I am visited about every year by the AKC just to make sure that my doggies are well taken care and all paper work is in order.  I was recently given a certificate of a trusted breeder for the American Kennel Club.

I am very proud of this standing as I know that I run a wonderful breeding program and to have the AKC recognize that as well just makes me feel so good!

I was also told by my Veterinarian Dr. Ross Anderson that I have high quality Shih Tzu's. It makes me proud and so happy of my little program. 

I am not a backyard breeder at all and in fact have helped shut some down. I have filled my neighborhood and Church/Ward with many of my little puppies and it is so fun watching them when they are out on walks... and I say, oh look! There goes Max! or there goes Jimmer and Izzy! It is a blast, I love doing this and I LOVE how happy I make people in the process! 

I am very strict with my rules and contracts as well, I surely hope nobody ever takes offense as I am just protecting my doggies, my line and myself. 

Below are their Pedigree Certificates I have hanging on my wall. You can view their lines and who they have come from. I am very proud of the lines my doggies have. This whole process is a lot of fun! We also have a few pups who have gone on to dog shows! Which is super neat!

If you would like a high quality, wonderful beautiful and amazing pup please feel free to call or text me anytime! 801-634-7233

King Simba!

Princess Belle!

Princess Tinkerbell!

Princess Ariel!

Princess Aurora!

Princess Jasmine!

Princess Mulan! (on right)

King Mufasa! (on left)

Retired Dogs