Stefanie’s Puppy Check list:

1.      Make sure you clean your puppy's bum after each time s/he poops. Otherwise the puppy's poop may form a hard rock over their anus and they will not be able to get their poop out and this can cause a hernia, other medical issues and possible death.

2.       Leave their dry food out all day long so they can eat when they want. Shih Tzu’s do not over eat. Also, make sure you change their water 2 to 3 times a day.

3.       Give 2 tablespoons of wet food every day, if the puppy's poop starts to get too runny, go down to one Tablespoon a day. You only need to do this until you feel that s/he is eating the dry food well enough to sustain without the wet food.

4.       Potty training, it is going to be a challenge for a few months as your puppy will not have complete control over their bladder until they are 5 months of age. (Sometimes depending on the puppy it could be up to 7 months.) Be patient, but consistent. Take your puppy out every few hours and especially when s/he first wakes up in the morning and after a nap. Make sure you give them tons of praise when they do go potty where they are suppose to.

5.        When potty training I have found that the Potty Park and the Potty Training Pads from Pet Co. work best. We train the puppies on potty pads and the potty park from the time they first start to walk around 3-4 weeks.

6.           Your puppy was given shots by me between the ages of 6-8 weeks. I give the shots to your puppy when they are completely done nursing. You will need to schedule an appointment with your vet to get your puppy's second shots at 12 weeks. (All this is listed in the medical sheet I gave you on day of adoption.)

7.      When choosing a vet make sure you check them out thoroughly, I always recommend that if you live in the same area as I do, to see Dr. Anderson who works at Animal Crackers Veterinarian Hospital. Dr. Ross Anderson was the Lead Veterinarian at Hogle Zoo for almost 20 years and is a very renowned and very respected Veterinarian in the State of Utah. Their number is 801-561-9271 and their address is : 7540 South Redwood Road in West Jordan. They are FANTASTIC over there, you will love them and love their prices, they do not overly charge like a lot of Veterniarian Hospitals do these days. They are honest and fair in their prices. Call and make an appointment for your puppys second set of shots with Dr Anderson, let them know that your puppy is one of my puppies and they will get you right in!

8.  For grooming we love Dana Dutt at Wag the Dawg Salon! Check out her link above!

9.      Clipping their toe nails. You will just need to use regular fingernail scissors for the first few months. Just be very careful and clip the very tip. If you cut too low into the quick of the nail you can make your puppy bleed and it could also lead to infections.

10.       Keep the hair in between your puppy's eyes shaved and clean as the hairs around their eyes can cause eye infections if not kept clean and trimmed.

11.       Our puppies have been sleeping in soft beds since they were born, (purchased from Pet Co.) I would suggest you either leave them in an area at night to sleep with a soft bed instead of a kennel while potty training as sometimes you can wake up to a potty mess and will have to wash the kennel and your puppy.

12.       VERY IMPORTANT: Do NOT leave your puppy alone with a collar on. I had a lady adopt a puppy from me and she left a collar with dangle things on it while she went to work and it tried to get over the gate and the collar got stuck in the gate holes and it struggled and struggled to get out and ended up hanging itself to death. This was very hard on the family, especially the young daughter. So because of this incident, I let all of my newly adopted families know about this situation. To be honest, I never put collars on my dogs unless we are going on walks or to South East Valley Vet. I have all my dogs chipped and they are inside dogs, so I do not worry about them getting lost. This however, is a personal choice; I just wanted to make you aware of what could happen. 

13. Make sure if your puppy has their dew claws that you watch them, keep them trimmed and make sure if they are digging you clean them. Dew claws are really not a huge issue at all, some prefer to have them removed, other breeders do not. Sometimes when you get them removed they can grow back. It is rare but it does happen. So if your puppy comes home and does have dew claws (the thumb) just keep a close on eye on them. 

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         If you ever have any questions at anytime, please call or email me. 801-634-7233 or                 /

      **  If you ever have any questions at anytime, please call or email me. 801-634-7233 or

Thank you so much and enjoy your new little one, you will have many years of joy to come!

Breeder: Stefanie Peacock