Going away for the weekend? Maybe a week or so to Disneyland and you need a Babysitter for your Puppy?  

Look no further! Christian has your back!

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Christian LOVES animals and has been with me through thick and thin since the very beginning of my breeding program, he knows the ins and outs of all we do and how to care for young to old pups. He is the MOST kind and loving boy and all the animals just adore him!

Please Review - and either PRINT and fill out or Download and fill out and email to dr.kylepeacock@yahoo.com PRIOR to stay. Please make sure you read all terms and conditions! Thanks! 


Christian my cute son is starting doggy day care!!! AND clean up grooms and baths!! ???????? (All his idea so cute!)


It’s 20$ for the day and if your dog needs a eye trim and bum trim he will take care of that too for just an extra 5$, making it 25$ a day.

AND! If you want them to have the trim and a bath and brush out it will be just an extra 10$ for that making it a total of 35$ for the day.

(Super good deal!) ????❤️


Christian will also be taking over babysitting if you go on trips. He charges 25$ a day non refundable for extended trips.  (More info below on Babysitting)

Christian is one of the kindest people I know and loves animals so so much.

All the dogs love to sleep with him and bang on his door if he forgets one. Lol! it kind of cracks me up.

His number is 801-367-4147 and you can always text me to, if you have questions 801-634-7233

*plus you have the added bonus of me being by Christians side helping him when needed and all the other dogs to help socialize your pup! we don’t lock them up in kennels. They are always with the family. It’s a great alternative to boarding at a facility.


If you are just wanting a bath, brush out, toe nails eye hairs and bum trim for you doggy, We can do that for you too. For just 25$

You drop off your baby at the door with my sweet sonny boy Christian and then he will text you when we are done. We don’t do hair cuts. But we do clean up cuts (ie bum, eye, paw pads, pee pee area) and baths and brush outs and toe nail clipping if needed. Using our favorite shampoo and conditioner, Plum Silkie by Natures Specialties! Smells so good and is so good for their coats!

Shoot us a text if you want to set up appointments.

*Make sure you are caught up on vaccines ❤️

                  Kenneled                                             NOT Kenneled 

Christian is a great choice and alternative to kenneling. 

When you take your dog to a kennel, they are put in a small dog kennel area and are let out only twice a day to go potty. They are not played with or get exercise. So, having Christian babysit your doggy is a GREAT alternative.

* Christian will play with your dog all day long.

* Christian will take your dog on walks 2 times a day.

* Christian will brush your dog, give them a bath, brush their teeth. If needed and if you don't want her to just let us know!

* Christian will simply love your dog!

Your dog will not be locked up, s/he will be free to roam the house with our other dogs and play out in the back yard as well!

Christian charges $25.00 dollars a day. Most places charge $35-$45 and are locked up. :(

Your dog must be current on all shots, you must have a print out from your vet current with all shots as well as rabies shots. 

If your dog is female past the 6 month mark, she will need to be spayed or you will need to provide diapers if she is in heat so our boys will not get her pregnant! LOL

When you drop your doggy off, you must pay up front (non-refundable) the $25.00 dollars a day in cash (or venmo at least one week prior) for the length of time you will be away. 

If you do decide to cancel or come home early, the money you paid Christian is non-refundable. So please make sure you are set in your plans or are okay with the risks of losing your payment.

If you have multiple dogs, it is 25  for the first pup and 20 for  the second pup. 

If you want to schedule a time for babysitting, please call or text Christian 801-367-4147 (or me 801-634-7233 Stef MOM)

Enjoy your trip with peace of mind knowing your dog is being very well cared for.