not consider adoption.

If anytime the Breeder finds you are mistreating your puppy, your puppy will be taken back by Stefanie Peacock and Legal action may be taken. This puppy is to be treated as if they are your child. Any medical issues, all shots and vaccinations should be done for your puppy. You are now your puppy’s voice and you need to take care of this sweet little one for their entire life span.  (You will receive much joy in return for all your love and devotion from this little adorable puppy you are taking care of!) (if none, write “none”)

GOVERNING LAW: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of UTAH.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Seller has executed and delivered this Bill of Sale on this date ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________________                                                     

*Adoption Day is:                                                                 __________________________________        

                                                                              (Signature of Seller)


                                                                              (Signature of Buyer)


♥ These sweet puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract only. They are to be your pet and part of your life for their entire life span. 

 The total price for a girl or boy is $850.00. I do not charge more for girls because I believe they are both equally as wonderful and if you are not planning on breeding them you shouldn't have to pay more! :) (The price is also the same for rare colors or sizing.)

 If you are looking to breed your puppy, you will need to purchase breeding rights. FULL AKC is $1850.00. (Questions and inquires will be followed up for FULL AKC)

 To send a deposit of (200.00 - Pet) or (400.00 - Breeder) please go to - or, please look me up under Stefanie-Peacock-1 or I cannot hold a puppy for you unless I receive the deposit.

Please contact me first at 801-634-7233 to confirm that we do have that deposit spot open as we do fill up very fast. We have an excellent reputation in the community and our open spots do not last long. 

You can also pay the total of 850.00 + 3.3% Fee through Paypal to or + 25 cent fee - my email address listed on this account is or Stefanie-Peacock-1

When you send in the money, please specify which puppy you are adopting. 

Then once you have sent in the money, please fill out the deposit agreement above and send it to my email: or I will then sign it Electronically and send it back to you ASAP.

Payment Options: or Cash. Personal Checks will be accepted only on a deposit with plenty of time to clear the bank, we also do accept full payments with a check with 4 weeks to clear.

This Contract Page Was Updated April 2017


I do not ship, if you want one of our babies you will need to come out to Utah and pick up your baby in person. I have had people come from California, New York, Colorado, Idaho, Washington State, Georgia, New Jersey and New Mexico. They flew here and enjoyed our beautiful sites here in Utah and then flew back home with their sweet puppy. Check with your airline to make sure they are okay with you bringing the puppy home with you. We will take our dogs with us at times and there are airplane approved bags and you place them in them and then under the seat during take off. Then you can hold them during flight. A lot of vets will suggest a sedative if it is a long flight. Check with your vet for more information on that. 

Puppies are sold on a Spay/Neuter pet contract only. You will need to send me a copy or take a picture of the actual vet receipt from the surgery and send it to me before they are 10 months old. Failure to do so and you could lose your puppy.

If you are interested in full AKC please email or text me.  801-634-7233

Breeding rights will cost an extra $1200.00. The total of your puppy being $1850.00 for FULL AKC.

I am also willing to do puppy trades, Full AKC with ONLY reputable breeders. 

(No Prapso and if your line has a Prapso puppy, I cannot take a trade on that specific pup)

I will trade lines, but will want to meet the parents of the puppy I am adopting and have s/he examined fully by my vet Dr. Anderson before anything is final. Call or text me anytime for more info 801-634-7233

I will not sale my puppies to Brokers, Mills, or Pet Shops under any circumstances! I do investigate all inquiries for FULL AKC.

These puppies are my little sweet hearts and I will turn anyone away who I feel may be dishonest or may have other intentions then having a loving puppy to grow old with.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Stefanie M. Peacock

801 634 7233 - Cell

801 562 2944 - Home