I own several beautiful Shih Tzu's!

When they do get to a certain age we do have to adopt them out to new families to spend the remainder of their life in peace, love and comfort. 

It is very hard for us to do this, so we make sure they go to the best loving family. We do not charge for these placements either, they are given for free with all their medical records, toys, beds and paperwork to their new forever family. 

I would SO love to keep every single one but we would probably end up with a million dogs! LOL and I don't think my neighbors or the city would be too happy with me. 

♥ All my babies are on site. They are first and foremost our pets. We love them dearly! ♥

Scroll down for more information and pictures of all the Moms (Dams) and Dads (Sires)

King Simba is 10 pounds - Sire

Princess Belle is 7.7 pounds - Dam (will be retiring soon!)

Princess Aurora is 12 pounds - Dam 

Princess Ariel 16 pounds! - Dam

Princess Tinkerbell - 12 pounds - Dam

Princess Mulan - 8.6 pounds - Dam

King Mufasa - 10 pounds - Sire

Jasmine, Bailey, Charlie, Nala, Rapunzel and Molly are Retired 

Our Minnie Mouse is Bailey and Charlie's daughter. She is spayed and our forever pet. 

The females I own are considered Imperial (under 10 pounds) and Standard (over 10 pounds) Chinese Shih Tzu's.

They are all AKC Registered

We have an AKC rep come out about once a year and are approved as a trusted breeder by AKC! 

I was also recently recognized by AKC as a BRED WITH H.E.A.R.T Breeder!

Princess Belle  Imperial Size Shih Tzu - Coloring Red/Gold and White

King Simba Imperial Size Shih Tzu - Coloring Liver and White with Tan Markings

Princess Aurora She is a Standard Size Shih Tzu - Gold and White with Black Markings (Aurora Parents are Nala Peacock and Charlie Peacock)

Princess Ariel - She is a Standard Size Shih Tzu - She is a Gold Liver 

(Ariels Parents are Charlie Peacock and Princess Jasmine Peacock)



Princess Tinkerbell - She is a Standard Size Shih Tzu - she is a gold with a black mask!
(Tinks Parents are Princess Nala Peacock and Charlie Peacock)

These adorable cuties are our newest additions to our breeding program! This is Mufasa (lBlack and White Left) and Mulan (Brindle with Black Mask Right) 

Mufasa is a Black and White 

Mulan is a Brindle and White with a Black Mask

These are our Princess Jasmines babies! (The sire is Rocky Road, my Friend Rael's Enchanted Mountain Shih Tzu!)

We plan on breeding them both in 2018/2019! 

I am putting out a guesstimate here on Weights! Mufasa is charting to be around 9-10 pounds at full weight and Mulan is charting at 10-12 pounds. So cute!

Jasmine and Rocky are the parents of Mulan and Mufasa- Pictures Below

Princess Jasmine Peacock (Mom)
Enchanted Mountain's Rocky Road (Dad)

This is our precious Minnie Mouse!

She is our FURever pet!

Princess Belle Peacock! (Mom)

Retired Dogs!

Princess Jasmine  

Jasmine retired in October 2018, she was adopted by my brother Daniel and will be his forever dog. 

It was funny because when she was about 6 months old she totally choose Daniel as her human. 

She is a very sweet dog and we were lucky enough to keep Ariel from her and Charlie and Mulan and Mufasa from her and Rocky Road. 

Jasmine is a beauty and was such a wonderful breeder, I was so sad to retire her, but she had amazing babies for many families and even for us too! 

She will be missed dearly, but so grateful she will be in the family still! 

Charlie & Bailey 

Charlie  - Retired 11/29/16 - We adopted him out to a wonderful family who lives in Lehi. He is so happy with them and we are so happy he is so happy!!!

Bailey is Retired - We adopted her out to an amazing family in March 2016. It was very hard for us to do, but we know that she is super happy! Here is a review from the family:

When Stefanie was looking for a forever home for her Bailey Boo Mickey and I were waiting to adopt a puppy from her. When I saw her post about Bailey I called and told her we would be more than happy to give Bailey the forever home and all the love she could stand. I new from talking to Stefanie this was not going to be easy for her and her family, and we hoped she would trust us enough to let us adopt Bailey. In doing so Stefanie and I became friends. We have Bailey now and she has filled our hearts beyond belief, Stefanie and her family take such good care of their Shih Tzu family, and show them so much love you can see and feel it when you speak to them. Mickey and I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of adopting a Shih Tzu puppy to call Stefanie and speak to her first. She gives you all the information and all you would need to start your own Shih Tzu family. We are so thankful to Stefanie and Peacock Family Shih Tzu puppies for everything they have done.

Terry Springer

Molly - Sweet Molly is retired and living with her forever family!

Here is a little note she sent me about Molly -

Hi Stefanie,

I thought I would give you an update on Molly. WE are getting along just great! She is a happy little girl, always wants to be with me & loves to go for walks & rides in the car, when it is not too hot! She was spayed by Dr. Anderson 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. Had her stiches out Monday. Just got groomed today and looks beautiful! She sleeps with me every night and when I take a nap. 

Thank you so much for giving up Molly to be my little precious pal. I love her and she knows it! I know it was hard for you & your family. 

Love, Dawn 

Princess Nala  Standard Size Shih Tzu - Coloring - Gold & White W/ Black Markings - She just had her last and final litter 12/3/2016 Such beautiful wonderful puppies she has given to so many families. We love her dearly. 

Below are just a bunch of fun pictures of all the sweet mommy's and daddy's!

This is Belle! LOL! She is such a goof! 

Jasmine is the black beauty, Belle is on the stocking, Nala is the cream one next to Charlie the grey and brindle, and Molly is the white and cream. 

This is Nala! My daughter dressed her up!