This is the cutest video ever. This is when they brought Gigi home and surprised their son Alex. 

If this doesn't steal your heart I don't know what will!

Santa brought these two little girls the BEST Christmas present any child could hope for! Congratulations on your new little puppy girls! 

              Below are a bunch of adorable pics of families with their new pups!



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Testimonials from all of my adopted families

Adopted Ollie February 2024

I lost my two sweet fur babies a little more than a year ago and I was so lost without them.

A couple of months ago I contacted Stefanie Peacock regarding adopting a new Shih Tzu puppy. As luck would have it she had a momma ready to deliver her pups the end of December or beginning of January. I adopted a beautiful little boy. He is such a bundle of joy.

Stefanie and her husband Kyle are a delight to work with. They are dedicated to caring for all of their dogs and newborn puppies.

After the puppies are born they have a weekly video showing off the adorable puppies, which is delightful.

After the puppies are adopted Stefanie follows up to see how the puppies are doing.

Stefanie is truly dedicated to her profession as a breeder.

I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

They do so much more than I covered in this review.

You will fall in love with this family.💕💕

Jan Cory

Adopted Bella November 2020 and Zachary September 2023

I lost my precious 15 1/2 year old Shih Tzu in November 2019. My husband had passes away six years earlier and now my home was very lonely.

I searched for Shih Tzu puppies all over the country. Then I discovered Peacock Shih Tzu only an hour from my home. I called Stefanie and I knew after talking to her and asking a lot of questions I wanted one of her puppies.

I adopted Bella, a beautiful black baby with a white chest. As she has aged her white chest has disappeared. Bella is such a joy and only 11 pounds. Last year I decided to adopt a little boy. Zachary, a liver color, is so much fun. Bella and Zachary are the best friends and always together. Oh yes, My little 9 month old is a high 16 pounds!

I actually met Stefanie at my first puppy visit with Bella. Stefanie and her husband Kyle are so dedicated and caring for the dogs and the puppies.

I would, and have, recommended Peacock Shih Tzu puppies to anyone wanting a puppy.

I felt very comfortable adopting Bella and Zachary. If for any reason I am not able to care for my babies, Stefanie gets them back and will adopt them together to a caring and loving family.

It will be a long time before that happens as we look forward to many years ahead as a family of three.

Fran Staciokas

Adopted Poppy February 2024

We absolutely love Peacock Puppies and highly recommend them to anyone looking to adopt a shih tzu.

 Stephanie is so wonder to work with. Her shih tzus are well cared for and loved! She will walk you through the adoption process with ease and welcomes any and all questions you may have, even after you’ve taken your puppy home!! 

We adopted our little one last month and are adopting another puppy in May! That is just how wonderful Peacock puppies is!!

~Jen and Scott Fernald

Adopted Kya September 2023:

When I first started following Peacock Shiz Tzu I was very skeptical to get another dog as we already had one that was 5 years old. After several conversations with Stefanie and others in the group I was very comfortable getting another one. 

We were very lucky to be able to get our beautiful little girl Kya. What an absolute joy she is and we love her with all we are. We were able to watch her grow with the Sunday funday Stefanie does plus all the photos she would send me. 

When we went to see Kya for the first visit she gave us a few extra minutes with Kya as we drove from Idaho to Utah to see her. Thank you for that.  

Our pick up was so wonderful and we were over the moon to be able to take Kya home. 

Stefanie made Kya a blanket with her name one it along with a goody bag. 

I highly recommend Peacock Shit Tzu if you are looking for a great breeder and very wonderful family that loves what they do. You won’t be sorry. I know I’m not!!!

Laura Longshaw

Adopted Kobe February 2024:

I love Peacock Shih Tzus. I was lucky enough to adopt Kobe when he was 8 months old. He was looking for a new forever home and I was adjusting to my life after an accident took away my sweet and wild Frankie Nov ‘23. 

Stef is such a wonderful person. She was very transparent with me in telling me about a potential life long medical condition he could have and food/ medication he would have to take for his condition for life. She wanted me to know this prior to me taking him to make sure that I would be this guys last stop for a long, healthy and  full life. Great news is he’s not as sick as once assumed and he is happy and healthy as a horse! 😂

When you get a Peacock Shih Tzu, you’re getting the best and you have the support of Stef who is literally just one text/call away. If you’re taking the time to read this remember to love your babies with at least the same love they had for their first 8 weeks of life for the rest of their lives. 

Peacock Shih Tzus are definitely different. They are more active, more curious and smart as a whip! Oh yeah and I’m 2/2 for Peacock Shih Tzus who have natural retrieving capabilities 😂❤️‍🩹

Tino Faamausili

Adopted Phoebe Fall 2023:

Stefanie Peacock and Shih-tzu puppies - those two names should be one.  Stepfanie loves her Shih-tzus.  They are her babies until she allows them to be adopted. But, she sends them to their new homes knowing they have been loved and will continue to be loved or she will take them back.

My first puppy visit was the first time I actually met Stefanie.  You could see the love and tenderness she has for all of her dogs.  I appreciated that she knew my puppy and told me about her.  Simple things, like she was the first to escape (she is still an escape artist), that she was calm and snuggly (now she can be calm, when she is snuggly) and that she was in great health. I liked that they kept me updated weekly on her weight and her personality traits.  I loved and looked forward to the weekly videos.  

I especially appreciated the check ins for a couple of weeks after we brought our pup home.  Stefanie wanted to make sure that things were going well, and wanted to make sure that I knew that communication was open for any questions I had regarding Phoebe.

I don't want to think about the day that I won't have my Phoebe, but when that day does come I will be reaching out to Stefanie for another pup.  

Thank you Stepfanie for offering me a joy that I did not know I was missing.  Phoebe is very loved.

Jacinda Erbe

Adopted Angel Summer 2023:

Stefanie is awesome! She was great at keeping in touch with us while we waited for our pup, Angel, to come home to us. The Weekly Facebook Lives are so fun and she lets you get to know all the puppies in the litter, not just yours. 

She did great at giving directions and preparing us for the puppy and preparing the puppy for her furever home. 

Kyle is awesome, too, and deserves a shout out! 🙌🏼

Makayla and Victor Santana

Adopted Cash Winter 2022 & Charlie Bleu Bear Summer 2023:

I got my little Charlie Bleu Bear in July 2023 and I got my little Cash in September 2023. 

I had gotten a puppy from Stefanie in December 2022 and my vet over vaccinated him and I lost the precious soul. Stefanie and her family were so kind to me and as soon as Stefanie‘s mama Moana had Charlie Bear she told me that she knew he was supposed to be mine.  

At the time I had just lost my husband so I wasn’t sure that this was a good thing but they have been just what I needed to help mend my broken heart. I have had Shih Tzu‘s for over 20 years and by far these puppies are the best and Stefanie makes sure to find the right owners for each of her little babies.  

If something happens and the owner that adopts either isn’t treating the puppy right or can’t take care of it, Stefanie makes sure to take them back and find a good home for them.  

All of her mamas are amazing and she treats them like they’re her own children. She even has a bassinet in her bedroom when they’re getting ready to deliver their puppies. 

I would never get another puppy from anyone but Stefanie Peacock puppy family. She checks on the puppies always to make sure that they’re OK and she remembers every unique trait that each of the puppies has.  

She truly is a breeder that cares about her puppies and their owners. I would recommend her and her family to anyone who is looking for a precious fur baby.  🐶❤️🐶🐾🐾🐾 🐾 

Juli Widney

Adopted Macee Mae Summer 2023:

We got our precious Macee Mae from stephanie in July 2023. 
She is just the most precious fun loving puppy!! Everyone loves her!! 
We would recommend stephanie as a breeder of this breed to anyone who wants a healthy, fun, precious shihtzu. 
Stephanie gives such amazing recommendations and guidance on how to raise a health, happy shihtzu. 
We have had shihtzus for over 20 years and stephanie is still teaching us about the breed and items to purchase to help raise them. 

Stephanie is the bomb!! ❤️❤️🐾🐾

Lori and Tim Sorenson

Adopted Huxley Fall 2022:

We just adopted our third Peacock shih tzu, and I can’t imagine getting a shih tzu from anybody else. You can see how much they love all their dogs in the puppy videos they post. She is a very responsible breeder who  always puts the dogs best interest first. I know if I ever had any questions or concerns she would still be there to answer them, your relationship doesn’t end when you take your puppy home, it continues for as long as you want. We love the Peacock family!

Corrine Malolo

Adopted Salty Winter 2022:

Peacock ShiTzu Puppies;

We had been seriously considering looking for a ShihTzu puppy to join our family, which included a 2.5 year old ShihTzu. We found Peacock ShihTzu Puppies on Facebook. We were intrigued by the owner, Stephanie Peacock, and her commitment toward finding safe, loving homes for her puppies. After some additional research, we placed a deposit for a little boy. Stephanie is so organized & knowledgeable about her puppies, the whole process was a wonderful experience. Our little guy was born on January 28th. Stephanie was so good at keeping in touch with the “expectant parents”, sending photos, updates via text and she and her husband, Kyle, do a weekly video called “Sunday Funday” so we can see our puppies & be involved. We found that we really looked forward to these updates.

We highly recommend Peacock ShihTzu Puppies. Once you adopt one of her puppies, you are family and part of a wonderful network of support.

Justin & Sandy Lee

Adopted Mycroft Winter 2022:

Stefanie is not only the best puppy breeder, she is kind, finny and truly cares for her buyers.

I've been so lucky to gave gotten 2 fur babies from her. She keeps you up to date every step of the way, from the moment that your potential baby to conceived to well beyond the time you get your little bundle of fluff. She is so easy to quickly befriend. Countless conversations about anything and everything over the past few years has allowed me to find a great friend, whom just until recently, I was able to finally meet in person.

Anyone whom wishes to have on of the best dogs ever, Stefanie is your woman!

Jacque Archibald

Adopted David Fall 2022:

Purchased my first shih tzu from the Peacock family 4 yrs ago.

I was nervous at first since I had never purchased a dog without knowing the breeder personally. but Stephanie made the process so easy. I spoke to her on the phone multiple times and texted and emailed countless times. She was very quick to respond to every question ,very organized and extremely professional. I am so in love with my baby ,going on 4 years . She has the absolute best personality ,she's healthy and she's outgoing. I loved her so much that I decided to surprise my parents and purchase a second shih Tzu in 2022 for them. Little Cocoa Puff is thriving and is a beautiful little boy. He is so healthy and had the sweetest disposition. Both these dogs have been little angels to our families. I would 100% recommend Stephanie and peacock shih Tzus 

Erin Leber, Butte, MT

Adopted Mycroft Fall 2022:

We Stefanie Peacock is the breeder we found our second puppy through. One of the things we loved so much love and care she gives to the moms and puppies. She has a great community of former and to be owners where she shared how the moms and new puppies are doing.

Her contract was extremely thorough and reflects how much she cares that her puppies are placed into loving homes are well cared their whole lives. I'd Recommend her to anyone. 

Anna Bergevin

Adopted Izzy Fall 2022:

We were so impressed with the entire process of adopting our little Izzy from Peacock Shis Tzu Puppies! From the time we were put on the waiting list to receive a puppy (before her parents even mated) until the day we picked Izzy up, Stefanie kept us informed of every little detail! 

The website offered more information than we could even absorb, from advice on every subject to lists of recommended supplies and where to get them. When she was born, and every Sunday afterwards, we were included in live Facebook events to watch Izzy’s and the whole litter’s progress. And we were continually sent the cutest snapshots of our baby. Stefanie was there for us afterwards, too, with helpful advice whenever we needed it.

It was so evident that this breeder is the very best there is! The love and care shown to all the pups, the puppies’ Moms & Dads, and the adoptive parents is proof that breeding is more than just a business to the Peacocks. It is truly a labor of love for them, and it shows in the quality of the healthy fur babies they sell. We are so grateful that we found them.

Carolyn & Steve Brierley

I adopted Frankie (Black and White) from Peacock Shih Tzus November 2022 (Parents: Merida and Mufasa)

Listen to me. If you have decided that you want a Shih Tzu… YOU HAVE FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL OF SHIH TZU BREEDERS AND YOU DONT NEED TO LOOK ANY FURTHER. 

I found the group May 2020 and there was a looooooong list of adopters ahead of me so I did choose another breeder and got my two older boys from. I stayed in the group and in November 2021 I couldn’t stand the wonderful world of everything Peacock Shih Tzu and asked to be placed on a list. 

Stefanie is SUPER responsive and very transparent. All inquiries were answered in less than 10 minutes. 

I highly recommend joining the Facebook group to get a peek into the world your baby is being born into because it’s the BEST environment. 

Listen to me. GET A PEACOCK SHIH TZU and treat your baby with the same love they received for the first 8 weeks, for the rest of their lives. 

SHIH TZUS are hands down the most amazing dogs on the planet and Peacock Shih Tzus are the top of the line. I’m glad to know Frankie will have Stefs support for the rest of her life… not meaning she’ll ever need it, but it’s just wonderful to know it’s there. 

My dogs are everything good in this world, so I’m grateful to always have that support. I mean breeding to better the breed, taking care of minor things like dew claws and first shots, sending your puppy on their way with blankets and toys with mamas scent… those things MATTER. 

Thank you Stefanie and the entire Peacock clan. We love y’all and Frankie misses you all terribly… but she’ll get over it hahaha ❤️

Tino Faamausili

Adopted Scarlette and Sneetches 2020 and 2022:

Stefanie is not only the best puppy breeder, she is kind, funny and truly cares for her buyers. 

I’ve been so lucky to have gotten 2 fur babies from her. She keeps you up to date every step of the way, from the moment that your potential baby is conceived to well beyond the time you get your little bundle of fluff. She’s so easy to quickly befriend. 

Countless conversations  about anything and everything over the past few years has allowed me to find a great friend, whom just until recently, I was able to finally meet. 

Anyone whom wishes to have one of the best dogs ever, Stefanie is your woman!

Jack Bowen

Adopted Ebony 2022:

This is not just a business for Stefanie Peacock and her family. You can tell they genuinely love not only their own pups but the puppies they help bring into the lives of other families. 

After our 18 year-old Shih Tzu Buffy passed we were heartbroken and waited until we felt we were ready again. 

I did a lot of research and I’m so glad we found Peacock Shih Tzu. Our good boy Shelby was born in the most loving and healthy environment. Shelby and all the puppies are raised in a household that is full of love, warmth, and fun. 

Stefanie keeps you up to date on their growth and development so we felt involved in Shelby’s life from the beginning.  We loved getting the photos, videos, and cute stories of how Shelby was doing. Even after you bring your puppy home, Stefanie is there for you if you need help and is a wonderful resource.  

To top it all off, you become a part of the Peacock Shih Tzu family. Stefanie has somehow created a community where all us parents trade photos and stories of how our little ones are doing.  

If you are looking for a reputable, responsible, and caring breeder look no further than Stefanie Peacock.

Teresa Arnesan

Adopted Frankie 2022:

I adopted Frankie (Black and White) from Peacock Shih Tzus November 2022 (Parents: Merida and Mufasa). 

Listen to me. If you have decided that you want a Shih Tzu… YOU HAVE FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL OF SHIH TZU BREEDERS AND YOU DONT NEED TO LOOK ANY FURTHER. 

I found the group May 2020 and there was a looooooong list of adopters ahead of me so I did choose another breeder and got my two older boys from. 

I stayed in the group and in November 2021 I couldn’t stand the wonderful world of everything Peacock Shih Tzu and asked to be placed on a list. 

Stefanie is SUPER responsive and very transparent. All inquiries were answered in less than 10 minutes. 

I highly recommend joining the Facebook group to get a peek into the world your baby is being born into because it’s the BEST environment. 

Listen to me. GET A PEACOCK SHIH TZU and treat your baby with the same love they received for the first 8 weeks, for the rest of their lives. SHIH TZUS are hands down the most amazing dogs on the planet and Peacock Shih Tzus are the top of the line.

I’m glad to know Frankie will have Stefs support for the rest of her life… not meaning she’ll ever need it, but it’s just wonderful to know it’s there. My dogs are everything good in this world, so I’m grateful to always have that support. 

I mean breeding to better the breed, taking care of minor things like dew claws and first shots, sending your puppy on their way with blankets and toys with mamas scent… those things MATTER. 

Thank you Stefanie and the entire Peacock clan. We love y’all and Frankie misses you all terribly… but she’ll get over it hahaha ❤️

Tino Faamausili

Adopted Teddy Bear 2022:

This is the easiest post for me. I want to tell you what a blessing it was to get NY new ShihTzu puppy for me. I had to sign up and wait 8 long months. Stefanie and her husband Kyle @ Peacock are such the most loving breeders. They have a site to watch as the puppies grow up. They are so cheerful I am not sure his they are able to send home the new dogs. I would love to keep all of them. They keep you so involved with what is happing with all the birth mothers. I would tell you these people love all the dogs. Its not just about making money. They truly live each one they each get special loves from both of the Peacocks. After 8 months I feel as Stefanie is a great friend. You can call anytime with questions. You will never every be sorry getting your puppies from these wonderful people. I sure Love them. 

Cheri and Teddy Bear❤❤

Adopted Bella 2022:

Hi Stephanie,

So happy to write something for the website!!

I am so very happy with my puppy, Bella, from Stephanie and Kyle Peacock!!  They are the very best breeders I have ever experienced!! (I had 2 Shih Tzus in the past before Bella.) Stephanie cares so much for each puppy and gives them such love and devotion!!  She goes the extra mile with the adoptive parents and makes you feel so special!!  Stephanie and Kyle answered all my questions and was so informative!!  In my opinion, they are the only Breeders I would ever work with or recommend!!  They are the BEST!!! 💜🐾💜🐾

Julie RIchardson

Adopted Mei Mei 2022:

Where do I even begin?

I found Stefanie (and the rest of the Peacock family) after losing my first Shih Tzu when she was 13. My other Shih Tzu was lonely as he had always been the “little brother” and wasn’t used to being an only child anymore. We decided that we were ready to add to our family and I joined the Peacock Facebook page.

I’ll admit, I checked out past litters and the Sunday Funday videos. But, I also noticed how involved other families were with the page. Everyone was posting pictures of their puppies and how they were doing after going to their forever homes. I was touched and encouraged by everyone’s interactions and most especially Stefanie’s. These babies are a part of her family even after they have been adopted.

I got on the waitlist and well…waited. When you get the text from Stefanie telling you that the momma is pregnant and an approximate due date, it’s so exciting. And then…the text message telling you that momma is in labor and the puppies are coming? OH MY GOODNESS! I think I checked my phone every five seconds. Which, let’s be honest, is a little obsessive, but you cannot wait for the updates! Stefanie sends pictures of the puppies as they are born with all of their stats. I fell in love with all of them! Unfortunately, other families were involved and were not willing to let me have ALL the puppies.

Stefanie texts you on Sundays to tell you when the videos are going to start and during the live video she gives info on all the babies. She answers questions, Kyle tells jokes (much to Stefanie’s dismay), and you get to see your puppy grow and play with their siblings. It is fantastic!

