Hello! I am your new best friend! I will follow you and sniff your butt! I will bite at your tail and make funny noises!

Okay!!!! So I get lots of questions from new families that already have doggies and want to know 
"How do I introduce my new puppy I am getting from you to my sweet doggy I already have?"

So I have put together a list of ideas and tricks I have learned from experience myself. 

First thing first, get your dogs favorite treats, no matter what it is, French Fries? OKAY get them! Greenies, chicken, carrots? Whatever it is get a bunch! 

Have Mom hold puppy and Dad hold your current dog, then have mom walk in and say, "oh my goodness look what we have for you (dogs name)" In your most excited happy voice! Then have dad say, "Oh my gosh its a new puppy!!!!" and give him/her a treat right at that moment. 

Then put the puppy down to walk around and keep saying in your most happy excited voice "Look!!! It is your new friend (dogs name!)" and keep giving him treats. Let your current dog (While holding him/her sniff the puppy and keep going with the treats and the happy voice!) Then your current dog will see this new puppy as a reward. 

Once you feel that your current dog is ready, set them down with mom and dad both watching their dog closely. They will start to sniff one another, more than likely the puppy will start to jump at your current dog and make funny puppy noises. Growling and funny barks... totally normal. Here is a link to a video: https://youtu.be/lar8b8SzdoA for you to listen to how it sounds, and know it is normal. It is what they do. Sometimes to us it can sound scary, but it is how they play. Trust me I know... I have been doing this for over 10 years! I do not inbreed so I am constantly introducing new ones to our puppy family!

Your older dog might be like - Oh my gosh, this thing is so annoying... and walk away or maybe even growl. But just keep talking in that funny high pitched happy voice and giving them lots of love and petting them both equally. 

Eventually they will become best friends and sit together, sleep together and run around together. They may even cry when one leaves to go get shots or grooming and be all depressed. But in the long run, dogs and Most Animals in general doing sooo much better in pairs. It has been proven that they live longer, are happier and healthier in pairs. So whether you get another one from me or are looking at getting a second dog, it is the best thing you can do for your animal. Everyone needs a partner in doggy crime! HAHA!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me by calling or texting me anytime 801-634-7233 I am always here for you!