Getting a good groomer is crucial to your dogs health and well being, make sure you find someone who you can trust and know will love your doggy as much as you do!

Your doggies hair will grow continuously just like ours does. So it is very important to find a good Groomer. 

Before I started doing my own dogs we had the BEST groomer!! Her name is Kerri Mace Sykes. BUT! She left Utah for Idaho because she had to get married.... LOL! We loved her dearly. I would suggest you ask around and see who your friends and family trust, because if you are not up for the task (AND LET ME TELL YOU! IT CAN BE A PAIN!) then you need to find a good groomer! 

*Those of you in Idaho may be in luck, in our facebook group "Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies" - here is the link:  you can look up her info and send her a direct message and see about getting on her list. She is simply amazing at what she does, and my dogs just adored her!!! Kerri Lynn Sykes is her name!

Hair needs to be trimmed, eyes, bum area. Also their toe nails need to be clipped. They will need the once in a good while anal gland cleansing. 

Also! Make sure you brush their teeth at least once a week. I do mine usually every Friday. Sometimes for if needed. With Minnie she has a hard time with being put under anesthesiology, so I brush hers nightly. Tarter builds up fast on your dogs teeth. So keep them clean. Greenies are also a great chew that helps with that!

If you have questions just let me know!