I was so excited for pick-up day that I left my house at 3:30am to get to Stefanie’s by my pick-up time. I realized that I may have been a little TOO excited and was going to arrive almost an hour early. I texted Stefanie and she let me know it was no problem. When I got to hold Mei Mei for the first time and get my last minute instructions before final good-byes and kisses, it was worth the 8 hour drive. Stefanie has texted to check in and is just the most amazing person ever. I consider her a friend and part of our family. (I’m not sure if she realized what she signed up for with me.)

You cannot go wrong if you adopt a Peacock Shih Tzu. They are simply the best. I only wish we lived closer! Now, let’s see if I can convince my husband to let me have three dogs!

Thank you Stefanie, Kyle, and the rest of the Peacock family! We love you all!

Tamara Atchison

Adopted Draco 2022:

This was such a fun, wonderful experience!! The Peacocks kept us involved and updated every step of the way. They let us know when the mom and dad "locked," when our puppy's due date was, provided updates and pictures of birth, and gave us weekly pictures and live videos of our puppy. I appreciated that the breeder not only kept us involved, but she also educated us and gave us great tips. I found her website of recommendations and links to products, very helpful.

On adoption day, they sent our puppy home with a goodie bag of things to help get him started on the right foot (paperwork, first shot records, food, toy, treats...), along with a customized blanky for him. She answered my questions any time I would text, and helped me to feel better prepared. I continue to be in contact with the breeder, and got a puppy groom from her. She continues to show that she cares, although it has been months since we have brought our pup home.

Regarding our puppy, we could not be happier with him! He is beautiful, affectionate, and has a wonderful temperament. He was potty trained by the time he was 3 months old! I have lost count how many times we have received compliments on his markings and how cute he is, and what breeder I went through. An added bonus is the Facebook group of all of us Peacock puppy owners, where we get to see all the new puppies, and post current pictures of our fur babies. 

The Peacocks went above and beyond, and their love for the dogs showed. This was also apparent during the fun "Sunday Funday" live videos! This was the primary reason we chose them above all the other breeders. I have already recommended them to several others that have inquired. These puppies are so well taken care of, and truly come from a loving home full of genuine people. We love our forever fur baby, and we love the Peacocks!

Kahiki Hansen

Adopted Rosie 2021:

Buying a puppy online can be extremely stressful. These days it’s hard to know if you’re being scammed or what conditions your puppy might have been raised in. With Stefanie that is never a problem. Her process is completely transparent from being able to choose which mama you would like your puppy to come from until you take your puppy home. If you are ever concerned about your fur baby you can contact Stefanie at any time, but I never felt that I needed to. She sends weekly pictures from birth up to the time your puppy goes home with you, including their first bath. However, the best part is the weekly live videos. You get to watch your puppy grow and develop his or her little personality. There no question about whether they are loved or cared for in the proper way. Their health and happiness is evident in how playful they are. I could go on and on about everything Stefanie does to make sure your puppy has the very best care, but if you join her Facebook group (Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies) you can see for yourself. The experience was better than anything I could have hoped for. Here is just one of my favorite pics of my little Rosie.

Candace Kalwitter

Adopted Milo 2021:

Stefanie and Kyle Peacock of Peacock Shih Tzu are amazing. Their puppies are so cute and come in such a variety of coat colors. The wait times for puppies can be long, but worth the wait! Once you join the Peacock Shih Tzu family you are part of it for as long as you like. My puppy is almost a year old and many of us current owners ‘hang’ out on the Facebook site to chat, talk about our cuties, and ask questions. 

Stefanie does weekly Sunday Funday videos after puppies are born so the new owners can watch their puppy grow and play til they can take them home. I still catch a couple videos a month for the fluffy cuteness. 

I highly recommend Peacock Shih Tzu if you want a Shih Tzu. You won’t be sorry.

Brandi Snyder

Adopted Pongo 2021:

I first made contact with Peacock Shitzu Puppies through my niece who  became acquainted with Stephanie while on a cruise.  From the moment I spoke with Stephanie, she was so helpful in providing all of the important information to me re: adopting one of her puppies.  When my puppy was born, she continually provided “us” new puppy parents with videos and pictures of our new puppies along with pages of information on how to care for them.  And when Stephanie talks about the pups, sheer joy flows from her.  I couldn’t have asked for better, more caring puppy breeder “Mama.”  My experience was perfect in every way. 

Lois John

Adopted Olive 2021:

“Stefanie is hands down the best breeder around! I will buy shih tzus from her over and over again! She is so thorough from start to finish, and makes sure you are up to date on all things regarding your new pup! She treats each newborn pup with so much love and makes sure you’re well prepared for your new fur baby! I am so happy with my experience with the Peacocks and recommend them to anyone and everyone! Best decision I have ever made!”  

Victoria Correa

Adopted Diego 2022:

Stefanie is by far the sweetest and most honest breeder I have ever worked with. She keeps an open line of communication with future pet parents via text and her Facebook. Everything you need to know is on her website to always reference back to. And most important of all, our pup Diego is very healthy and handsome and has become the center of our family. Even our vet commented on his health and good looks❤️ We will never look anywhere else for future family members. 

Anna Loranzo

Adopted Tucker November 2020:

I just wanted to take few minutes and say how much I appreciate Stefanie and family. 

In the last 13 months I have had the opportunity to raise two of the best puppies one could ever hope for. 

I see Stefanie often to watch and care for Quinn, and Tucker. They adore her and when I pick them up I am very pleased with how happy they are. 

I contact Stefanie a lot about advice on one thing or another and she always responds with great advice and is so kind to me. Her knowledge and patients is more then any dog lover I have ever seen in my life. 

I hope Stefanie is always around in the future years and I always will go to her for the best support and advice for Quinn and Tucker. I have met her family who also very involved with the breeding business and makes me very comfortable about leaving my dogs with any of them. 

I consider Stefanie my friend and and I think she is the best person to go to for help with Quinn and Tucker. She has shown me many times how much she cares about her pups and always has such great advise for helping raise my dogs. 

Stephen Rose the proud owner of Quinn and Tucker

Adopted Phoenix Leroy January 2021:

While grieving the loss of my 12-year-old Shih Tzu I found Stephanie and Kyle with Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies.  What a blessing!  

From the moment I spoke to Stephanie I knew she was very special. She was very clear informative and so easy to work with. Both Stephanie and Kyle do an amazing job of making you feel important and are always there for any questions or concerns you may have. They both care for the Shih Tzu puppies as much as the families that adopt them. 

You are a part of the entire process from the moment your puppy is born until they come home. Sunday funday  on Facebook was something we look forward to every week. We loved watching our little Phoenix grow right before our eyes. Stephanie would also send updated pictures every week.

I highly recommend Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies!

Phoenix Leroy is such an amazing gift because of Stephanie and Kyle.

Michele & Jerry Clark

Adopted Pink Floyd January 2021:

When we decided to add another Shih Tzu to our family, Stephanie was recommended to us. 

We contacted her and she was very responsive and caring. 

We have an older Shih Tzu and I was hesitant to put stress on her by adding a new puppy. Stephanie was very positive and reassuring.  

We we’re impressed with the way she treats her moms and how the moms, dads, puppies are part of a family from day 1.  

We got the puppy that was the calm before the storm in Pink Floyd but he brings us so much joy and we love him very much. 

We would definitely adopt from Stephanie again.

Mary Diroll

Adopted Lefty November 2020:

Peacock Shih Tzu puppies are the best!  

You get your puppy from a loving home, your puppy is healthy, you see his/her parents on line and his/her pregnant mama.  

 Stephanie Peacock provides you with a “Sunday Funday” video  each week, so you can watch your puppy’s first 2 months of life.  

The entire family works to give all the litter mates a happy beginning.  If you are looking for a caring , compassionate breeder, you have found one with Stephanie Peacock!!  

PS:  We adore our boy, Lefty!

Joan Harwin

Adopted Moose and Diesel August 2020:

I can not recommend Stefanie and her breeding program enough! 

Not only does Stef care about her dogs but she cares about her families as well. She is monitoring her dogs everyday even if not pregnant. She makes you feel apart of the whole process. 

I waited 5 years to finally get a puppy and I ended up getting 2. In the last 6 years I have seen and felt the love from Stefanie. She has helped answer questions about my other animals that did not come from her. She makes you feel apart of a family! She will always be in my life ❤️❤️ 

If you are wondering about her and her breeding program, you will not be disappointed!!!

Tabitha Rojas

Adopted Lola January 2021:

I don't know how I got so lucky to have found Peacock Shih tzu Puppies. 

Stefanie and Kyle went above and beyond to make the adoption process easy and meaningful. From receiving regular progress updates, to participating in the weekly live puppy videos, I felt connected to my Lola from the very beginning. 

After I brought Lola home Stephanie checked on us a few times to make sure we were adjusting well. She has always been willing to answer questions and make suggestions on how to best care for my puppy based on her years of experience. 

I am now part of a community of people who love their Peacock Shih Tzu puppies as much as it do and I'm so grateful!

Bridgette Turner

Adopted Luna January 2021:

My sister has had a sweet shih tzu from Stefanie for about 5 years now. I have always loved Ruby and how sweet and calm she is. My family has been wanting a dog for ages, specifically a shih tzu. My girls absolutely love Ruby and NEEDED one of their own, ha ha!

   They begged me and begged me for years. I finally caved and reached out to Stefanie. She responded quickly, answered all of my questions, told me which dogs had available openings and helped me through the process of filling out the paperwork. She explained everything really well and everything was up front with no surprises. Her website is easy to navigate and has links and tabs for everything you could possibly think of. 

   From the moment Moana was pregnant and throughout the whole pregnancy Stefanie sent us updates and pictures. She let me know when Moana was in labor and sent pictures of the adorable babies when they were here. Once it was my turn to pick she sent me the photos of the remaining pups and I immediately fell in love with our Luna. She had the sweetest face and the most gorgeous coloring. 

   We received pictures frequently and a video once a week(Sunday funday!) we loved getting to see those updates and watch her grow! At the four week mark you get to meet your sweet baby for the first time, it is absolutely magical! We were seriously counting down the days until we got to take her home with us. 

   The day finally arrived when we could pick up our sweet pup. Stefanie had given her her first set of shots already, gave her a bath and got her smelling all sweet. She made the cutest bandana with Luna written on it, it was so cute and I loved it! They brought her out with a little goody bag full of stuff she would need, said goodbye with a few tears shed, and off we went.

   Luna has been the best puppy ever! She has brought so much love and joy into our lives I do not know what I would do without her! She loves to run around, play with her toys and bask in the sun. She loves to take naps next to us, get head scratches and belly rubs. She is a big ol’ ball of energy and gets the zoomies all the time, especially after baths. My husband always says she puts the luna in lunatic ? 

  I would seriously recommend Stefanie to anyone and everyone! She loves her dogs with all her heart and it comes through in everything she does. From the pictures, to the videos, to the sweet handmade gifts. She loves what she does and she loves her dogs. Thanks Stefanie for doing what you do and for giving us the sweetest puppy ever. 

Blen, Lindsay, Shaylee, Aleah and Luna

Adopted Harley June 2021:

I was grieving the loss of my 2 yr shih tzu when I found Stefanie with Peacock Shih tzu. 

What a blessing! 

During the whole process Stefanie was great. She communicated with me  and has been very informative. 

She has a wealth of knowledge of the shih tzu breed and you can see the loves she has for all her puppies.  

Stefanie is definitely a breeder you can trust! 

We love our Harley!!

Shelley Dial

Adopted Norman March 2021:

I wanted to share what a joy it has been to work with Stefanie and Kyle. I have adopted my two beloved shih tzus from them. My most recent adoption experience was just as enjoyable as the first one, eleven years ago. I chose to adopt from them again because over all these years Stefanie has been totally accessible. 

She loves these puppies from the moment they are born. She has pure love, joy and excitement for each of these little ones. She loves them just as much as you will. Your puppy comes home completely loved and adored. They have been handled with care and doted upon. Truly the most well behaved puppies.  

I loved Sunday Funday when Stefanie goes live on Facebook and talks about each of the puppies. You get to see your dog grow from the moment they are born until they come home. You are part of the entire process and it is so much fun!

I cannot recommend Stefanie and Kyle enough. If you’re considering adopting a shih tzu, look no further. You’ve found the perfect people to adopt from. Not only do you gain a beautiful pup, you become part of the Peacock Shih Tzu family. 

Christy Wagner

Adopted Rosie June  2021:

Originally I was looking for a Shih Tzu puppy for my husband (I wanted a Maltese). I spent a lot of time researching breeders, and even asked a breeder friend what to look for. 

I found the Peacock Puppy website, texted Stefanie about her process, and joined her Facebook group. 

This was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Stefanie had a litter of puppies at the time, and I saw my first Sunday Funday video. I could instantly tell how much Stefanie loves and cares for each puppy. 

The way these fur babies are raised gives them the sweetest little personalities, so much so that I decided I wanted a Shih Tzu as well! 

This year I have received three (that’s right, THREE) fur babies from Peacock Puppies! Not only do I have the best puppies, but Stefanie has always been just a text or phone call away when I had a question or needed help. 

The Peacock family has made this an amazing experience, and I feel so lucky to have found them!

Candace Kalwitter

Adopted Lexie Lu "little peanut" September 2020:

Stephanie is a top-notch breeder of the Shih Tzu's. I came across her website after my sweet Toby died and I was looking for a puppy to fill the huge void he left behind.

I first contacted Stephanie in December 2019. I sent in an application to be put on a waiting list. I was hoping for a puppy fairly quickly, but I had to be patient and finally in April my little puppy was born.

I was so excited. However, when another family's puppy died, I offered to let them have my puppy. I knew it was the right thing to do. 

Stefanie was absolutely wonderful and offered to put me at the top of list for a future litter in September. 

Then there was a surprise litter born in June, she gave me first pick. I chose a sweet little girl who was very tiny. Stephanie was worried she wouldn't make it and offered me another little girl in the litter. I told her I wanted the first little one. Stephanie spent hours both day and night tube feeding my little girl. Because o Stephanie's love and dedication as a breeder I have my sweet little Lexie Lu. She is absolutely adorable in every way. Because of the love that Stephanie's entire family shows towards all these puppies, they are absolutely the best little Shih Tzu's you can ever have.

They come to your home already loved and pampered. I just can't say enough about Stephanie and her family and the joy she has brought to so many people because of her breeding program.

Nancy Williams

Adopted Morgan June 2021:

I have known Stefanie Peacock for a little over 5 years, when we were looking to adopt a new Shih Tzu we had looked at several sites and found the Peacock family shih tzu site, I contacted Stefanie and after talking with her we chose to adopt a puppy from her, while waiting for our litter she needed to find a for ever home for her Bailey, I promptly contacted her and adopted Bailey. Then our Emily came home, when she needed a home for a rescue we took in Breezy, Emily and Breezy are three months apart in age, then we decided to adopt another puppy, we contacted the only breeder I know and trust and we now have a little boy named Morgan, Stefanie is the best, most caring breeder I have found, the entire Peacock family are.

* I have known Stefanie Peacock and her family for a little over 5 years, she is the best, most caring breeder I have ever found. We have adopted one of her breeders, one rescue pup that was one and a half years old, our first puppy Emily Ann, and now our newest addition to our family Morgan

Stefanie is the best, she cares about the people who are adopting, you become part of the family (group). 

If you are considering adopting I would highly recommend you talk with her, I think you should choose the Peacock family Shih Tzu. 

Love her and the family as if they were my own.

Terry and Mickey Springer

Adopted Precious January 2021:

I waited patiently for more than 2 years for my PRECIOUS & in that time I had the PLEASURE of witnessing Stephanie Peacock post and text about here "Babies" ...

She (& her family!) are the best ....

Puppies born and raised in her (their) living area

Every Sunday videos of her lil ones

Each puppy is given LOVE & handled ever so lovingly... my PRECIOUS WAS A PART OF THAT LOVE

I have felt her grief when a puppy has a "challenge" or must to be euthanized :( ;(



I am

AND! One of the best things is that Stephanie

Has a "learners manual" (full of REAL WISDOM) 

& she follows up on with you and your new puppy

Albin and Louise Werner

Adopted Jaxson January 2021:

I was not looking for another dog but saw the cutest puppy post on Facebook. I reached out to see where it came from and found Stephanie she is the most caring and honest breeder I've ever met, she is with  you through the whole process start to taking your baby home. It was love at first site my little Jaxson is the best family member investment I could ever ask for. Reach out to her you wont be sorry I promise. 

Kathy Lee

Adopted George January 2021:

We had a lovely experience with Stefanie. Throughout the process, Stefanie was very communicative about what to expect in the first 8 weeks while she still had the puppies and what we should expect when we brought him home. The contract is clear and she provides a lot of supplemental information to help with the transition. Once the puppy was born, we got a bunch of pictures and video's. We are so blessed to have George in our life and it's all because of Stefanie!

Margaret Cote

Adopted Lil Miss Winter 2020:

It was a blessing to find Stephanie Peacocks website for shitzu puppies. 

She has been great to work with and we are so happy that we found her all all my friends are happy too because they gone on to want one of her puppies.

Mary Adams

Adopted Clara and Gandalf  2018 and 2020:

Stefanie is the best breeder I've ever met. She loves and cares for your puppy until it's time for you to take over. 

You never have to worry about your precious baby. He/she comes to you well taken care of. And Stefanie is there for you even after you've gotten your puppy. 

Amanda Oviatt 

Adopted Diesel and Moose August 2020:

I cannot say enough good things about Stefanie Peacock and her breeding program. First she is willing to answer any questions you have. Doesn’t even matter if it’s about other animals you already own. She is always honest and upfront about everything. The entire process you feel involved and like you are the only family she’s dealing with. She will go above and beyond for each and every animal in her care. 

My personal experience was entirely comfortable and easy. I feel like we will be friends to the very end! 

I adopted 2 fur babies in August of 2020 and they are already the light of my life! I know that if I need anything Stefanie will be there for me through the entire process. I could not imagine ever going with another breeder!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Tabitha Rojas

Adopted Winnie, Dora, Piglet and Yogi 2020, 2019 and 2018:

I have 4 Peacock Shih Tzus... which in itself speaks to their quality and how much I love them. Not only are they adorable, with wonderful personalities, they’re also extremely healthy. I haven’t had a single health issue or problem with any of my dogs from Stefanie, which is a HUGE statement as I’ve had other dogs in the past from other Breeders that have had numerous health problems... whether with their teeth, or hypoglycemia, or diseases they acquired from the kennel they came from (not to mention the worry of genetic disorders like hip dysplasia, heart problems, luxating patellas, etc.... and the problems that come from the puppy not being properly socialized)... it’s a gamble getting a puppy from a Breeder... but absolutely NONE of these worries getting a puppy from Stefanie. Her puppies are all extremely loved, socialized and taken care of before going to their new homes. Be prepared for the cutest, sweetest, healthiest puppies around when you choose a puppy from Stefanie Peacock. She’s the only Breeder I trust for myself and who I refer to all of my family and friends. 

Lorrie Crowther

Adopted Quinn April 2020

I am writing this review for a very special person whom I purchased a shihtzu puppy from back in April of 2020. I would highly recommend Stefanie to anyone wanting a puppy. She is the best breeder out there and I loved her so much I bought another puppy from her. She goes way beyond just selling the puppies and there is so much love given  before they are adopted out to there families. I love our Quinn and he is turning out to be a perfect companion.  Her whole family is involved and everyone of them give the same love and attention to the puppies.

