Going away for the weekend? Maybe a week or so to Disneyland and you need a Babysitter for your Puppy?  

Look no further! McKell is your gal!

McKell has wanted to be a vet since she was 3 years of age. She is a huge animal lover and your dog will be in the best of hands while you are away. You will have peace of mind for sure!

McKell is a great choice and alternative to kenneling. 

When you take your dog to a kennel, they are put in a small dog kennel area and are let out only twice a day to go potty. They are not played with or get exercise. So, having McKell babysit your doggy is a GREAT alternative.

* McKell will play with your dog all day long.

* McKell will take your dog on walks 2 times a day.

* McKell will brush your dog, give them a bath, brush their teeth. If needed and if you don't want her to just let us know!

* McKell will simply love your dog!

Your dog will not be locked up, s/he will be free to roam the house with our other dogs and play out in the back yard as well!

McKell charges $30.00 dollars a day. Most places charge $35-$45 and are locked up. :(

Your dog must be current on all shots, you must have a print out from your vet current with all shots as well as rabies shots. 

If your dog is female past the 6 month mark, she will need to be spayed or you will need to provide diapers if she is in heat so our Charlie will not get her pregnant! LOL

When you drop your doggy off, you must pay up front the $30.00 dollars a day in cash for the length of time you will be away. (This is something McKell has requested. She is pretty business savvy already!)

If you have multiple dogs, it is 30  for the first pup and 25 for  the second pup. 

If you want to schedule a time for babysitting, please call or text me (the mom Stefanie) at 801-634-7233.

Then I will pass you on to McKell so she can find out the details.

Enjoy your trip with peace of mind knowing your dog is being very well cared for.