Going away for the weekend? Maybe a week or so to Disneyland and you need a Babysitter for your Puppy?  

Look no further! The Peacock Family has your back!

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We sooooo LOVE our animals and offer not only clean up mini grooms but babysitting as well!

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Please Review - and either PRINT and fill out or Download and fill out and email to dr.kylepeacock@yahoo.com PRIOR to stay. Please make sure you read all terms and conditions! Thanks! 

Do you need a babysitter for your sweet pup? 

Look no further! ❤️🐾🥰

We do babysitting for 35$ a day with a bath for 10$ 

If you want a mini groom we can do that too for 35$ as well. 

The Mini groom includes: eye hair, bum hair, pee pee hair, paw pad hair and belly hair shaved. Toe nails clipped, anal glands expressed, ear hair removed, face trimmed (if needed) lavender bath, brush and blow dry. (We use Natures Specialties dog Shampoo, Scent Plum Silky)

The babysitting payment is due the day you make the request for the time needed (through PayPal or venmo) if you cancel your trip plans, please know the payment is non refundable but will be credited as a one time as a curtesy for a future babysitting appointment. 🥰

Things to bring with your pup at drop off for babysitting:

Their current dog food and enough for them for the entire stay. 
Any treats you may like to have us give them and any medications they may be on.

Things you do not need to bring:

We have LOTS of dog beds, so no need to bring a dog bed, we have harnesses and leashes, so no need to bring their collars or leashes. 🙂 

We also have LOTS of toys, so no need to bring any toys either. 

We do not kennel the dogs, so we wont need your kennels (if you have them) either. 

If you are just looking just for a groom, we can do that too!

We do mini grooms for 35$. (Everything above is included) 

We don’t do full grooms. Just clean up/mini grooms. 

If you are looking for a good groomer who does full grooms we have a few that we personally recommend; they are in different areas, Kerri Lynn Sykes, Amanda Condie and Julie Jensen. 

Call or text me for more info: 801-634-7233 (most grooms will be Thursdays for our family because that is Kyles day off) 🛁  🧼 ❤️

*Make sure you are caught up on vaccines ❤️

                  Kenneled                                             NOT Kenneled 

Our Family is a great choice and alternative to kenneling. 

When you take your dog to a kennel, they are put in a small dog kennel area and are let out only twice a day to go potty. They are not played with or get exercise. So, having us babysit your doggy is a GREAT alternative.

* We will play with your dog all day long

* We will take your dog on walks 

* We will brush your dog, give belly rubs and kisses!

* We will simply love your dog!

Your dog will not be locked up, s/he will be free to roam the house with our other dogs and play out in the back yard as well!

The total cost is $35 dollars a day. Most places charge $40-$65 and are locked up. :(

Your dog must be current on all shots, you must have a print out from your vet current with all shots as well as rabies shots. 

If your dog is female past the 6 month mark, she will need to be spayed or you will need to provide diapers if she is in heat. Same goes for the boys if they are not neutered. 

If you do decide to cancel or come home early, the money you paid is non-refundable. So please make sure you are set in your plans or are okay with the risks of losing your payment. We will however let you use the payment sent as a one time credit in case things do fall through and you need to cancel.

If you have multiple dogs, it is 35  for the first pup and 30 for  the second pup. 

If you want to schedule a time for babysitting, please call or text me 801-634-7233 and we will get you on the calendar

Enjoy your trip with peace of mind knowing your dog is being very well cared for.