Stephen Rose

Adopted Roo February 2020

If you are thinking about a Shih Tzu puppy, Stefanie Peacock is unsurpassed! Once you commit and put your deposit down, the fun and excitement begins! From the minute of conception Stefanie keeps you informed every step of the way. If I ever had a question or concern, she always responded in a polite timely manner. 

Stefanie's puppies are the most darling, beautiful Shih Tzu's I have ever seen, and trust me, I have looked! She is compassionate, devoted, experienced, and affordable. I am so grateful to have a Peacock Shih Tzu puppy! Do not worry about being at the top of the pick list! They are all so darling, no such a thing as the cutest puppy! I cant imagine going anywhere else! Stefanie is the best! I could not love my sweet Shih Tzu any more than I do!

Julie Dial

Adopted Jagger and Rigby Sping 2019

Shih tzus have been part of our family for over 40-years…transitioning from pets we had as a family to pets each of us had individually as our lives changed and grew. In 2018, I lost my two dear Shih Tzu’s who had been with me for nearly 18-years. At the same time, my daughter was nurturing a 17-year old Shih Tzu who was definitely in her golden years. We were both ready to bring a puppy into our homes but could not find a breeder who made a good impression.

One day a good friend texted me a photo of her holding a darling male Shih Tzu…who turned out to be a Peacock Shih Tzu. I went on-line and began looking at all the information available on the Peacock website and was so happy with what I found. The Peacock’s looked like a great family and the puppies looked adorable, healthy and bright.

I contacted Stephanie and she was so incredibly helpful and thoughtful. I had so many questions since it had been so long since I had a puppy. Plus, my daughter was looking to get a puppy as well but she lives on the east coast. Stephanie was patient and so informative. She walked me through everything that would take place over the next several months. We knew what to expect and we were very well informed along the way.

From the moment the puppies were born, Stephanie kept me and my daughter up-to-date on their growth and progress with text messages, photos and Facebook live videos. It was almost as though we were there with them every step of the way. We were updated on their growth and weight every week and received darling photos. Every Sunday there was always a ‘Sunday Fun-Day’ video starring all the puppies in the litter where you got to see your puppy in real time. This was so amazing!

All the photos and videos also showed how the Peacocks really work together as a family to nurture and love all the puppies in their home creating such a nice environment. Stephanie also had us give her the puppy names very early so the dogs know their names right away.

When it came time for the puppies to go home we were elated. They arrived home in wonderful health and were very well potty trained…on pee pads as well as going outside. Each puppy has such a playful and loving energy and it is very evident they have come from a fun and loving environment. Stephanie prepares each puppy so well for their transition into a new home and she also prepares each future owner with personal information as well as a wealth of information found on her website.

When you get a puppy from Stephanie at Peacock Shih Tzu’s you truly get a puppy who is full of love and joy which is derived from the wonderful environment they were raised in and where they were nurtured. We are so thrilled to have such loving puppies as part of our family and we are very grateful to Stephanie and Peacock Shih Tzus for the care they provide.


Colleen Bailey and Kirsten Goulet

Adopted Andeo and Dragi Sping & Summer 2019

You’ve struck gold when you found because you’ve found Stefanie. Besides being an exceptionally knowledgeable breeder, Stefanie is a kind, caring, loving, and amazing lady. She will take time to answer questions even before you get on one of her waiting lists. Her Sunday Funday live videos are delightful! You watch the puppies as they grow week by week. The videos give you a view of the love and care in the Peacock’s home. Her family is so supportive and sweet. After you adopt your fur baby, you can still contact Stefanie. She is there for you to answer questions or concerns. She makes you feel like you have a new friend for life. I adopted Andeo and Dragi, my two darling angels. I am so grateful that I found Stefanie. I believe in angels. Stefanie is an angel and I love Stefanie.?? Sent from my iPad Believe in angels, Mary Lou Damjanovich

Adopted Sophie Winter 2019

Having the opportunity to adopt from the Peacock family was nothing short of an incredible and thrilling experience. Stephanie’s willingness and eagerness to include you in on every step of the adoption process made us feel like a small branch of their own fur family. The knowledge and professionalism exemplified from the very beginning, gave us such a sense of excitement and an overwhelming feeling of confidence that they were “the ones”. 

All the photos, videos and updates (on a near daily basis, I may add!) on our pup’s mom’s pregnancy made us love our little Sophie before she even came into the world! 

Our Sophie finally came to us, a BEAUTIFUL, healthy and happy puppy, with obvious signs of foundational training that helped us to start off strong with potty training with success right off the bat. Sophie has been, without a doubt, one of the sweetest, smartest and healthiest pups we could have ever dreamed for. 

Stephanie and her family have consistently made themselves available to answer questions, and have remained very much ‘at our sides’ well after our pup joined the family. The excessive praise and admiration we get from friends, family and strangers regarding the beauty and intelligence of Sophie, is certainly due in part to the wonderful home she was raised in before joining our family forever. 

I cannot say enough about Stephanie, the adoption experience, and the puppy that now has such a big piece of our heart. I would challenge anyone to find a breeder better than Stephanie Peacock. This is something we know not only in our minds, but with all of our hearts. 

Thank you Peacock family, our experience significantly exceeded our expectations, and we will forever be grateful for the beautiful gift you added to our family.  

-Jacob Woods

Adopted Tiki and Tashi Summer/Fall 2019

Peacock Puppies are so popular that you have no other option EXCEPT  to get your name on a litter ASAP.  My first puppy is Princess Tashi.  It took 6 months of waiting to get her.  So getting your name early on a litter is important. I decided that we wanted a companion for Tashi.  Our second puppy is Princess Tiki. She’s one month younger than Tashi. I love all Shih Tzu colors but brindle is a personal favorite, and I’ve got them now!  I loved the way Stefanie kept me posted at all stages of development, including when mom was in heat to how many puppies were showing up on ultrasounds. Stefanie answers all your concerns every step of the way. This home is NOT A PUPPY MILL. They live right with the Peacock family.  Having a breeder that lived close to me assured me of this fact. She even does follow up for after you bring your little ball of fur home. Stefanie actually gives the first set of shots and de-wormer, and includes evidence of it in the kit you take home so the vet is reassured that your puppy has received them.  

Their website is an excellent resource for keeping track of supplies you may want, how to handle concerns related to Shih Tzu puppies, and who the Moms and Dads are, their sizes, etc. She will also send extra pics of the parents when you are picking them out.  I love Peacock Puppies!

Rebecca West

Adopted Dash Summer 2019

Stephanie is such an awesome breeder. We felt comfortable adopting our Dash from her because of how well she treats the dogs she breeds.

She truly treats them like family! She is always there to answer questions and she and her cute son even offer simple grooming for an amazing price! 

We love our Dash, he has been the funnest most darling puppy.

We are so happy we have a Peacock Shih Tzu and would recommend them to anybody!

The Peterson Family

Adopted Yzma Summer 2019

Yzma is doing great and her personality is so different from Burfdirk's. - it gives me constant joy to watch my little herd.

I have two Peacock Shih Tzu's, 2 years apart. They are a constant joy in my life. These 2 dogs have enriched our household and are truly part of the family. 

Stefanie is amazing to work with and helps you every step of the way, and gives you awesome updates on your puppy once they are born.

She is easy to communicate with and answered so many questions when I was a new puppy mom.

I trust Stefanie 100% and highly recommend Peacock Shih Tzu's!

Alyssa and Brendan McKay

Adopted Hazel Grace Summer 2019

We were so lucky to find Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies after we lost our dog Diesel after Christmas last year.

 They were so good to us to help us find out perfect next puppy. They treated us like family giving us updates and keeping us informed all thru the  adoption process. It couldn’t have gone any smoother! 

Hazel Grace has ended up the greatest gift to the hole in our hearts that we could ask for! 

Thank you so much Kyle and Stephanie! I would recommend them as one of the best breeders you could find!❤️❤️

The Fuhriman Family

Adopted Zac and Zoe Spring 2019

I want to thank you for bringing such joy to my life. I found out this summer that I have to have open heart surgery.

Zac and Zoe have been such a delight to help keep my mind off of the surgery

You are a kind and loving person and I just wanted to share.

Love to you and your family.

Joyce Shinault

Adopted Pepper Spring 2019

We have adopted two beautiful puppies from Stefanie. She is amazing with the puppies and treats each one like they are her own before, during and after adoption.

I have asked her many questions over the almost two years we have had Peacock Shih Tzu's and never once has Stefanie made me feel like a burden, or ignored  my requests.

I feel like we got adopted into the Peacock family when we adopted a Peacock Shih Tzu. 

My puppies are beautiful, well mannered, and good natured. 

They really are the best of the best!

The Barnes Family

Adopted Quincy Spring 2019

I was very pleased with my experience with Stefanie and appreciated how she was responsive to all my questions about our new puppy.  

Quincy and his siblings were very well cared for and obviously loved by the Peacock family.  

It was great to have updates and live videos from birth to adoption day.  

Thank you

Jill and Ken Johnson

Adopted Scout, Whimsey and Zero 2018-2019

I have had the privilege of adopting three amazing pups (Scout, Whimsey, and Zero) from Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies. 

Stefanie and her family made each adoption such a wonderful experience! She goes above and beyond with the care she provides for the puppies and makes sure to keep the families who are adopting the puppies involved, whether it be through pictures... text updates... or weekly live Facebook videos, every step of the way. 

Adopting from Stefanie will be a choice you will never regret. 

Stefanie and her family become a part of your family and will be in your lives even after the adoption process is over. If you ever have any concerns, need advice, or just want to chat... Stefanie is always there to listen and to give you guidance, no matter how long it's been since you've adopted your furbaby. 

I know if I ever decide to adopt another Shih Tzu (my husband would need some convincing LOL!) there is no one else I would rather go to. 

Adopting from Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies means you are becoming a part of a community of awesome people and families, which is just another one of the many reasons why you should adopt from them. 

Thank you so much Stefanie and fam for making my family complete!

Michelle Rachal

Adopted Maizy Spring 2019

For anyone who has met the Peacock family or gotten to know them personally, you know what I mean I say we were "instantly smitten"! The love they have for all of their puppies and so many humans is indescribable! 

I had found their FB page when we were looking to bring another adorable Shih Tzu into our home and I couldn't have found a better breeder if I tried! 

I couldn't believe my luck when I met them the first time! 

It was as if I had searched far and wide for the most caring, sympathetic, and trustworthy breeder in all the US! They were not only honest and up front and willing to help anyway they could from the time we signed a contract, till the day we took our sweet Maizy home, but they were more than willing to sympathize about the loss of our previous Shih Tzu baby! 

They also answered any and all questions I had with my new one! They weren't obligated by any means and I know from a prior experience, this type of breeder is rare and hard to find! 

My family and I have stayed in touch with them for a year and a half now and even attended an awesome Puppy BBQ they held last summer for all their fur babies and their new owners. I'm sure this relationship will continue as time goes on as well!! 

We were able to get a healthy, happy puppy AND gain an amazing friendship through the "simple" process of buying a new puppy:)

I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a beautiful new fur baby ( Shih Tzu, of course- what else would you want to get??

Jami Ellsworth

Adopted Charlie December 2018

One year ago today we brought home Charlie. As I reflect back on this last year. I am so grateful for you making our Christmas dream last year come true. Charlie has been the best dog we could ever have hoped for!! It’s amazing to me how dogs know how to connect and love each one of my kids and my husband and I differently. But he’s aware and knows when one of us needs him more. You bring joy into so many families. You are a very talented breeder. I just wanted you to know how much Charlie means to our family. And how grateful we are that we got a Peacock Shih Tzu!! Love, The Stokes Family

Adopted Jaq November 2018:

I lost my Fur Baby in July and my heart was broke.  I never thought I would want another dog.  

My kids are grown and my husband Travels for work and so my house felt so empty just me. 

I started looking at Shih Tzu’s on line.  I did not want to get a puppy from a puppy mill or from someone who did not socialize the dogs or care for them like I would.  

I found Stephanie on line in one of my daily searches.  I felt good about her after reading all the testimonials and decided to reach out to her and see if she had any available for adoptions. She wrote me right back and told me that she had a couple openings left for 2018.  She was so kind to me in our correspondence back and forth and really mad me feel like I made the right choice to open my heart up to a new baby.  Then the wait begun I was so excited for Jasmine to have her puppies.  I was the last pick on the list and was a little worried that I would not get the puppy I really wanted but was excited to get what I think was the best pick of the litter.  ( lets be honest they are all adorable.)  

After the puppies where born Stephanie sent pictures and did weekly videos to torture us for 8 weeks.  

( lol)  I loved it and looked forward to each Sunday to see how my puppy was changing and growing.  We did get to visit at 6 weeks and Stephanie answered all are questions at the visit.  I was so impressed by how organized she is.  The dogs are in her house all together and are constantly loved by her and her family which is so important to me.  

We have had Jaq for over 6 weeks now and can’t imagine life without him.  He has the cutest personality and has adapted really well to our home.  I love that when I have any questions I can send a quick text to Stephanie and she is always so fast at getting back to me.  She loves each of her dogs and it really shows.  I feel like I made a friend in this process.  If I can convince my husband that we need another I would only get one from Stephanie.  I can’t thank her enough!! 

Becky McCombs ( Jaqs mom.)

Adopted Autumn November 2018:

We found Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies on line after we had to put our 14 year old male Shih Tzu down due to a blood disorder. I called Stephanie Peacock two days after. She told me that she didn't have puppies available at the time because they had all been promised in the next litter to be born. When I told her of our sadness after losing our beloved dog, she jumped into action and told me we could have the seventh puppy in the litter to be born, if the Mother had that many puppies. We agreed. The mom had exactly seven puppies, but we got puppy number six because one owner dropped out.

We now are the "parents" to a sweet, darling three month old female we named Autumn, due to her coloring and the fact she was born in the fall of 2018.

All of this detail is necessary to let you know what a great person Stephanie is and what a wonderful breeder she is. With the help of her husband Kyle and their three children, they take care of the puppies, day and night, from the minute they are born, to the day they go to their forever homes. They are always available to the new owners during the puppies growing phase and after they go home.

If you're in the market for a healthy, loving Shih Tzu puppy, we highly recommend Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies.

You can't go wrong.

Jerry and Linda Nelson

Adopted Gemma November 2018:

I found Stephanie threw a friend of mine, Marijoy who adopted two baby girl Shihtzu pups. 

I was so amazed how organized she was and how amazing she had everything in place. 

I spoke to Stephanie for a couple months before i decided to get on the waiting list. 

I was added to her Facebook page and was so amazed how great she was with posting live videos every Sunday with her fur babies and all the new puppies. 

I knew i found the right breeder and was so pleased. I waited for almost a year before i was able to pick my baby girl ? on September 22 2018. I was so delighted to have first pick.  She sent me photos of every puppy that was born that morning and told me their weights and if it was a boy or girl. I finally decided and picked my cute baby girl and named her Gemma. 

I was so excited to have been able to see live videos on Facebook and StephanIe would send me personal text messages on updates about Gemma and how she was doing. 

I asked a lot of questions and she was always quick and prompt to answer all of them.

 Stephanie and her family are very loving and have a huge passion for Shihtzu dogs they are all so nice and u can definitely tell her dogs and puppy’s are all so spoiled. Which meant the world to me because i also have a huge passion for Shihtzu’s.  

If u pass up a opportunity to get a pup from them you are crazy!!! They are the best breeders i have ever found...  

thanks again

Dania Mecham

Adopted Velvet/Rex November 2018:

My dog is so perfect to me, and I'll can only recommend you to all my friends and people who likes small dogs.

He us healthy playful and great company  for me.

He is darling and we have no accidents, we are together ALL the time. One of my friends and customers An Maurine Harker took photo of him and I told her about you. She was telling she has a grilfriend who love this sort of dogs. Told you, he will sell them all. You will need bigger "factory" 

He welcomes everybody's. He knows bank, people both banks I'm banking with. He knows ladys at Bridal Shope and ouar customers. He is so much fun! He as excellent reflexes. He is really cooperative as well.

He is so nice baby, I can't believe. He loves mommas kisses and he is always ready. He has a darling personality, as well. We play a lot. We are practising leash and bell before he goes out. My older son loves him better than Prince. Prince is my previous dog.

Thank you Stephany for my darling Velvet 

Maksida Darris (Maxi)

Adopted Chewy! November 2018: 

I contacted Stefanie in May of 2018 about putting down a deposit and getting on a waiting list for a Peacock Shih Tzu. 

Stefanie answered all of my questions and I immediately felt like I was in good hands with someone knowledgeable and trustworthy. 

I was placed on Aurora’s list for a Fall 2018 puppy. In the meantime, Stefanie kept me informed of everything including when Aurora was pregnant, how she was doing, and I immediately knew when she was in labor and delivering her puppies. 

Our handsome Chewy was born in September of 2018. 

Stefanie updated me weekly, but in most cases, more often, on Chewy’s growth and progress. I looked forward to the Facebook live videos every week. I always truly felt like Chewy was part of the Peacock family and they treated him with love and provided him with outstanding care. 

In November, 2018, we traveled to Utah to pick Chewy up. We have been in love with him ever since. 

I have been around two other Shih Tzu puppies from different breeders since we adopted Chewy, and there is no comparison. The differences in our boy and the others are night and day. His features, behaviors and health are drastically above the other two puppies I have encountered. It is very apparent what kind of home Chewy came from and spent his first 8 weeks in. Our vet and groomer both comment on what an excellent breeder he must have come from. 

Chewy is thriving and I firmly believe it is because how he started out in life. 

Now, at three months old, if we watch a Peacock Shih Tzu video on Facebook, Chewy will perk up and look for his first family, while wagging his tail extremely fast! 

Since adopting Chewy, I have texted Stefanie on several “first time mom” questions and concerns, she always gets right back to me and reassures me with the best advice. 

I would never go anywhere else for a Shih Tzu baby and we look forward to adding to our family in the future with another Peacock Shih Tzu! 

Brittani Dewey

Adopted Boomer and Tizzy! May 2018: 

I can not say enough wonderful things about our experience with Stefanie Peacock and her entire family. I feel so grateful to have found such a caring, thoughtful, and inclusive breeder. We were included on everything from day one: labor updates, personal pictures of pups during birth, ample photos, weekly videos of all the pups and mama and a place to share our excitement with fellow adoptive families eagerly awaiting 1st puppy visit and ultimately, adoption day.  

Although you can find an answer to any question you might have on Stefanie’s extensive and informative website, she was (and still is, I should add) always available to answer whatever question (silly or serious) I might have had!

I feel like we have a breeder for life now and would recommend her to anyone looking for a perfect Shih Tzu puppy, or two!!

Julie Gonzales

Adopted Lumi May 2018: 

I’ve been thinking about how to start this and what I wanted to say since we took home our precious & wild girl Lumi. The time had finally come to add a fur baby to our household and we knew we wanted a shih tzu. I couldn’t be more happy that our family was completed by a peacock puppy! 

