Getting a good groomer is crucial to your dogs health and well being, make sure you find someone who you can trust and know will love your doggy as much as you do!

                                                                            ❤️GROOMING ❤️

When you adopt from us, we offer a grooming service to maintain your cute pup! 

We recommend grooming your pup every week to get them started for their first full groom from a groomer of your choice. :) This helps them not be so scared of the noise of the shaver and the blow dryer. 

We offer a mini groom for just 35$! Which Includes:

Eye hair shave
Bum hair shave

Belly hair shave

Pee pee hair shave
Paw pad hair shave

Ears cleaned
Toe nails trimmed
Wash, brush and blow dry

- The shampoo and conditioner used is Plum Silky by Nature's specialty we also do a little lavender on their paw pads and belly after shave down :) 

❤️?If you would like to set up a mini groom session, please call or text me 801-634-7233

Fun for the holidays or to just be a little extra! LOL We do offer pet plant based dye for their ears or tail - that is just an extra charge of 20$ an all over for their body - like we did on pride for Elsa! LOL is 75$ - the dye lasts up to 3 months sometimes longer depending on how much your bath your baby. (Picture below of Elsa for Pride month last year) HAHAHA

My daughter or son usually helps me out, and the tips go right to her, so please if you think we did a good job, add in a little tip for her :) If you were to go anywhere else you are looking at 65$-100$ for grooming.

Feel free to text me for more info 801-634-7233


If you live a little further away from us and cannot come for grooming, please remember that your doggies hair will grow continuously just like ours does. So it is very important to find a good Groomer. Their hair needs to be trimmed, eyes, paw pads, bum area. Also their toe nails need to be clipped. They will also need that fun once in a good while anal gland cleansing. (YUCK!)

Also! Make sure you brush their teeth at least once a week. I do mine usually every Friday. Sometimes more if needed. With Minnie she has a hard time with being put under anesthesia, so I brush hers nightly. Tarter builds up fast on your dogs teeth. So keep them clean. CET chews are also a great chew that helps with tarter build up.

If you have questions just let me know!



The Peacocks are AMAZING GROOMERS!

I was concerned about getting my nervous nipper Tashi scheduled for her first groom. She had finally had all of her shots, but was so afraid of getting anything near her face, and was terrified at the sound of the clipper. I had my hands full just teaching her not to nip when she received her daily brushing. So I sent her to Christian. 

He bathed her, trimmed her paws, nails, face, belly and butt. And he still had all of his fingers when it was complete! She came home smelling and looking great, with a cute neck scarf, happy as can be. Tashi will be returning, no doubt about it. 

My little puppy Tiki is being scheduled to be done next. Tiki is laid back and mellow. I’m confident that she will be less of a challenge, but loved just as much as Tashi and come home with well trimmed paws, nails face, tummy and butt, smelling delicious too.  I trust Christian with my little Princesses. Christian, you are the best! 

Rebecca West * December 2019