I’d talked to a few breeders a little closer to me who made me feel like a bother when I asked them questions about their puppies or their breeding. All of that instantly changed the moment I found Stefanie. We talked a bit about her puppies (aka her family) and I knew she was the breeder for us. I waited a few week to put down a deposit and it was for a Late 2018/ early 2019 litter, with being added to the waitlist for the spring litters (which was what we were hoping for!) As soon as Tinkerbell went into labor she started texting us photos and updates. Well some other people moved around and low and behold we were getting a puppy! We had our eye on two of them, but being 5th I wasn’t holding my breath. By the time I got to pick our girl, the two I wanted were the only ones left. Talk about MEANT TO BE! 

From then on Stefanie only got better (if that’s even possible) weekly photos and videos (not to mention extra ones when she did something exciting like open her eyes!) Whenever I shared the photos, people would ask if I already had my girl, and I would say no, I just have the most fantastic breeder in the world. Stefanie made us feel so included in little Lumi’s first 8 weeks, I also feel like I got to know the other puppy parents as well through the community she has created. She still is so present whenever I have questions or even just want to share a cute photo. When she says she is here for you after adoption she means it! 

The love she has for puppies is evident. I don’t know when we will add another member to our little family. But you can be certain that if it is a Shih Tzu we will not be getting it from anyone other than Stefanie. I couldn’t recommend Stefanie more - if your thinking about getting a Peacock Puppy stop what you are doing and get on the list-the wait is worth it!

Jessica and Nathan Meyers

Adopted Millie May 2018: 

What can we say other than Stefanie has healed our hearts.  We had the sweetest little Shih Tzu named Roxy that we sadly had to put down at the end of September of 2017.  That day was so hard, and we all had a broken heart.  As you know, these little dogs become more than a pet.  They are part of your family.

Because of the major health problems that our last dog had due to inbreeding, we knew that we had to find a breeder who was serious about what they did.  Not someone off of a classified ad that was trying to make money at the cost of their dogs and truly didn't care about the health of the puppies.  So began my search for the perfect breeder.

From the first time I was in contact with Stefanie, I knew she was different.  I knew she got what breeding dogs is all about, and was more concerned about the health of the puppies than the bottom dollar.  That really spoke to me.  She was so great to answer any questions that I had no matter what they were. 

We put our deposit down on Tinkerbell in October and we were placed on the waiting list.  It was so fun to be a part of the whole process.  We knew when Tinkerbell went into heat, when it was confirmed she was pregnant, and when the puppies were being born. (Stefanie started texting me at 4:00 in the morning and it was SO FUN to see pictures of the sweet puppies as soon as they were born with their weight and other information!)  I remember seeing our sweet Millie before the selection process started and thinking that is OUR puppy!! We had the third pick, and low and behold we got our sweet girl!!

I have a daughter that has cerebral palsy, and not having a dog in the house to have as her best friend and constant companion was really hard on her.  She took the death of our last dog the hardest, and the months without our Roxy were emotionally difficult for her.  It is amazing to see the light back in my daughter's eyes with Millie in our home.  These dogs truly are amazing, and I will never adopt from anyone else!!  Peacock Shih Tzus are the very best!! 

Thank you Stefanie and family for all you do!!!

The Pitts Family

Travis, Carrie, Brady, Maddy, Ryan, Tyler, Brynn, and our fur baby MILLIE

Adopted Riley Morgan May 2018: 

Our little girl Riley Morgan has brought so much love and happiness into our home.  She is beautiful, healthy and such a happy girl!  She loves to play indoors and outdoors, loves to cuddle and bite my toes .  

I know in my heart she is the girl she is because of Stefanie and her family.  The Peacock family are a very close and loving family.  They are happy and love to have fun with each other and all the fur babies!  

I named Riley the day she was born, and everyday since then she has been called by her guess what..when we call her...she comes running!  

Every week Stef would do a live video so all us moms and dads could watch our babies grow and fall in love with them more each day.

After the video came the pictures ...omgosh..! How amazing is Stef!! I could call or text or email anytime and she was always more than happy to help.  She is still here for me and I know she always will be.  

Stef is just such a special person you just have to have her in your life!!  I have never seen pups raised with so much love, attention and individual care.  

The babies even come home trained to use pee pads..what a huge benefit that is.  Every single experience with Stef has been great.   If you want the BEST Shih Tzu baby ever or text Stefanie ..You Will come to love her and her babies like all the rest of us ?

Bob and Sandie Strickland

Adopted Bonnie and Clyde May 2018: 

There are not enough wonderful words that will adequately portray what an amazing and wonderful breeder family the Peacocks have been for us. 

We received our sweet Bonnie and Clyde in May of 2018 but all the days leading up to our adoption day were absolutely exciting.  

Stefanie has a gift of helping you fall in love with your sweet baby (or in our case, babies) before you even meet them. She is in contact you from the very first moment, makes you feel like a friend, keeps you updated on every milestone your little one makes, and sends videos and photos. I have photos and video from the first day our Bonnie and Clyde were born, just like I do with my other three children. 

Stefanie is honest and up front and has an “open door” policy. She will answer any question you have, she is as much invested in these sweet puppies as you are and she will do ANYTHING to ensure they are going to a loving home. This is not just a business for the Peacock family, they are dedicated to these precious pups and they love them as fiercely as you will love your baby. 

I would recommend Stefanie, Kyle, McKell, Jocelyn, and Christian to anyone who is looking for a sweet puppy to add to their family for we will be eternally grateful that they helped complete ours. T

hank you Peacock family, we couldn’t be more in love with our Bonnie and Clyde. 

Misti Porter

Adopted Scout May 2018 (Second baby for April!): 

Scout is the second Shih Tzu we have been blessed with from the Peacock’s. 

We first got Tugger 4 years ago, and now we got Scout. 

From the second I talked with Stef... I knew she was the ONLY breeder I wanted. She is such a special person and her whole family truly cares about each and every pup.   

We got weekly videos, photos, and messages. And let me tell you how we looked forward to every Sunday!!!  

We fell in love with our fur babies the moment they were born!!! 

Thankyou Stef and family for completing our fur family. We love you all!!!! 

April Bennett

Adopted Clara May 2018: 

Stefanie is absolutely amazing, and so is her family! I never had to worry about whether or not my little Clara was being taken care of. The weekly videos and pictures were amazing! It was wonderful to watch my little girl grow each week. Stefanie really knows what she's doing, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to make a Shih Tzu a part of their family! I'm so glad I can still ask her any questions I have. I have a lifelong friend in Stefanie! Thank you for my precious Clara! And thank you Simba and Ariel too! Peacock Shih Tzu's really are the absolute best! 

Clara is so funny! She has to either see or smell me! If she doesn't, she whines! Lol! Clara is the light of our lives! She loves to run, and jump, and get into mischief! We went through so much to be able to finally get her. There was so much disappointment and heartache until we found you. I truly feel like Stefanie is a breath of fresh air compared to other so called breeders! Stefanie makes you feel like you're a part of her family. She makes it feel like you are really part of the whole process from birth to adoption.

Amanda Oviatt

Adopted Scarlette March 2018 - 2nd pup for Marijoy!: 

We adopted Scarlette on March 9th 2018 she is the second dog we adopted from Stefanie!! We got Ruby in 2015 :) We love them both soooo much and they have brought so much joy to our lives.

We would definitely recommend this breeder if your looking for a Shih Tzu, Stefanie loves and cares for the puppies like their her own and we feel like she's not just a breeder but she's our friend!!

Love the weekly videos and pictures, it made us feel like we were involved from the time the momma had the puppies till we bring them home. She is also there for our puppies and us after we bring them home!!! We can call her with ANY questions, big or small!!! 

We love you Stef and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our beautiful fur babies, we love them so much!!!

Love, Fred & Marijoy Boltz

Adopted Wally  March 2018: 

z I Recently Purchased a male Shih Tsu from Stephanie Peacock. I was very impressed with the attentive service I received.

The 1st time I contacted Steph right up to picking up my puppy she kept me informed either through Facebook or texts. She provided literature and websites with information concerning care and products. She provided pictures and updates weekly.

When I took Wally home, she provided a starter food kit, toys and treats. He came home Healthy and strong! I would highly recommend Steph as an excellent and professional breeder.

Sandy Russell

Adopted Aria Aurora March 2018: 

I initially started looking for a Shih Tzu in 2017, knowing that I didn’t have a lot of time left with my 14.5 year old Shih Tzu Oakley. Finally I had narrowed my search down to just two breeders. I was waiting and hoping that we could make it through the holidays with our Oakley, for the family’s sake.

January 3, 2018: Oakley got really sick, so I rushed her to the vet. Unfortunately, I found out that she had cancer in her nasal cavity, and because of her age the chances of her making it through surgery and chemo wasn’t great. That day I had to say goodbye to my forever fur baby. Our family’s heart was broken so we sought out to find a puppy.

Against my better judgement, I purchased a puppy from another family. However, we were very excited to bring our new puppy home. Within the next few days we noticed that the puppy was acting very strange. We took the puppy to the vet and were told that the puppy had Hydrocephalus, and we had to return her to the breeder. At this point we had now lost two dogs in a week’s time. Our family was devastated.

Feeling defeated, I continued to search for a new puppy. This time around I did more homework on my search, that’s when I found Stefanie. She took the time to listen to my heartbreaking story about the loss of our dogs. She was very sympathetic to our situation, and put me on the wait list for a couple of her dogs that were going to have babies. We really didn’t think that we stood a chance of getting a puppy for a while, because we were 6th pick on the puppy list.

January 19, 2018: Stefanie let me know that her dog, Aurora, was having babies. She kept me updated throughout the day about the sex and size of each baby as they were born. To our surprise her dog had 8 puppies, meaning that one of the babies would be ours. We were thrilled.

Stefanie was amazing throughout the following weeks, sending us text updates, and posting updates of our new addition on her dedicated site of her fur babies and their puppies. She also did Sunday Funday, which is a live stream of all the puppies, their updates throughout the week, and their weights. Our family loved watching our baby grow! We knew that Aria was in great hands with Stefanie and her family.

We are eternally grateful. Stefanie has given us a lifelong family member. In the process I feel that I have gained a friendship with Stefanie, and a lifelong confidante in raising our little Aria. Little Aria has become the apple of our eyes.

Forever Grateful, Sheraton Baker

Adopted Tank March 2018: 


 We just brought home our little boy Tank who we got from Stephanie Peacock.  I am blessed as this is my 2nd puppy I’ve gotten from Stephanie.   I joined Stephanie’s Facebook in 2013 and I have had the honor to watch multiple puppy litters and the interactions this family does with these puppies.  The unconditional love your puppy gets from birth till you take it home is nothing like you’ve ever seen.   Stephanie is truly the most amazing person I have ever met.   The Sunday videos are the best.  You watch your puppy grow week to week and even a quick snap shot  during the week of an adorable pose.  Stephanie you have made such a wonderful impact on our lives with your dogs.  Stephanie is the breeder of all breeders and her children definitely follow her footsteps


I can’t thank Stephanie owner and breeder of Peacock Shihtzu’s  enough for bring us the love and joy we could ever ask for.


 Connie Jensen

I Adopted Mr. Miyagi - March 2018:

Stephanie is a truly responsible Shih Tzu breeder. 

From the start, we could resonate with her love for her puppies. My children were extremely impressed when they visited her home. It was immaculately clean. We were utterly impressed. She takes such good care and gives meticulous attention to the moms and babies. 

We received frequent updates on Mom before the puppies were born and then weekly updates after birth. She helped us build an emotional connection with our puppy even before he came home. 

I have great respect for Stephanie’s level of accountability and responsibility towards all her Shih Tzus. She has a genuine love for her dogs, and their welfare matters to her. 

She checks in on our Mr. Miyagi and reaches out to us to provide support, even after we brought him home.  

We trust Stephanie and love her as a person. She is totally awesome! Hands down, one of the most amazing human beings and dog lover alive!

Sannie Lewis

Adopted Skittles - March 2018:

Stefanie Peacock like that song This girl is. On fire as a Breeder she is a one of a kind she has a heart of gold she love and cares for every one of her sweetie there her children she a person not some one that will scam you my life was a mess and i need a puppy in my life and ty stef skittkes is my heart and my life she was my Angel stef i have a sweet little skittles and a new friend  ship stef is a Awesome and lovey lady and a caring Breeder to her puppies fill your heart get on her waiting  list its worth it your heart and your live needs one of stef babys ty Stefanie Peacock

Gayle Ledbetter

Adopted Rowan - March 2018:

We got to bring home this amazing little guy last night. He has already cemented a place in our home and hearts. He is so cute, smart and exactly what Eevee needs in a brother! 

It's sometimes mysterious and painful why things happen... but Rowan is proof that everything happens for a reason. 

I'm Eternally grateful to the Peacock family for bringing our two puppies into the world to complete our family! They do such a wonderful job in loving and caring for the puppies, I would never recommend any where else for to get a Shih Tzu!

Dave and Jennifer Johnson

Adopted  Jerry Seinfeld - July 2017:

       "Life if pretty, pretty, pretty good now that Jerry Seinfeld is a part of our family" - Larry David.**

Brett, I and our other pup Larry David are happy to tell a little bit about why we love Stephanie and our 6-month-old Peacock Shih Tzu, Jerry Seinfeld..... About one year ago we decided we needed to add a pup to our family. We started looking, and looking, and looking - we looked at rescues, researched breeders all over the country, online sales sites, and nothing was right. We couldn't seem to find either (1) a rescue pup that would fit in our family (we live in a condo and have another pup, so we needed to find the appropriate size, temperament, etc.); or (2) a breeder that checked out (after looking into several breeders we found online we grew  disappointed to learn that many were not transparent about their breeding practices. In fact, some wouldn't  agree to let us meet the moms and dads, or even visit the pup before adopting. Those things didn't sit right with us; we didn't want to support a breeding culture that made us uncomfortable....) Then, a few months later, after searching and searching, our friend referred us to Stephanie. What a breath of fresh air she was!

Brett reached out to Stephanie, we joined Stephanie's Facebook group, and we started to follow the several posts she makes each week about her pups, their parents, and everything they have going on. We quickly learned that with Stephanie, everything was transparent. We were impressed with several things we noticed. For example, Stephanie frequently posted photos and videos of the parents,  the pups at all different stages of growth, their home, and their every day life; through the posts it was easy to see that Stephanie's pups are loved and cared for, and that they truly are a part of her family. We were also impressed with the community she's created amongst everyone that has adopted a Peacock Shih Tzu - families stay in touch, share puppy training tips, and frequently post updates and photos of the pups they adopted from Stephanie. It is so fun to follow the progress and growth of all the pups!! 

With Stephanie we found exactly what we had been searching for. We chose her, and immediately put our name on the "list"! From the very beginning, Stephanie kept us looped in. We knew how the mom was doing, and we knew the instant the pups were born. Even better, we know the exact day and time that our little Jerry Seinfeld opened his eyes. How cool is that!! Since we live out of state, Stephanie was happy to have several different FaceTime conversations with us so we could see our pup in real time, speak with Stephanie about any questions we had, and get to know one another.

It's been a few months since Brett brought Jerry home, and I am glad to say that we have a happy, healthy, good natured, smart little pup. As a matter of fact, Jerry is the star of the Mission Beach boardwalk. When we walk down the sidewalk every day, Jerry wiggles his cute little tail as neighbors old and young say "Jerry! Hi!" Everyone loves him and several have commented on what a sweet, good natured guy he is. He brings light and joy to our life and to everyone he meets. We truly love Jerry and are so happy to know that he was loved and cared for from the day he was born. We are lucky to have breeders like Stephanie in the world.

**Please note that Larry David is the name of our other pup and bears no relation to the famous Larry David who is the co-creator of "Seinfeld" and mastermind behind "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Jerry Seinfeld is the name of our sweet Peacock Shih Tzu, and bares no relation to the person Jerry Seinfeld who is a stellar comedian and co-creator of "Seinfeld"!!

Jen and Brett John

Side not from me Stefanie the Breeder - this review is hilarious! Thanks Jen!! ha ha ha

Adopted  Murphy - July 2017:

We can't thank Stefanie Peacock enough for the joy she has brought into our lives. She went above and beyond to make sure we would be happy with our Shih Tzu.
From that first contact I made to Stefanie I knew we had found the right breeder. She's so professional and cares so much for not only her beautiful Shih Tzu's but is adamant that the puppies she adopts out go to the right people who will love, care and nurture them through out their lives.
We were hesitant about getting a puppy after our little Maxie died this past January, he was 14 years old. After grieving for months I just went on line to look at cute little Shih Tzu's puppies to make me feel better with no intention of getting another. It was then that I saw Stefanie's website called her and the rest is history. We adopted our darling little Murphy in July and he is the light of our lives. 
Stefanie Peacock and her family are wonderful loving and caring people. I just know from meeting them that this is why our dog has turned into such a little loving guy. Because he was shown that from Stefanie and her family since the day he was born.
Thank you Stefanie, we our so fortunate to have found you. You will always be in my heart.

Joan Bair

Adopted June and Nova July 2017!

Peacock Shih Tzu's are the best!!! We have been very satisfied with the love and caring Stephanie provided the puppies. It was Very important to us to find a clean, caring breeder. She really loves the puppies and we couldn't have had a better experience.

Melanie and Kansas Carver

Adopted Taz July 2017!

Let me say that Stefanie Peacock is the breeder to go to for a Shih Tzu that has been deeply cherished. I was up to date on the litter even though I was late finding her website and getting in touch for an adoption. I did get the one I was hoping for and was updated on his status. Stefanie does live videos of the puppies - which are always a delight - and is very well organized with documentations. Necessary information for the pup (ex: care and toys etc.) is given at first visit. Once my bud Taz was old enough to come home, she had a little treat bag and asked me to get a hold of her if I had any questions or anything. I probably annoyed her at times with questions, yet she was always happy to help. This isn't a business venture, but the joining of a "family". She is dedicated to each puppy and her dogs. One moto that seems to be for Stefanie is "Every Life Matters!". 

Tyler John Simpson

Adopted Eloise and Matilda July 2017!

We love our Peacock Shih Tzu’s!!!  We got our girls in the summer of 2017… they’re sisters, and let me tell you… getting 2 puppies at the same time is the BEST!  They didn’t have any separation anxiety when leaving the Peacock home, they keep each other entertained and comforted when nobody is around to play with them, and they just love each other so much, are never lonely and wrestle with each other constantly… like literally… tackle each other and wrestle at all times… LOL!  I love that these girls were socialized to other dogs/puppies/children/noise in the Peacock home.  This means that they are courageous and don’t get scared or nervous at noises, or when children are around, and they are so playful!!!  We even have other pets and these puppies aren’t the least bit nervous or skittish around our other dogs or cats… they just love the world!  Everyone who sees these girls literally can’t believe that such cuteness exists in the world.  We love them so much, and can’t thank Stefanie or her family enough for letting us adopt these precious little fur balls, and for taking SUCH great care of them before we got them.  Peacock Shih Tzu’s are so amazing in fact, that we’ve already paid for another puppy and are on a waiting list for 2018, and we can’t wait!  Thank you again and again Stefanie…. We love you and your family so much.  Not only are we a part of the Peacock Shih Tzu family, but I’ve gained a true lifelong friend in the process as well.  XOXO!!!

Lorrie Crowther

Adopted Meeko - June 2017:

We adopted our precious Meeko in June 2017.   We spent months looking for a good breeder.  Kent & I live in Utah and had looked for breeders in several states.  Then we came across Stefanie Peacock’s website and was directed to the Facebook page.  I asked to be accepted to her private Facebook page and knew I may have found the right breeder.  I looked at postings each morning and night.  After several weeks, Kent & I put a deposit down for the first pick of Aurora & Simba’s litter in 2018.  She also put us on a waiting list for mommies Ariel, Aurora, and Tinkerbell this year.  We had an opportunity to adopt with Ariel but didn’t understand how this selection was done so we waited for Aurora’s litter & then we adopted the last male puppy, our Meeko.  

Stefanie really enjoys what she does and if you are on Facebook, ask for a friend request.  If you are adopting out of Utah, do not hesitate.  You will find the adoption process with Stefanie to be one awesome experience that you will never forget!

She really loves & cares for each of her puppies with a great passion!  She is such an honest person.  Everything that she says on this website and throughout her Facebook page is just what she is like.  She stays in touch not only throughout the experience of adopting a fur baby but afterwards for their lifetime.  She is there for you!  You could not find another breeder more caring and loving than Stefanie.  She is awesome!  It is important to her that you are getting a healthy puppy.  She gets all her fur babies ready for their forever homes.  The entire Peacock family helps with the dogs.  They love these puppies and enjoy what they do and it really shows!  We have had Shih Tzu’s in the past.  We have never seen videos & pictures from the time a mommie is pregnant to when she is ready for labor and photos of each puppy as he/she is born.  She paints a nail polish on the foot & a dab on the nap of the neck to tell them apart.   We always looked forward to the Sunday videos that she posted on Facebook as well as photos.  She has always welcomed any questions or comments even through text messages and phone calls.

Kyle, her husband, and her kids McKell, Jocelyn & Christian are so loving and helpful with all the dogs.  The mommies & daddy & their “Minnie” are the fur kids in the family that receive the love & attention they deserve.  Stefanie Peacock has been specially honored as an “AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Breeder”.  We really appreciate all that Stefanie has done to make this such a great experience! 

Kent & Susie Bird

Adopted Maui - June 2017:

I have nothing but good things to say about Stefanie Peacock.  She absolutely loves these dogs and cares so much about them even after they go to their forever home.  She is always there for support before and after taking your new fur baby home ?  Also, her website has so much information on what to expect and what you need to take care of your new puppy?  It has been a great experience with Stefanie from the time I put down the deposit to the day we brought Maui home?

Inga Walker

Adopted Mushu - April 2017:

Stefanie Peacock is the best of the best! I knew from the first time I contacted her that she was the breeder for us. Stefanie adores her beautiful shih tzus and their precious puppies. Our fur baby has the sweetest, happiest personality and I know Stefanie's love and impeccable care made all the difference. We love Peacock Family Shih Tzus!!

We LOVE the little boy!! He is the cutest and he gets kisses and squeezes  every day from us!

TerriAnne Gillis

Adopted LuLu - April 2017:

I just want to thank you for the most amazing little girl every from the time I found you on Facebook to our first phone call and me asking all them questions you have been so amazing to work with.

I would recommend you to any of my family or friends because you have made this so fun. 

Every week my whole family always loved Sunday because we not only got to have a live video on Facebook but we also loved to see you and your family and all your funny stuff. 

Thank you for always making us feel very involved with our puppy when she was at your house waiting to come to her forever home... you made me a promise from our first phone call and you followed through on it to the day I picked up Lulu you are a woman of your word and I  appreciate that!!!! 

Thank you so much for everything.

Lora Gamble

Adopted June - April 2017:

Stefanie and the Peacocks have been so amazing to work with! 

We love them and are so grateful to them for our sweet June! 

Stefanie held my hand through our entire Journey, and that was so helpful because as a first time puppy owner I was as clueless as you can be! She game me updates on my puppy anytime I asked, and even one day had our puppy videos a day early because I and some others were having hard days. 

We never had to worry about our girl in her care, because we know that Stefanie loves her as much as we do.

 We are so grateful for the lifetime friendship that adopting a Peacock puppy comes with, and couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Melanie Emerson

Adopted Clover and Willoughby - Jan 2017:

I cannot speak highly enough of Stephanie where "Peacock Shih Tzus"'is concerned! 

Stephanie's  knowledge, expertise, communication, and overall love that she exhibits towards both her adult dogs and puppies (not to mention her clients) is second to none. 

We adopted two puppies from Stephanie and I must have contacted her with hundreds of questions throughout the whole process! Not once did she complain but answered every question without reservation and the information, advice, and assistance she provided was genuinely impressive. The whole process could not have gone smoother quite honestly. 

It is evident from the moment you speak to Stephanie how much love and attention she provides to her dogs and puppies; it is incredibly impressive and makes you appreciate the entire buying process even more. 

As a buyer you want to have ultimate confidence in the buying experience and from the time that we initially contacted Stephanie to the time that we collected the puppies we were genuinely impressed with everything that transpired. Five stars out of five!!

As an addendum, we still contact Stephanie almost six months after adopting Clover and Willoughby and she is still as helpful and informative as ever! You will absolutely have NO regrets in engaging Stephanie if you are considering adopting a Shih Tzu!! 

John and Stephanie Pursglove

Adopted Vinnie - January 2017:

For the last couple of years I have watched Stephanie's website, looking at all of the precious little puppies. In December I noticed that she had a few pups that were available and thought why not. We selected a cute little fluff ball and named him Vinnie. 

I love the fact that Stephanie does the weekly video and picture updates always looking forward to watching them with our kids. I also love that Stephanie is there for life for our puppy to help in any way she can with questions and advice. You know that she loves all of these babies as much as we do and we know that if we need her she's just a phone call away. 

Vinnie is the sweetest, most energetic, full of life pup I've ever met. 

We love him dearly. Thank you Stephanie and Peacock Shih Tzu! 

Regina Garza

Adopted Sir Buster Brown - January 2017:

We truly couldn’t have asked for a better experience. For us, adding a new puppy to our family was something we thought long and hard about. After finding Stefanie Peacock, we followed her Facebook page for a while. It didn’t take long to realize that this wasn’t just a job for her. She truly loved each and every one of her animals with all her heart. She was invested and gave every ounce of love and care she could to be sure they were happy and healthy. Beyond that, she utilizes her Facebook page perfectly. She continuously keeps everyone up to date with photos, videos, comments, and messages. Everything was simply perfect! Thanks to Stephanie, we now have our beautiful, feisty, and fun loving Sir Buster Brown. He’s the perfect addition to the family. Thank you for everything!


The Jerman’s   

Adopted CeCe - January 2017:

Dear Stefanie

 You may have anyone call me and I would give you an excellent reference!

I want to talk about my experience with Stefanie at Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies.  We lost our Shih Tzu of 13 years and I thought my world would end without her. I mourned her a very long time. 

One day I saw some Shih Tzu puppies on the computer.  My husband and I live both in Utah and Arizona and I started searching for puppies in Arizona but nothing jumped out and said "here I am, come get me."  So when we went to Utah I did a search and found Peacocks Puppies.  The entire website had me hooked.  I instantly loved the puppies how the website showed various articles on Shih Tzu's, what to look for etc.  

I called Stefanie and through tears told her about losing my dog and that I wanted another Shih Tzu but was nervous that I could never be able to replace her.  What she said next solidified us buying from her.  "You aren't replacing Cassie, you are only Filling the hole she left in your heart."  Oh, how true!  We discussed the cost, the mothers, and sires, and that it is a serious adoption, and should be treated as so.  

I got to see my puppy from day one and each week in a video that she does on Facebook highlighting each puppy for the new parent.  

You are given a welcome packet with dry and wet dog food, treats, a toy. Can you believe that?  You usually have to stop and get your puppy  food on your way home when you buy a new puppy.  Oh, I must have called her once or twice a week with questions and they were always answered and I was told that she will be glad to answer questions long after I take my puppy home.

I highly recommend anyone interested in adding a member to their family to contact  Stefanie at Peacock ShihTzu Puppies.  She adores her pets and her knowledge is incremental and everlasting!  Shih Tzu's are the BEST!!

Claudia Salzetti

Adopted Penny - January 2017:

We had the best experience with Peacock Shih Tzus! From the very start Stefanie was great to talk to and get information about the breed and what to expect from the process. We became part of a family with the rest of the puppy families and it was wonderful to see weekly updates on our puppy.

We are in love with our little Penny and I would recommend Stefanie's litter to anyone I know!

Samantha Walias

Adopted Theodore - January 2017:

Theodore is such a blessing in my home I had such an amazing experience adopting from Stefanie! 

This is my first puppy ever so I had a lot of questions and Stefanie was so informative and kept me in the loop every step of the way! You can tell she puts her heart into what she does, the puppies are so well mannered and given the best care possible. 

She does weekly video and photos updates, and even has videos with helpful information on things like grooming. I could not have asked for a more dedicated and kind person (and family to adopt from!)

Kayla Cellini

Adopted Bella September 2016: 

We loved our experience adopting through Stefanie Peacock. She made the wait for our adorable little puppy bearable. 

The photos she sends and the live videos she does weekly makes it feel like you are a part of the puppies life from day one. She takes such special care of each and every one of her puppies. It is simply amazing. I also thought it was awesome that she was there for me as well. Any question or concern I had she was there to answer and will continue to be there throughout our little Bella's life. I would not adopt another shih tzu from anyone else. 

Thanks Stefanie and the entire Peacock family.

Tiffany Kranedonk

Adopted Paws November 2016: 

I had a great experience adopting our little puppy from Stefanie! She took such good care of the puppies. He was loved and cared for before coming home to us. She would send me pictures updating us. She would also do videos on Facebook! She gave him his first shots and deworming! Her home is clean and full of love!  You can tell she really loves what she does!

Thanks Stefanie!!

Ashley Rust

Adopted Maggie November 2016: 

Our journey (I'm a Bachelor fan, haha) to bringing home our Maggie has been so much fun.  The weekly videos, photos and 4 week visit made this experience unlike any other. Maggie has brought so much joy to our lives and has even won over our 16 year old shih tzu Gracie.  She is beautiful, with a darling personality and most importantly, she is healthy. I can't imagine our lives without her.  

I was watching one of the puppy videos and Maggie heard Stefanie's voice from the other room and came running.  She tilted her head from side to side and wagged her tail.  She hadn't seen Stefanie in over a month and completely remembered her voice.  It made me so happy to see her reaction and know the kindness she was shown.  I feel very fortunate to have found Stefanie and I will always consider her a friend. I hope to adopt another Peacock shih-tzu one day and would absolutely tell anyone who is thinking of adopting a puppy to call Stefanie right away!  

--Lainie Elmer

Adopted Scout September 2016: 

When I first came across Stefanie's website, I was in tears. Literally! 

I was in the process of adopting a Shih Tzu from another breeder who had sold the puppy I was supposed to adopt out from under me even though we had an agreement. I was so distraught! 

Finding Stefanie's website gave me a glimmer of hope. I contacted her late that night telling her about what had happened as well as my interest in adopting a puppy from her. She responded first thing that morning with news about Ariel's puppies and said that one of them would be mine! A few days later the puppies were born and that's when my dream of adopting a Shih Tzu puppy became a reality! 

During the adoption process Stefanie always kept me up to date, sent me pictures/videos of my sweet baby Scout, and took such good care ofhim, his mom, and all the other puppies! 

If you are looking to adopt a Shih Tzu puppy, look no further! Stefanie is an amazing breeder and such a wonderful person. 

My experience with Stefanie has been absolutely perfect from the first day I text her to the present. I cannot wait to get Scout a baby/brother or sister. I know that Stefanie will be just as good to them as she was with Scout and every single other puppy/family she has dealt with over the years.

I cannot thank you enough Stefanie! 

Shelly Silva

Adopted Frankie November 2016: 

We are so in love with our fur ball Frankie, and couldn't be more grateful for the amazing journey we had over the weeks watching him grow into his playful self! Stephanie did an amazing job on keeping us updated, we seriously could not of asked for a better experience! 10/10 for sure! You will not be disappointed! 

Allee Hansen

Adopted Ruby Moon November 2016: 

I initially contacted Stephanie back in June 2016 we had a lab that had passed away and we were interested in getting a new puppy. 

Stephanie was great she answered all my questions quickly, was not pushy, or so eager to try to sell me puppy then and there. We ended up having a family emergency and knew we wouldn't be in the position to adopt one right then so we told her that we would continue to think about it and let her know. 

Come September I had been begging and begging my husband to once again get a puppy and we looked to Stephanie. I pulled up her page and saw that she was going to have puppies that very day. It was fate!  

That night our puppy was born there happened to only be one spot left we were kind of particular on what we wanted our puppy to look like and we were the third pick we were both unsure what to think, Stephanie assured us we could move our deposit if it didn't work out, but it turned out that we were able to get the puppy that we had our eye on. 

Stephanie was so great at sending pictures and keeping us updated on how she was doing it was such an easy process to adopt her! Stephanie is always so good to answer any questions we have and respond so lovingly to all the messages and pictures that I send to her, she truly loves all these puppies as if they were her own babies! 

Now as I stated earlier on we had a lab pass away I'm not sure how much I believe in reincarnation but let me tell you this puppy was meant to be ours from the way she tips her food bowl over to eat, to playing with her bowl, the belly rubs, to the love of ice cubes she reminds us so much of our lab that we miss so dearly.  

We got so lucky the day that we found Stephanie and were able to get our precious Ruby! We can't thank her enough for the gift of a lifelong best friend! 

Jason and Amanda Thomas The Thomas Family 

Adopted Vinnie - September 2016:

My adoption experience with Stefanie Peacock was phenomenal.  She was professional, fun, kind, honest and showed so much compassion for her adult dogs, as well as the puppies.

Stefanie kept me informed about everything from the moment of conception.  Her texts, pictures, and live Facebook streaming sessions were so exciting and such a blast.

First and foremost, my biggest concern was bringing home a happy and healthy puppy from a reputable breeder.  Stefanie is the best of the best!  I will never go anywhere else for a Shih Tzu puppy.  My puppy is happy, healthy, beautiful, and her affordable prices – for me – sealed the deal.

Thank you Stefanie, you are awesome!

Julie Dial

Adopted Sadie and Bailey - September 2016:

I was looking to adopt a shih tzu puppy when I came across a website on the internet.  It was an adorable little picture, but when the "owner" wanted me to Western Union the money to purchase, I knew immediately it was a scam.

Then my sister told me about KSL, and enter Stephanie and Kyle Peacock and Family!!

From the very beginning Stephanie worked to put my mind at ease.  Not only did she send me constant updates on the well being of my new family member, but I got pictures, videos and little stories of the funny little escapades my little Sadie was up to.  Bringing me closer to knowing her before I even got to touch her.  We were so excited about what we had found in Stephanie that a week later, when Aurora had her babies, we adopted our little Bailey!!  

I am out  of state, actually on the opposite side of the country, and was unable to have a meet and greet like all of the other adopting parents, however, Stephanie took the time to give my daughter and I a private face time with our new babies.

I cannot say enough good about our experience with Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies!  She even looked up flights for me!  What Breeder would go to that length? 

Not only do I now have 2 of the sweetest tempered, most adorable Shih Tzu puppies, they both came already starting to grasp the whole potty training process and very well socialized. 

I cannot thank you enough Stephanie for all of your support, help and patience.  It has made this experience one my daughter and I will not soon forget!!

Elizabeth Cassidy

Adopted Josie September 2016: (Second pup adopted!)

Only words of praise for Peacock Shih Tzu's!!  I have gotten a puppy from Stefanie before about a year ago.  The experience was so great that when I decided to add another pup to our family it wasn't even a question who we would use. 

Stefanie sends weekly updates. She informs everyone how their puppy is doing and also sends pictures and videos. It's such a fun process. I felt connected with my puppy by the time she came home with me.  

Stefanie us also great with answering questions. Not just while waiting for my puppy but anytime I had a question I have been able to get in contact with her. 

We now have two great dogs! One whose personality is a little spicy and the other who is sweet as sugar. Couldn't be more pleased. 

Sarah Bunker

Adopted Nacho September 2016: 

Peacock Shih Tzu's are the best. 

Not only are the dogs truly adorable, well tempered and extremely well cared for, Stephanie is a true delight to work with. She makes the process simle yet official. We all looked forward to the regular video and photo updates from birth to the day we got to bring our Nacho home. Thank you so much!!! We will defiantly purchase our next pup from you!

Nick and Britt Siddoway

Adopted Sophie September 2016: 

What an amazing experience!  

I was immediately drawn to Stefanie, both how she organizes the adoption process but most importantly her obvious love of her pups.   We want little pups that have been born and raised in love, and when you adopt one of Stefanie’s “babies”, it takes 15 minutes to know that is the environment they grow up in.  

How exciting to be able to peek into the nursery on a weekly basis to watch your pup grow and play.  And all the resources she gives you to be able to take these little ones to a home that seem similar to the place they were born in. 

 I can’t say enough about our adoption experience with Stefanie and her family.  We would recommend them to anyone that wants a loving, happy pup!  

Thank you Stefanie and family!

Kathy Wawrzyniak

Adopted Jem September 2016: 

We cannot begin to sing enough praises for Stefanie & Kyle Peacock (and family) of Peacock Family Shih Tzu Puppies!

 Stefanie was wonderful throughout the whole adoption process; from the very beginning she was helpful and kind. She went above and beyond to help us have, not only the smoothest adoption possible, but to make sure our perfect little puppy was just right for our family. 

We adopted Ariel and Simba’s precious little “tiny tail” whom we affectionately call Jem. Our whole family is absolutely smitten with her! Her temperament is wonderful and she is such a good dog. The breed itself is loving but Stefanie and Kyle work hard to make sure they have the highest breeding standards which adds so much more to the breed quality overall. They do it for the love of their sweet babies and have never once obsessed over the price/money of our dog. Their whole family works hard to make sure these little sweethearts have socialization, love and a quality of life that’s worthy of the precious souls they are. 

We recently brought Jem home and she settled in so beautifully. She was already using the puppy pads and hardly whines at all when left to sleep for the night. Most will say we got lucky with a good dog, but I’m convinced that we found the diamond in the rough of breeders. Seriously, all of the adult dogs we encountered when visiting the Peacock Family Home were so kind and loving. The mothers were healthy and loving to their puppies. All of the puppies were very well cared for and loved. Their adult dogs were happy and tell-wagging. That is not only the mark of a good dog but a good human. 

Stefanie and Kyle are so kind and wonderful. Their kindness and love extends to their sweet (human) children as well! Their were times where we would communicate and receive updates from their daughter, McKell. McKell is such a sweetheart and takes care of the puppies exceptionally well when Stefanie is unable to; she is amazing and does wonderful work for someone her age. She’s just as passionate for these little ones as her mama and that’s so wonderful! 

Honestly, we just love the Peacocks and their breeding program and wouldn’t consider getting our beloved family pets (although they’re more like our four-legged furry family members) from anyone else. We plan on moving to Florida in the spring and any other dog we get will be a Peacock Puppy and we will make the investment to come back to Utah to bring home one of their precious babies. 

Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience! We love the Peacocks!

Love, Mia and Nate Matusek

Adopted Luna September 2016: (Second pup adopted!)

Thank you Stefanie for allowing us to adopt Luna. When we decided to adopt another puppy it never crossed my mind to go some where else. We appreciate all that you do and the love you give to each and every puppy!

Judy Villapando

Adopted Lola June 2016: 

Our experience with Stefanie was nothing short of perfect! Our sweet Lola was born little and with a weak immune system that left her with a life threatening cold and difficultly eating. Stef tube fed her (even through the night!) until Lola was able to sustain her health on her own. We also loved the constant communication, updates, and photos, of our puppy before we were able to bring her home. It helped us bond with her even before we'd met her! I will suggest Stefanie to anyone looking for a Shih Tzu. We love ours! 

Jay and Kira Weight

Adopted Pheyda June 2016:

Little Phedya stole our hearts from the moment we met him. He fits right in with our family and is surprisingly easy going and very affectionate. 

We started this journey with a desire to adopt another fury child and a playmate for our teacup Shih Tzu. 

There are many breeder websites out there, but stood out right away. It is very obvious how much Stef cares about her dogs. We think she is a true “dog whisperer” because little Phedya at eight weeks is already trained! By contrast, our older fury child at 18 months refuses to be potty trained no mater what. 

Another important fact to mention is that Stef give updates regarding her puppies and is making an effort to select suitable candidates to adopt her puppies. There is a waiting list for a reason! Thank you, Stef! Phedya changed our lives.

Ilona and Alex

Adopted Missy April 2016:

Hi Stephanie! We just wanted to give you an update on the little puppy. She is doing great. She is an independent, sassy little ball of energy and we love her! We are taking her down to my uncle who is a vet to get her second set of boosters this coming Monday. Just wanted to give you an update and thank you again!

Kaitlin Astin

Adopted Tatiana June 2016:

Tatiana is such a fantastic little girl. I just have a hard time keeping up with her.we now call her little beastie. I have had shittzus all my life. And getting her from Stefanie Peacock gave me piece of mind. All paper s and great information and starter food and toy and scarf with her name on it. I can't tell you how wonderful I felt when I found stefanie. Thanks Stephanie. I love my baby . Connie

Adopted Tucker April 2016:

We loved the way Stephanie would send us pictures of the puppies, describing some of their personalities. We loved watching Tucker over those first few weeks and fell in love with him through the photos from Steph. We could tell she loves these little dogs like crazy. Some of her videos and songs made us laugh. She is so cute with them. We had a great experience getting Tucker! We are so happy we got him. He fits right in.

Annette and Shawn Bradley

Adopted Adidas June 2016:

I wanted to start out by saying..... working with the peacock shih tzu.... Has been nothing short of AMAZING!!! We have now adopted two incredible pups who have become family. You will know immediately how much Stephanie loves these pups!!! She goes far and above to keep you updated weekly with pictures and updates on all her pups. (She even texts funny stories... Keeping you involved along the long and anxious wait to bring home your new baby!!). I have adopted two amazing dogs from peacock and wouldn't consider going anywhere else!!!! <3 


Adopted Miss Emily Ann April 2016:

When my wife, Mickey, and I decided we needed to have a new puppy around the house we started the process of looking for the right breeder, they had to be close to our home and well established with good references. After looking for a few days we contacted Peacock Family Shih Tzu puppies and spoke to Stefanie. She was very kind, she explained how she did adoptions and what we could expect if we adopted a puppy from her. We were still undecided at this point and Stefanie was very understanding that we needed a little more time. A few weeks later I called to arrange to adopt a puppy but was a little late for the Christmas litter so we arranged for the spring litter. Stefanie kept us informed of the progress with videos and pictures of mommy's big belly and after the birth she continued with the pictures and videos all the way to adoption day. At 4 weeks we got to meet the little girl we adopted and named her at that time, Miss Emily Ann, we were given her papers and starter kit and we finally met Stefanie and Kyle, they got to know us a little and we got to know them a little better, for the next 4 weeks the pictures and videos continued every weekend. Stefanie made the adoption process so much more fun. On adoption day, we picked up Emily Ann, Stefanie had special gifts just for her, a special toy, treats and vet records, she had even started the puppy pad training. At this point the adoption process stops for most breeders, not so with Stefanie, she continues to follow the progress of your new puppy. We can't say enough about how the Peacock family loves and cares for their extended Shih Tzu family, and they make you feel like you've been adopted by them. We would highly recommend Stefanie and Peacock Family Shih Tzu puppies to anyone thinking of adopting a puppy. We will forever be grateful and blessed that we chose to adopt a little kid in a fur coat from the Peacock family. Thank you Stefanie.

Terry Springer

Facebook post:

Mickey and I wanted to tell Stefanie and her entire family that we know how much love they have for their Shih Tzu (kids), how kind they are to all they talk to about an adoption, we were so honored and blessed to be able to adopt her Bailey Boo and Miss Emily Ann, they touched our hearts deeply and we feel that we have extended our family just knowing Stefanie and her family, they have been so kind to us, Thank you to the entire Peacock family, we love you guys. Terry Springer

Adopted Binks April 2016:

Well it's almost a week and it seems like Binks has always been part of the family. I can't start to tell everyone how wonderful this experience has been. Thank you goes out to Stef Peacock, she guided me thru the adoption of my puppy with care and friendship. I know that if there was ever a problem I could count on her support.

Pamela Seep

Adopted Abby April 2016:

Our sweet Abby on our journey home from Utah to Idaho.  She is a new addition to our family and gets along well with my other shih tzus!  
Thank you Stefanie and family for the opportunity to purchase her.  Everything was done in a professional and very accommodating way.   
I feel comfortable knowing that I could call and get advice and help in any area that may arise.   
Thank You!  
Mary White

Adopted Chip Feb 2016:

When we go to Oregon each year, it seems that so many people travel with dogs.  I knew how much my husband wanted one, so decided to give him a puppy for Christmas. 

Reading about the different breeds of dogs, I wanted one that stayed small. 

We had a couple bad experiences with previous dogs, but the Shih Tzu seemed to be a popular breed; especially among Senior Couples. 

I researched the Internet and looked at Classified Ads, for months.  I happened upon the website, Peacock Puppies, one day.   I was very impressed with the Website.  Totally a wealth of Information, on items to purchase, common puppy issues, etc. Plus all the fun things the puppy would come home with:  treats, a personalized bandana, his favorite toy, health record, etc!  Also on the website, many pictures of past puppies.  And the puppies, mamas and daddies, are just adorable!   

I put a deposit on a puppy in July!  Stefanie was great to keep in contact with us, throughout the entire process.  From the time Belle, the mama, was expecting to picking our puppy Chip up on February 9, 2016.  She sent weekly pictures, videos and updates of Chip!  

 We visited, and saw for the first time, Chip, at four weeks old. At that time, Stefanie talked to us about choosing a vet, the shots he would need, what to expect from our puppy, ect.  In addition, she was so patient, kind and loving in answering our questions.  She also asked if we were sure about the puppy, we had first chosen.  There was no doubt in our minds, we had made the right decision, for us! 

Stefanie started Chip on puppy pad training, at four weeks.  This works out perfect for us!!  My husband and I were so impressed when we made a stop on the way home and he used the grass, then upon arriving home, he used the Puppy Pad!   

It’s obvious that Chip has been very loved, cuddled and well taken care of.  He is social, sweet and we couldn’t ask for a better, happier, more playful puppy!   

Stefanie is caring, sweet, knowledgeable, and she continues to have an answer to every question we have.  The relationship does not end with the puppy purchase, as it does with other puppy sellers.  It will continue for life, as she will be there for Chip and for us.  We love that concept, as we will have many questions in the future.   

We would highly recommend Stefanie, her family and Peacock Puppies to anyone 

considering the purchase of a Shih Tzu Puppy.   They and their puppies, are the greatest!!   We could not ask for a better, happier experience. Or a more beautiful, adorable puppy! 

Thank you for everything!! 

Berneta & Dell 

Adopted Babs AND Ivy Feb. 2016:.

Getting a shihtzu puppy from Stefanie was a very professional experience and I could tell she cares for her dogs like they are her own children. I was fortunate to get 2 puppies from the same litter and they are both very unique in their personalities and have no fear. They are well socialized and eager to play with the kids.

Maria Boyce

Adopted Fritz Feb. 2016:.

We are so happy with our little guy “Fritz!” Stefanie is a great breeder and did a good job with keeping us in the loop throughout the adoption process. We considered adopting from several breeders and even rescuing a Shih Tzu. Our decision to go with Peacock Shih Tzu’s was easy after we did some research. We wanted a happy and healthy puppy and that is what we got. You can tell that Stefanie and her family truly care for their Shih Tzu’s and treat them all as part of their family.  Fritz has been such a joyful puppy and is a wonderful addition to our family!

Brandon and Jamie

Adopted Buster Fall 2015:.

You guys are great! I loved how you sent video and pictures every Sunday of our cute puppy so we could watch him grow and be apart of his first few weeks. You guys made yourselves COMPLETELY available to us for questions, concerns or whatever so we could feel at ease being first time dog owners. I love that we have been able to develop a bit of a friendship with you guys that we have even sent you back pictures and videos of our family with Buster now. I definitely would recommend you guys to any and all of my friends or family that wanted to adopt a puppy! You guys know your stuff and connections and are super amazing people. We have been so lucky to have adopted our Buster from a great breeder/home/family! 

Sasha Miller

Adopted JJ Fall 2015:

We bought "JJ" our precious, beautiful & very special puppy from Stef Peacock. Everyone who sees him expresses how adorable JJ is. Many would love 2 have adopted him!  Reno & Shasta our two other dogs play with JJ continually. Many relatives & friends have express how jealous they R because they would love 2 own JJ.  He's smart & catching on to everything very fast. I just can't ever really express how much we love him! We R so happy 2 have been able 2 buy OUR "JJ" from Stef.  All of Stef's dogs must B a very special blessing 2 many others toooo! Best Wishes in Our New "2016" Year To Come...... 


Adopted Lady Fall 2015:

On Nov 21 we pick up our sweet little adorable Lady. We had lost our 15 year old shih tzu Mollie in April. We knew we wanted this breed due to all their great quality. I spent months searching for someone who loves breeding and really cares about these dogs. I kept going back to the peacock shih tzu web site. So I called Stefanie and by the end of the conversation I knew she really care and loved what she does. She keep us up to date and keep us in the loop on how things were going. She sent us the cutes pictures of Lady from birth till we pick her up at 7 weeks old. We feel in love with Lady right away. And she even got Lady started on potty training. By the way she is doing great with that and she only gets up once during the night to go potty. Not only do we have a adorable Lady that we love to pieces .I feel like I have a new friend in Stefanie. She is very knowledgeable in breeding and raising Shih Tzu's. I know if I every have a question I would call Stefanie for her advise. I would highly recommend Peacock Shih Tzu. 

You ROCK Stefanie

Angela Jenness

Adopted Ruca Summer 2015:

Second puppy adopted by Jeff and Acacia!

Peacock Shih tzu's is by far the most professional breeder I have ever worked with. Their staff is not only attentive but caring for all the little pups. The love they bring into their work produces the happiest of dogs. There always healthy and playful which is exactly what you want. Not only do you get a great experience but you get your money's worth too. Stef makes sure your dog comes to it's new home with all their shots, new toys, food and personalized neckerchief that is the icing on the cake! I highly recommend them to all my family and friends. Thank you for everything, we couldn't be happier with our pups Bowie and Ruca!

Jeff & Acacia

Adopted Jessie Summer 2015:

I can't say enough about Peacock Puppies and  Stefanie. From the time the puppies were expected, Stefanie was sending pictures and keeping you updated. After the puppies were born, there were tons of pictures. Stefanie is so great.  Always gets back to you right away. I have my beautiful puppy right now and we could' be happier. 

Kathy Boardman

Adopted Millie Summer 2015:

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Stefanie. I have had Shih Tzu’s in the past. As a result I have very high expectations of the breeder and the litter. I was really struggling to find someone that cared about the dogs and wasn’t just selling puppies for a paycheck. That’s when I found Peacock Shih Tzu’s.   

Stefanie loves these puppies. She loves her job and it really shows. She gave us updates weekly on how our puppy was doing. Pictures and videos also were part of the updates. My family fell in love with our puppy Millie and were constantly asking if I had any new pictures to show them. I have contacted Stefanie several time during and after the adoption of our dog. She is there for the life of the puppy. Her website also has some great tips. From what the puppy needs, finding a vet and groomer to potty training. She has it covered.   

I would recommend Stefanie to anyone who is looking for a sweet tempered, darling dog. I wouldn’t be surprised if we adopt another dog from her in the future. It has been a great experience.  

Sarah Bunker 

Adopted Messi Summer 2015:

My experience with Stefanie began after we had lost our 5 year old Shih Tzu, Chevy… while camping in the mountains. It was devastating because he was my best buddy. 

A few weeks later I was visiting my daughter and her husband in Lehi and they mentioned that maybe I should get another puppy. I didn’t know if I was ready to get another dog so soon, because my heart was so broken from losing Chevy. 

My daughter had gotten their puppy (Hurley), from Stefanie and she said that she was probably having puppies soon and it wouldn’t hurt to ask. We text Stefanie and let her know what had happened to Chevy and asked her if we could be added to the list to get one of Hurley’s little brothers. 

Although I was still somewhat unsure about getting another dog, the minute I received the first set of pictures and videos from Stefanie, I knew my prayers had been answered, and that Messi would be just what I needed to fix my broken heart. 

Stefanie is one in a million! I am so grateful to her for the love that she has for these precious little babies she nurtures and teaches. She is so easy to work with and I absolutely love getting the weekly updates about our new edition. It was the best adoption process and experience that anyone could ask for. 

Stefanie makes you feel like you and your puppy are number one when it comes time to take them home. Messi is already potty trained on the puppy pads and was trained to sleep all night. His sleeping schedule is better than any of my children. He is smart and a little snuggly lover boy! 

Stefanie and her family are the best ever! So much love for what she does is a rare thing. I would definitely adopt again, but I hope it will be years down the road before I have to. 


Julie N.

Adopted Oreo Summer 2015:

The process to have the deposit payed and time to pick out our new addition to our family was great. It only took a few days and we had a name pick out for our new puppy. We named him Oreo. Stephanie worked out a payment plan with me and I would recommend anyone who is looking for a new puppy to contact Stephanie. You won't be disappointed. The entire process was awesome and she always sent pics and videos on Sundays. We stay in contact with Stephanie and give her updates on how he is doing and send her pics. Thank you so much stephanie for our little oreo.

Tyler and Nakkitta

Adopted Rambo Summer 2015:

You're probably skimming through the reviews on deciding whether to adopt a peacock puppy. All I can say is, look no further! I had stalked this site for 2 years before committing to buy. I was amazed at the content and time put into creating this site. I am in awe, as to how Stefanie becomes engaged and open with you as soon as you show interest. The adoption process is simple and straightforward. From birth to adoption day : she provides weekly updates, is open for questions and concerns and sends reminders of dates/times. In addition, she genuinely loves all the little pups and wants a lifetime relationship with you and the puppies. Most importantly, my puppy is so adorable and beautiful. I have no regrets, nor would I have it any other way. Got on the wait list today!!!!

Melissa Tuimaseve

Adopted Otto Summer 2015:

This cute boy is the best puppy in the world! he has the best temperament! he just chills all day! he sleeps through the night! rarely has accidents in the house and it's always because one of us didn't get him out in time. he puts up with all the snuggles and hugs and kisses he gets mauled with. we could not have asked for a better puppy!

Haley Olive Grey Anderson

Adopted Ruby Spring 2015: 

On Saturday May 9th we adopted our sweet baby Aruba May (Ruby) from Stefanie (my early mother's day gift) she is so cute and such a good puppy, we love her beyond words!! Stefanie loves all the puppies and takes really good care of them until they can go home to their new family. She loves what she does and you can really tell, they are all so happy and healthy and cute as can be. Stefanie is a professional and is very experienced, she goes above and beyond what is expected and I would tell anyone that wants a Shih Tzu puppy to contact Stephanie, she is the best!!! 

We want to thank you Stefanie for trusting us with one of your little ones, we will take really good care of her forever!! We love our Ruby and we love you too!!!!

Love, Fred and Marijoy Boltz

Adopted Poppy Spring 2015: 

I can't say enough wonderful things about Stefanie as a breeder. I adopted one of Jasmine's beautiful puppies. Our little girl Poppy came home on May 8th. She's not only the absolute cutest ever, she's so extremely happy, healthy, social & well adjusted. What a tribute to the love, care & socializing time Stefanie &her family give to their Shih Tzu's. You just know their home is filled with love. And now Poppy is filling our home with so much joy & love. 

Thanks you Peacock family.


Adopted Bailey Spring 2015: 

What a furry bundle of love that came into our lives on May 8th. We brought our precious Bailey home. From the moment she arrived she has filled our lives with love and joy. Her personality is adorable, so loving and cuddly.  She never meets a strange that she doesn't win over. She is healthy and happy. When she came home she had on her a personalized scarf that she loves to chew on. Thank you so much for the care you can see she received. You guys are the greatest!


Adopted Molly Spring 2015: 

I am so in love with my Peacock pup, she is the most playful, happy and adorable ShihTzu that I have had in the 28 years I have been sold on this breed for a family. Molly is my 4th. She also has the nicest coat of fur or any of my dogs, great features and beautiful markings. I could not be more pleased with my pup I purchased from Stefanie. 

Your grateful friend,

Dawn Smith

Adopted Roxy Christmas Eve 2014: 

We adopted a female puppy in december 2015 we gave her to our kids for christmas.  It was the best christmas present ever.  stephanie was great to work with and we got just what she promised.  The puppy was healthy and everything went well.  She has been a good puppy and had responded well and quickly to potty training as well as other training.  Anyone that is looking for a shitzu puppy i would highly reccomend getting one from her.
 fyi she is still doing very well and is totally potty trained. we even left her at my moms when we were out of town and she didn't have any accidents.  She is still kind of crazy and loves to play with little kids especially.  she follows me around everywhere i go but she is doing well so thanks.
Clarissa Wanstrom

Adopted Chewy Christmas Eve 2014:

Stephanie was absolutely wonderful with our purchase and acquisition of our Shih Tzu puppy. She sent us weekly updates and always made sure we had any questions answered. I would highly recommend that anybody purchase their puppy from her. I have not seen someone with so much love for these wonderful dogs. And they're very reasonably priced which I appreciate very much.

Thank you,


Adopted: Chewy Christmas Eve 2014:

First things first, I must say that we are IN LOVE with out little Shih Tzu baby Chewy that we adopted from Stefanie! We decided in the summer time that we wanted to adopt a Christmas puppy for our kids, and aslo a friend for our 3 year old Shih Tzu girl. I started searching breeders online every single day. We live in Atlanta, Georgia but knew that we would be in Utah for Christmas.

I found Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies online they day after Nala had her littler or babies. One look at those puppies, and Stefanie's website and I knew that was where we wanted to get our next baby from! Every single interaction and conversation with Stefanie was Wonderful. She sent weekly pictures and videos of our little guy. Being in Georgia and not able to go and see him was so hard! But Stefanie made the process so easy. I knew we chose the right family to adopt our Chewy from.

We were able to pick Chewy up Christmas eve, and he's been a joy to us since the moment we got him! It was so apparent to us that he was raised in a loving environment. He was so well socialized with people, and children. He was already trained to use his puppy pads, and was used to going outside to go potty! He's been the best with out own 3 human children who love him so much. We've had Chewy now for 3 weeks, and he is the sweetest little guy in the world. He gets along perfectly with our 3 year old dog, and they are already best friends. He's smart, silly playful and oh so snuggly! He's also such a fast learner, and is doing amazingly well at potty training, and getting used to the routine in our home!

I couldn't possibly say enough good things about Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies, we are so so thankful to them for our Chewy baby.

Thank you!!!

Lori Collett

(Suwanee, Georgia)

Adopted Bentley November 2014:

Two months ago adopting a puppy was the furthest thing from my mind. We were trying to make the decision about whether to euthanize our Max. an 8 year old miniature schnauzer who was very sick from cancer spreading throughout his body.

The day he passed away Stef posted an adorable Shih Tzu puppy for adoption. It was like it was meant to be! Since then, Stef has been there for me every step of the way. She helped me through the loss of one dog and the adoption of another. She send photos and videos every week. and when we picked up our Bentley we could have been happier. It was very clear that he was a healthy and well-adjusted puppy. Stef has also been more than happy to answer every single question I have had about raising a puppy - which has been quite often!!! 

We are so grateful to the whole Peacock family for the love and care they put in to raising Bentley. Stef is very devoted and passionate about what she does and truly loves each and every puppy! She is an excellent and trustworthy breeder, and I value her friendship! 

I highly recommend Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies and will absolutely adopt from them again!

Jamie Levin

Adopted Lucy October 2014: 

Stefanie Peacock is an amazing breeder! I was searching online for a puppy and as soon as I say Lucy' picture I Knew she was the one!

Stefanie sent me updated pictures and videos until our baby girl was able to come home. She was amazing to work with and was very informative when we picked her up. She had a care package and a cute little outfit for Lucy. 

Even after we got home she checked on us! She really know what she is doing with these babies and cares very much! 

I will be going back and recommend her highly!

Chanel Benson

Adopted Leia October 2014:

We were so pleased with our experience with Stef and the Peacock Shihtzu Puppies. Our whole family loved the weekly updates via text and video that let us see out little Leia as she grew. When we picked her up, she was clean, fluffy and dressed in an adorable outfit made by Stef. We had a chance to ask questions and get all the information that was important for us to have before we took Leia home. Our puppy is so sweet and has a happy personality. We could tell she had come from a breeder who loved what she does. 
We appreciate the expertise that Stef has. It really shows.
Janelle Woolley

Adopted Pippa October 2014:

Pippa Born 9/6/2014

We picked up the sweet baby girl that we adopted October 25,2014. This was so exciting because we first contacted Stefanie in February and put a deposit down. There were a couple of litters that came up for adoption but we weren't ready so we waited a little longer. Jasmine got pregnant in the summer and had her babies in September.The whole process was awesome and getting pictures of the babies as they were born was so exciting! We picked the first baby girl that was born. Every week Stefanie sent videos and pictures of Pippa as she grew. It was amazing how much she changed over the weeks and grew so fast. I had a TON of questions for Stefanie through the whole process and she answered all of them for me. Seeing all their cute faces made us want them all. Now it has been almost two weeks that we have had her. It is a lot of work but she is so worth it. Stefanie and her family do a great job with all her babies and takes great care of the mommies while they are pregnant too!! Pippa is full of energy and plays great with the kids. I would recommend Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies to anyone interested in adopting a beautiful Shih Tzu puppy.

Thank You Stefanie and Family for taking such great care of our Pippa until she came home!!

The Escobedo Family

Adopted Jagger October 2014:

We are really happy with Jagger. He fits right in with out family. We love him so much! He is all what the Peacocks told us he would be and they have been really helpful with questions we have had.
Thanks! The Trujilo's

Adopted Chewie October 2014:

We got a kennel from my sister-in-law. We keep it open until bedtime. He goes in and out off it all day long. He is a great pup!

We are totally in love with him! He loves to play. He follow Shania everywhere. 

Bridgette messaged me. Apparently, she lives in Castle Rock, CO and we are planning a play date for Chewiw and Cookie!

You did a wonderful job of raising him. He's a lover and full of life! He commandeered my dryer ball. I'll have to get him his own this Friday!

We are definitely getting another one from you! Late 2015-2016!!!

Love you so much Stef!!

Tara Howels


14 years ago, my husband and I were married, and we immediately adopted our Peeko. We had struggled having our own children, so of course, he became our baby.  In February, we had to say goodbye to Peeko.......The hardest thing we have EVER been through.  

We found Stefanie Peacock, and let me tell you, we LOVE her!!!!

We knew we wanted another Shih Tzu and that Stefanie was the one we wanted to go through:).  

We waited 6 months for our new Baby Tugger, and we love him so much!!!

Stefanie sent us so many texts and photos of our Tuggers progress!!!  We were watching him grow and grow:).  We were always so excited when Saturdays would come....because we knew photos, weights, and videos were on their way.

We picked him up last Tuesday, and we love him already!!!!

Actually, Tugger is playing right next to me as I type this.....and I can't stop smiling!!!

Thank you Stef and Family!!!  You will always be cherished friends.  I would, without hesitation, recommend Stefanie and her Fur Babies!!!!

Thanks for the wonderful experience,

April & Pat


I adopted Billy and Belle in March.  I live out of state and Stephanie was so good to work with, she was always so accommadating with me coming into to town, working around my schedule.  

I have been so happy with my 2 babies, they have been really healthy and well adjusted, and so cute...Stephanie and her whole family love the puppies.  

Whenever I had a question or concern, Stephanie was always there to answer me, either by phone or text. 

I always looked forward to the many pictures, videos and updates she sent.  

I'm so happy I got Billy and Belle from Peacock Puppies..

Thanks Stephanie....

J Buck  Wyoming


In January, I married an amazing woman (Riley), and gained an awesome stepson (Crew). What they lost in joining up with me and moving from St. George to Lehi, is their favorite furry friend. Crew commented on more than one occasion that he missed Chevy SO MUCH!! We decided that it was time to find a puppy of our own and looked all over websites and talked to other people trying to find the perfect match... I came across Stefanie's website and contacted her about a puppy. She responded back immediately and was extremely helpful with questions we had and walked us through a process that I normally find intimidating and frustrating. Stefanie and her wonderful family have been doing this a long time and it shows. They are SO good to the puppies and I've never seen a more prepared, organized, and puppy friendly environment! The Peacock's definitely have a gift!! She sent us home with EVERYTHING we needed to get started with our new addition.

Hurley has been the best puppy and we love him more and more every day. He is so smart and loving. His personality is so unique and I love coming home to hear about what crazy thing he did that day. I get a minimum of 12 Snapchats a day from Riley and Crew involving Hurley's craziness.

I am so glad that we found Stefanie and Hurley and look forward to telling everyone about how amazing a process it was working with her and her family. She has gone above and beyond with answers to questions and tips for us, even weeks after taking Hurley home. It's rare to find people that love these animals more than you do before you get to take them home, but the Peacock family won our hearts every bit as much as the very first time Hurley leapt across the floor, tipped his head sideways, and licked me with his gross/adorable little puppy tongue. :)

Christian Sanders

Adopted Meka March 2014:

After 2 years of researching breeds and trying to decide what breed of dog would best suit our family, we decided on a Shih Tzu.  

We wanted to find a reputable breeder and we searched the internet and looked at a lot of different Shih Tzu breeder's websites.  

When we found Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies website, we knew we did not need to look any further.  

You can see just by browsing the website how much time and love Stefanie (and the whole family) put into her Shih Tzu's that she breeds and the puppies after they are born.  

We contacted Stefanie and it was an easy decision to put a deposit down on a future litter.  

We loved the process from the beginning. She would text us pictures of the momma’s and their growing bellies.  We were kept a part of the labor and delivery through text and pictures.   

When the puppies were born, she updated us often on their weight and any new milestones the puppies were reaching.  

At 3 weeks we were able to go to the Peacock home and pick out our sweet little baby girl.  We have to say that choosing one of her puppies is a win win.  You can't go wrong with any of them.  

The next 5 weeks were so much fun for us.  Stefanie would regularly send pictures and videos of all the puppies.  It is a very exciting time and it gave our family time to truly prepare for Meka to come home.   

We would highly recommend their doggy babysitting service, too.  It was so nice to go on vacation and know that our new puppy was being loved and cared for.  Stefaine texted pictures and videos of Meka to us while we were on our vacation.  It was great because we missed her alot.  

Meka has brought so much love and joy into our home and our hearts. 

If you are searching for an amazing breeder, you can stop looking now.  

You can't do any better than a Peacock Shih Tzu!!

Jeff, Janel, Chase and Kylee Cottle

I adopted Simon on March 22, 2014. 

He is the sweetest, most loveable little guy! I knew he was the 1 for me as soon as he fell asleep in my arms the day I went to pick my baby out. 

Stephanie takes such great care of her puppies!!! Just walking into her house you can tell how much she loves them. I really loved how she would send pics, videos,  and updates on the puppies every week!  

And after I adopted Simon Stephanie text me to see how Simon was adapting to his new home. How sweet and caring is that?? I love it! 

I highly recommend anyone looking for a shih tsu to go thru Stephanie.  She's really knowledgeable about the breed and answered any questions I had. 

I just love Simon to death! He is a part of my family now, and the whole family loves him dearly. 

Thank you Stephanie,  for taking such excellent care of my little guy! You are the best!!!

Susan Jensen

Adopted Koda March 2014:

We just stumbled upon Peacock Shih Tzu puppies ad on KSL and are so THANKFUL that we did!  We knew instantly that this was the best place to adopt a puppy from.  Stefanie LOVES these puppies and it shows in all she does.  We met our little guy when he was two weeks old and instantly fell in love.  It was so fun for us to get weekly updates, including texts, pictures, and video of all the puppies as they grew.  She was also great to answer any questions we had as we were anticipating his adoption day.  I am so grateful for all that this family puts into raising these puppies for the first 8 weeks of their lives- giving them such a great start!  I highly recommend adopting from them!  You can't go wrong with a Peacock Shih Tzu puppy!!! 

Becky Melde

Adopted Freya March 2013:

My husband and I adopted our little girl Freya from Peacock shih tzus, it was the best decision we ever made! Stefanie and her family were fantastic, she kept us up to date on her progress and sent us new pic's and videos every weekend, you could tell that she and her hole family love every one of there baby's. We were so happy with our experience, if you are looking for a puppy, Peacock Shih Tzu'S is a great family to adopt from.  

Crystal Stultz

Adopted Gus Nov. 2013:

We looked around at a lot of different options in an effort to find a dog for our kids. We really liked how Stephanie and her family breed and take care of the dogs. Stephanie is a dog lover! Stephanie was always available to talk and/or text about any questions we had. Stephanie also went the extra mile to help us surprise our kids on Christmas morning. Another reason we were impressed is when we took our dog into the vet for the first time, they knew exactly who Stephanie was and spoke very highly of her and the way she breeds and takes care of the dogs. If you are thinking of getting a Shih Tzu, I would definitely recommend Stephanie. We appreciate what she did for us. We are glad we went through Stephanie to adopt our dog. You can trust her and know you will be adopting a great dog from a great family!


Tyler Olson

Adopted Bowie Nov. 2013:

Adopting from Peacock shih tzus was the best decision we ever made! Stefani and her household are super professional and so kind to meet ever expectation we had. They kept us well informed about the stages of puppyhood and prepared us to be puppy parents. The extra goodies and signature handkerchief she sent home with us for our new pup was the icing on the cake. We love Peacock Shih tzus and we are blessed to have Bowie because of them! - Jeff & Acacia

Adopted JuJuz 2013:

My Husband and I recently adopted our little girl Juelzie Mae (JuJuz) from Peacock Shih Tzu's on Nov. 22, 2013.  I knew I wanted her from the moment I laid eyes on her and immediately put my deposit down when she was around 2 weeks old. Waiting those remaining weeks was hard, but oh so fun and rewarding when the day finally came to pick her up.

I have been following Peacock Shih Tzu's for over a year now. I owned a Shih Tzu previously for 13 years and knew when I was ready I would want to adopt another. Over time I did my research and had been looking for the perfect baby for my Husband and I to adopt through different ads, websites, etc., and then I came across Peacock Shih Tzu's website and fell in love. The reason is because when you get to this website, you can see the passion and love for what Stefanie does in all that you see and read with all the information you find here. Stefanie is honest, personable, fun and fantastic with her own little babies and their litters and you can see and feel this when reviewing her website and Facebook page. I  have been witnessing the adoption of Peacock Shih Tzu's litter after litter for the last year and a half wanting to adopt, but kept putting it off wondering if it was the right time for us and I knew I wanted a little girl with brown/white brindle markings. With Stefanie, you get what you are looking for, so you don't need to look any further.

I watched Stefanie's updates of the puppies being adopted (previous to my decision to adopt JuJuz), pictures, the weights of the puppies from birth, how she color codes them with the cutest pictures for your review and their progress all through the 8 weeks from them being born until they get to go home with their new family. This was a big interest to me and intrigued me even more, knowing that I can be a part of the puppies life in the early stages when usually you don't get this experience if you just go to an ad and purchase a puppy already ready to go home at 8 weeks. In that case you don't know much about the breeder, the parents of the puppy or the puppy itself until you purchase it and pick it up to take home. However, with Stefanie's litters, you get the joy of all that and you also become part of a new family of Peacock Shih Tzu owners. The experience is so fun, exciting and I'm so grateful that I found Stefanie because I have the cutest baby ever now. (Seriously, everyone says it! :)

I loved having those previous weeks before bringing our little girl home for planning, getting updates from Stefanie, pictures, videos, stopping by to see our baby girl, watching the interaction with the litter(s), parents, and Stefanie's family. It is such a great environment for your puppy in their early stage of life and you know how much it will impact them in a positive way with the transition of when they come home to you, knowing they were very loved and cared for.

By far, I would call this an experience that tops any other experience you could have. I've never heard anyone that has adopted high quality puppies or any puppies of any kind that has pictures, videos, stories, information and the relationship that you gain with Stefanie when you adopt one of her Shih Tzu's. She answers any questions you have before, during the adoption wait and after. She also recommended a great vet and groomer and it was great to go to the vet for our babies first wellness check-up and they know your puppy's family history because they care for the parents of your puppy and also other families who have also adopted through Peacock Shih Tzu puppies that go to the same vet. For me, this has been a new and great experience and I look forward to a long term relationship with Stefanie and her family with any future adoptions when we decide to grow our family and I will definitely recommend her to anyone who is interested in adopting the cutest little Shih Tzu's around and wants this experience to go with it.

Thank you Stefanie and Peacock Shih Tzu Family for all that you do in making families like mine complete. :)

With Love, Johnny, Tereasa, Rabbit and Juelzie Mae Taylor 

Adopted Tug November 2013:

We adore our little Tug. He has been such a wonderful puppy and I know it was because of the great start he got with stefanie and her family. Stefanie provides a loving home for all her dogs and puppies. We are so happy with how our adoption worked out. Stefanie was willing to work with me on when I could bring Tug home that worked best for us. She sent us picture and video updates of our baby which we loved! When we brought Tug home , he was well adjusted and fit right in.  I appreciated that stefanie had been working with Tug since day 1 on potty training on puppy pads and outside. It has made life easier for us especially since we have 1 year old twins. If you ever adopt a puppy from stefanie and her family you will be getting a wonderful member to add to your family because that puppy will be well taken care of and loved from day 1! 

Drew and Lyndee

Adopter Gabby November 2013:

When I was introduced to Peacock Shitzu Puppies, I knew that I would get a good puppy.  I didn’t realize that the process of adoption would be so exciting and fun.  From the time we put our money down on a puppy that we had never met, to the time we took her home, the process was fabulous.  Stefani kept in contact with me about everything.  We knew exactly when the babies were born and saw pictures of them immediately.  Stefani is fabulous about involving her families from birth to adoption.  Once we picked out our baby, she sent us pictures and videos to show how our baby was developing and growing up.  She took time out of her busy schedule to allow us to come and bond and play with our baby three weeks before our adoption date.  Stefani is very professional and makes sure the puppies are well taken care of before and after they go home with their new families.  Stefani is very passionate about what she does and it shows in every puppy she adopts out.  Her puppies are very well socialized, happy and healthy puppies.  I would highly recommend Peacock Shitzu Puppies to everyone and anyone who wants a fabulous family dog.  Thank you Peacock Shitzu Puppies for bringing our little Gabby into our lives.  She has brought so much joy and happiness to everyone in our family.

Jen Clegg

Adopted Katie November 2013:

I would like to express our impression of Stefanie Peacock as a person and breeder. 

You can stop looking! She is the real deal :) she is 100% Honest.. Stefanie's internet is packed with information you will love. 

Stef stays in contact with you throughout your adoption process, from the beginning to the birth of your puppy! She continues with pictures and video's of the mama's & puppies until you bring your puppy home. 

She answers every question. You can be assured you will bring home a happy, healthy, loving puppy. 

She keeps the area, crates, blankets, puppies & their mom & dad immaculate. This was huge to me! 

Stef & her family are the most wonderful, loving family. They keep all puppies & parents inside their home! They treat each puppy with lots of love. 

Stef & her family play & love each puppy. All the video's were darling and this was proof to my husband & I we made the best choice in choosing "Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies" We picked up our sweet, precious Katie Nov. 26,13. 

We adored Katie, from the moment Stef put Katie in my arms! It has been a love affair with our  Katie.  

Katie smelled so sweet, her coat is the softest ever, she cuddles, listen's, and has few accidents. 

This is a testament to Stefanie, she loves what she does, she is professional. 

If we adopt again, Stefanie is our 1st and only choice. 

Thank You Stef, Kyle & children, for loving & caring for our adorable "Katie"  Kathleen & Mike 

Adopted Toby Nov. 2013:

You and your husband was super freindly, Stefanie was really informative on what to do with my new puppy Toby. She was really helpful on paperwork needed to register him and Toby is a smart, very playful puppy.

Thank you Stefanie for letting me adopt him! 


Adopted Hunter Nov. 2013

The Harvey family would like to thank Mrs. Stephanie for giving us the most cutest puppy a family could every have...i would suggest Mrs. Stephanie puppy

to anyone..her and her family care for these puppies with so much love . We have a complete family know thanks to her.....thanks once again. 

Latina Harvey

Adopted Lilly June 2013:

My family and I are so impressed with peacock puppies. We were blown away at how well the puppies are loved and taken care of. The Peacock family really cares about and loves all their puppies. Her puppies are some of the cutest I've ever seen.  I would recommend them 100% and if we ever want to expand our family again we know who to contact!

Jenny Covington 

Adopted Aston June 2013:

We just received our puppy and are so happy we found Peacock Shih Tzu Treasures. You can tell from the moment you talk and meet Stefanie that she is passionate about what she does and has such a love for the breed. She is an expert in her field, provides all the essential information plus more that you could want when choosing to bring a puppy home. She made me and my husband (first time puppy owners) feel so comfortable and prepared to bring our little puppy home! Stefanie answered all of questions and gave us lots of great advice and is a great communicator! The puppies live in a clean, loving environment an are taught good habits from day one! Stefanie is a dream to work with and cares so much about every puppy! Our little boy (Aston) has been great so far going potty outside and such sweetheart! We are so excited to have him as a part of our family! I would highly recommend Stefanie to anyone and everyone that is serious about having a dog to love and be a part of their family! 

Big Thanks,  

xox Jessica, Ben, & Aston

Adopted Fluffy June 2013:

So first of all, i am so happy that fluffy is part of our family, he is so gorgeous we love him so much. Stephanie was great, she updated me on how fluffy was doing,sent adorable pictures, and how much he was growing. She took care of those puppies like if they were her own kids its was amazing. wakin up early to make sure there fed and takin care of . i really appreciate everything she did for me in takin care of my little one. if your lookin for an adorable puppy she's the one to go to. :) 

thank you stephanie. :)


Adopted Benji March 2013:

I have wanted to own a Shih Tzu puppy for many years, and I was so delighted when I found Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies on the internet!  At that time, there was only 1 little boy left of the litter that hadn’t been adopted yet; and as soon as I got in touch with Stefanie, I became so giddy with excitement at the thought of having a little “dream puppy” of my own!  I fell in love with my little Benji the very moment I saw him! 

I found out that owning a puppy is a lot like having a newborn in our home!  I need to watch him like a hawk while going through the potty training time!  That process has been frustrating and challenging, but I am hopeful that constant persistence will pay off!  I am beginning to ‘read’ his actions more and more and I realize that there are times when he just wants to be picked up, held, and cuddled; and loved!

Benji has brought me so much joy!  He is my delight!  I love watching him bounce down the hallway with such enthusiasm!  His bursts of energy are hilarious at times!  That’s when I call him my super-sonic, hyper-active, turbo-charged puppy!!  It is great fun watching him play and seeing him just being excited with life!  He has become my constant companion, and I dearly love him!

Stefanie was wonderful to work with!  She was very informative and helpful in preparing me for owning Benji!  During the 8 weeks of waiting for the adoption finalization, Stefanie sent me daily texts and pictures of Benji, updating me of his growth and the cute things he was doing!  She was very communicative and answered all of my many questions!  By the time I went to her home to pick up Benji as my own, I already felt like a part of her and Kyle’s family!  It was obvious of the love that the two of them and their children all had for these little puppies!!  Thank you, Peacocks, for everything you did in helping me get ready for being Benji’s mommy!

I would highly recommend Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies to anyone looking for a bundle of joy to join their home!

Marti Creed

Adopted Nike 2013:

Stephanie and Kyle!

 Wow is all we can say about our new puppy! He is already an adored member of our family and our 3 yr.old shitzu Fresno is so happy to have a new "playmate". Finding you guys on the internet was one of the luckiest things that could have happened to us in our search for a new puppy. We immediately sensed your love and professionalism for what you do. Keeping the puppies until you are absolutely sure they are ready to be on their own is a real testament to the fact how much you care about their well being. The constant updates and photos you sent us just heightened the level of excitement and anticipation we were feeling and prepared us well for our new arrival! After much wrangling with names, we finally settled on "Nike" for our new pup! What fun this whole adventure has been, and in no small part due to your love and attention to the details! Thank you so much, if there is ever a new puppy again in our future, we will call you first!

Randy and Michelle McCullough

Adopted Gunner April 2013:

We really enjoyed our experience with you Stefanie the knowledge you give us before we picked up our sweet gunner was very useful and usually people just hand You your dog and say have fun. You were very professional and we appreciate the love and consideration you have for these dogs thank you so much. 

Steve Young and family

Adopted Suki April 2013:

I just wanted to take a minute and write down a few words in reference to Peacock Shihtzu Puppies. Almost 2 years ago we adopted our little Gizmo and he has been such a blessing in our life and such a loving dog and sweet spirit he knows when your sick or don't feel good..Now we had a german shepherd that we had to put down due to her having cancer and little Giz was so lost so my wifes birthday was coming up and i decided to adopt a little female for my wife cause she wanted one thats when I contacted Stefanie again and decided to go ahead with the adoption process and we got our little Suki she is definetly a touch of heaven Giz finally has a play partner back you ought to see the two chase each other around the back yard... Thank you Stef it is always a pleasure working with you... If you are thinking about getting a Shihtzu look no further cause Peacock Shihtzu Puppies are the best in the WORLD.... WE LOVE OUR LITTLE GIZMO AND SUKI......

Jeremy and  Rayola Brown

Adopted Cooper April 2013:

Peacock Family Shih Tzu Puppies have provided the newest member of my family, Cooper.  Initially, I was unsure which puppy to adopt and Stephanie helped me to understand which puppy would be a good fit for me. She assesses each puppy's personality to ensure placement in a happy home. Cooper is the most adorable, gentle, sweet, intelligent, loyal, well-behaved puppy ever. He is extremely well-adjusted and has been a complete joy from the moment he came home. The entire adoption experience has been effortless and pleasant. I am so happy with Cooper and look forward to adding a second Peacock puppy to the family in the future. I highly recommend Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies!

Pamela Hobbs

Adopted Sachamo April 2013:

My wife and I have bought our second Shih Tzu from the Peacocks.  We really

enjoy both dogs and they play with each for hours at a time.  This new

little puppy is so cute and so cuddly.  He is almost house broken.  He goes

out through the doggie door with greatest of ease.  He has already learned

which bag is his dog food, and lets us know when it is time to feed him.  He

is totally black so when he is out in the back yard and is in the shade it

can be hard to see him or find.  Our grandchildren love playing with both

our new puppies.  Our daughter when she gets home the first thing she does

is grab the puppies and marches off to her bedroom with them in tow.  We

greatly enjoy how easy and fun The Peacocks made it for us to purchase the

puppies.  We feel we may call them any time to ask them questions concerning

our puppies.  They are our new found friends.  Thank you for the wonderful

puppies we love them dearly.

Dan and Christine Hancock

Adopted Bentlie Feb. 2013:

The moment we brought Bentlie home, my girls and I knew we made the jackpot! We couldn't have asked for a sweeter puppy. I was a first time dog owner and in a way it was like bringing home a newborn baby home. Stefanie did an amazing job of informing me of dog dos and dog don'ts. She makes a special effort to make sure her dogs are loved, cared for, and healthy before sending them to a new home. Bentlie came to us almost fully house-trained. Whenever I have a question about how to care for Bentlie, I often visit the Peacock Shih Tzus webpage or message Stefanie. She replies as soon as she can, always with great advice! She cares so much about her puppies and the families who adopt them. We look forward to many wonderful years with our new baby boy!

 Amie Butler

and Family 

Adopted Zia Feb. 2013:

Stefanie and Kyle and family!

I have just had the best adventure of my life! And thanks to Stefanie and Kyle and their family I have a wonderful new puppy!

The adventure started with me finding Stephanie by happenstance, on KSL.  I saw her puppies and fell in love!  I called her and we talked about me purchasing one of her puppies.  She is the friendliest person ever and she said she had sold the other puppies on line but another one of her "mommies"  was going to get pregnant soon.  So I decided to get one from the mother called Bailey.  We went through the whole pregnancy step by step, with pictures and everything!  

Well, our sweet baby was born on Dec. 31,2012, New Years eve!  

Stefanie kept us all informed with texts and pictures!  For eight long weeks we got updates almost daily!  I just loved this experience.  Stefanie made it so nice.  Then the day to pick her up came and, oh my I was so surprised how beautiful she was!

I just want to thank you so much for our dear, sweet baby the way we named her Zia Safie Andersen!  She is a wonderful addition to our family and a forever friend!

Jo Anderson

Adopted Bogie Feb 2013:

My wife and I just recently bought a puppy from Kyle and Stefanie.  The experience was awesome. We now have developed a new friendship with them.

The puppy we bought is cute and for a puppy is very mellow.  This little guy is already coming to his name, he is doing very well with his paper training.

His name is Bogie and is fitting in very well with the other dogs.  Our female Shih Tzu has become very protective of him, she will not allow the other dogs to play with him yet.  We will be getting another dog from the our friends, very soon.  We are just very please we found the Peacocks to bought such wonderful dogs from.  We just adore him.  He is very loved.

Sincerely Yours,

Dan & Christine Hancock

Adopted Daisy Mae Feb. 2013:

I am very proud to say I purchased a Peacock Shih Tzu Puppy!! We adopted Daisy Mae from Stefanie and her family and it has just been fabulous!! The whole process was so much fun and Stefanie has been and is so helpful! She has answered all my questions and will always be there for me if I have more. I got almost daily updates, photos and little videos from Stefanie which always made my day! Daisy is just beautiful! The cutest Shih Tzu I have ever seen! She came from a very clean, warm and loving home and family. This was a huge deal to me when I started looking into adopting a Shih Tzu puppy. I wanted to make sure that I chose a breeder that I could trust and was truly a genuine person! Stefanie Peacock is that breeder! I would highly recommend her!! Even my Mother wants to adopt from Stefanie! I will be a repeat customer myself in the future as well! The Chabot Family is very happy with our little princess Daisy Mae :)  

~Tristan Chabot~

Adopted Abby October 2012:

I had the pleasure of meeting Stefanie Peacock, the breeder of my puppy Abby, that I bought from her in June 2012.  Stefanie has a great personality and always so eager to please regardless of what I asked her to do.  I was so impressed with the special care she gives to all her puppies and the cleanliness of her home.  I have a beautiful puppy and would happily recommend Stephanie to anyone who would be interested.


Ann Walker

Holliday, Utah

Adopted Zuri and Moka October 2012:

This is the 4th and 5th puppy that our family has purchased from Stefanie.  

There is a reason that we keep coming back and referring our friends.  The puppies are healthy and extremely intelligent.  They are always cute and good with kids.  Not to mention that they are hypoallergenic and don't shed.  We couldn't ask for a better breeder.  She takes the extra time to do things right and make sure that your puppies start off on the right foot.  We would highly recommend her and her puppies to anyone who is thinking about getting a shih tzu.

Tom and Whitney Smith

We adopted Kawi in September 2012.

The whole process, from start to finish was amazing.  Stefanie was awesome.   Stefanie updated her website regularly, sent texts, photos and videos.  The updates really helped and made the time fly.  It was comforting knowing our Kawi-girl was being cared for and loved. 

 All puppies are raised in a clean, friendly and safe home.  The puppies are happy and well adjusted by the time they are ready for their new home.

I could not have asked for a better, problem-free experience.  Two paws up!!!

Dean and Elaine

Adopted Bentley 2012 - 

We have had Bentley for about 4 1/2 months now and he is doing extremely well. 

We have completely fallen in love with our little puppy. He has absolutely the sweetest temperament and never barks or whines. He is obedient and will come running when  I whistle or call his name. I am convinced that he is so well-mannered because of the way he was handled as a tiny puppy by Stefanie and her family from the moment he was born. I would highly recommend her puppies. We have been so happy with our decision to go with her and are so glad we have added Bentley to our family. 

Kim Cahoon

Adopted Zi October 2012 - 

I just wanted to give you a little update on Zi, He is an absolute sweetheart. I couldn't have found a dog better than him. We are training him and he is doing amazing. He is loving me back the same way I love him and he even follows me around the house where ever I go. He is truly a wonderful dog.

Thank you!


Adopted Bella October 2012 - 

Our new puppy is both adorable and extremely well socialized. We will be back!

Bridgette Dupont

Adopted Mei Mei October 2012 -

It's been almost 4 weeks since we've adopted our sweet baby girl Shih Tzu,Mei Mei.  Now we can't imagine life without her!  

Mei Mei was previously loved by a wonderful family who made sure that she had the best possible start in life.  I am of course referring to Stefanie Peacock and her amazing family!  We met Mei Mei about a month before she was old enough to go home with us.  In that month, I had several opportunities to visit her over at Stefanie's house.  Peacock puppies are loved to say the least!  They are raised in a clean, friendly and safe home.  They are happy and well adjusted by the time they are ready for adoption.  

The bonus with Mei Mei was that Stefanie had already started on her "potty training" so I feel like we had a jump on that game!  I have never seen a family so devoted to their dogs as the Peacock family. 

Mei Mei came from a pretty big liter but you wouldn't even know it because Stefanie loved every single puppy like it was the only one in the world. She could tell me little fun facts about the personalities of all these little critters and could keep everyone of them straight! All she would have to do is call out and all of these puppies would come running and jump up into her arms for hugs and kisses!  

You really will make the best choice by choosing to adopt with Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies. Stefanie is honest and reputable.  She is extremely knowledgeable when it come to all things Shih Tzu.  I am so happy that we decided to add Mei Mei to our family and I am equally happy that we found such a fun and enthusiastic friend in Stefanie Peacock and her puppies.  Who knows, maybe later on Mei Mei will need a little brother!

The Larsen Family

  Adopted Max October 2012 -

Max joined our family in October 2012.  We got to meet him when he was just a little guy, four or five weeks old, and Stephanie emailed us pictures and video every week thereafter, and even let us come to her house a time or two so we could get to know Max.  I was impressed that Stephanie started the housebreaking process early, so our little man already had an idea of what to do when he came to live with us, which has made the whole thing (which everybody dreads!) that much easier.  Max is well socialized, and friendly with people and other dogs; he's even more patient with the random strangers that come up to us and insist on petting him than I am!

We have been having a great time watching Maxie explore the world, and look forward to many years with him!

Thank you Stephanie for this charming little addition to our family!

Catherine Nielsen

Adopted Abby October 2012

I had the pleasure of meeting Stefanie Peacock, the breeder of my puppy Abby, that I bought from her in June 2012.  Stefanie has a great personality and always so eager to please regardless of what I asked her to do.  I was so impressed with the special care she gives to all her puppies and the cleanliness of her home.  I have a beautiful puppy and would happily recommend Stephanie to anyone who would be interested.


Ann Walker

Holliday, Utah

Adopted Taz July 2012 - 

A little over 5 months ago we adopted a male Shih Tzu from Peacock Shih Tzu Puppies, working with Stephanie was a delight. She truly loves what she does and is very knowledgeable about the breed.  She was always willing to

answer any questions we had before and after we brought our puppy home.  I

would recommend Stephanie to any family who is looking to adopt one of her

beautiful Puppies. 


Adopted Sosa July 2012 -

My husband and I recently adopted our little Sosa. We absolutely adore her! She is so well behaved and biggest sweetheart! Cuddles and kisses everyday! We couldn't be happier! Everywhere we go people are always asking about her and where we got her.(People have even offered money for her)  We immediately offer the Peacocks' number or website because we know that any puppy that comes from their home is going to be just as amazing as our little one. From day 1 the puppies are given so much love and attention! Stef makes sure you get videos and pictures weekly to watch the little puppies grow up. Its so much fun because you feel like you already know your puppy by the time they come home.  We truly believe Stef and her family are the reason we have such a little angel in our home. I would recommend any litter and any puppy from their home. You will be so incredibly happy you chose to go through them! 

Andrea Hansen

 Adopted Lady July 2012

Just wanted to let you know how well Lady is doing. We are having so much fun with her! It is amazing how different she is from Jimmer. Both are so cute, but lady is so much more active than Jimmer was. Girls in our family tend to be a little  more active anyway. She is SO cute! Just a little ball of energy. We were so excited to get another puppy, and of course we wouldn't go anywhere but to you for a new member of our family. We all fell in love with her from the second we saw the first picture, and she was all the kids could talk about for weeks. It was so fun to get all the updates on her from the time she was born to the day she came home. Because she was around all of the dogs at your house she was not scared at all of our other dog and started playing with him right away. The two dogs love each other, and it is so cute to watch them sleep and play together. We feel our family is complete, but we have family and friends who love the dogs, and I always tell them to go to you because they are the best mannered dogs and so loved from the moment they are born.

Thank you- The Mecham Family

Adopted- Lady 2012 and Jimmer 2011

Adopted Mimzy December 2011 - 

We love our dog!  We waited for 10 years before we finally decided to get a family pet.  We did a lot of research and a lot of looking and found that a Shih Tzu was the way to go.  We couldn’t  be happier!  Our little Mimzy loves being part of our family and we love having her.  We have 3 children and they all adore Mimzy.  She is a great family pet, she loves people!  The whole experience was wonderful.  Peacock Shih Tzu puppies are adorable and well loved and a great fit for anyone!

Katie Hallett  Mimzy’s new mom!

Update on Mimzy Feb 2012:

Hey there!  Just wanted to let you know that Mimzy is doing great!  She went to the vet this week and the groomer!  She looks beautiful and is healthy as can be.  We are loving having her as part of our family.  Here are some more things we love about mimzy....

she collects odd items from around the house and keeps them in a pile under our kitchen funny!  If I'm ever missing something we all just look through mimzy's pile under the table.  We love the way she slips and slides on our hard wood floors.  She loves my 5 year old boy!  She will stand by the side of his bed when she gets up and waits for him in the morning so he can play with her.  All the neighborhood kids come over and ask if Mimzy can play.  We love her!  I'll keep in touch with you...just thought you might enjoy a little update.

Katie Hallett and family

Adopted Mya December 2011 - 

We are so excited to have our new puppy Mya in our family. Before we received her Stefanie taught us a lot, and answered our many many questions. She is always just a phone call away, and will always take the time to help us with our new delicate puppy.  For the first six weeks after Mya was born she stayed with her mom, but a couple days wouldn't go by without a new email, picture, or video sent showing Mya's growth and new experiences; like going outside for the first time, and playing with her many fluffy siblings! Stefanie is very experienced and knows the exact needs of the puppies. We really appreciate the recommendations she has given us for the  veterinarian, and groomer, healthy food options, and how to deal with puppy dilemmas. 

Nothing beats getting those kisses from your puppy shih tzu!!! 

Hansen Family

Adopted Brewzer December 2011 - 

When me and my husband decided to purchase a puppy for our three little girls, we knew the Shih tzu would be the perfect fit.  I began looking at KSL constantly, trying to find the right puppy for us.  We wanted a Christmas pup, but I couldn't decide on one.  One night while I was searching, I came across an ad for Stefanie's pups.  I loved how enthusiastic she was so I clicked on her website.  I was so impressed with her website and could tell right away that she genuinely LOVED all these puppies.  When I read all her testimonials I just felt so right that this is who I should get my puppy from.  I emailed her that night and she text me back about ten minutes later! She sent me pictures of the two puppies she still had left for adoption from Bailey and informed me that Molly was in labor right then.  She emailed me pics of the babies as they were born and kept me well informed!  When we decided on Brewzer I knew I made the right decision.  She even kept him two weeks longer so we could surprise our

girls on Christmas morning.  Stefanie sent me pictures and videos all the time! I looked forward to those emails and it made the process so much more fun.  I now have lots of pics from when he was born till when I got him:) She has always been available for any questions I have, and I know I can still call her if I need anything.  I didn't realize when I was first looking for a puppy how important it is to get a wonderful, loving breeder- until I came across her.  When we picked him up he even had this adorable scarf that had his name embroidered on it! Brewzer has been such a joy and is so cute!! He has the cutest face and a great, thick coat! If you are looking for a little dog I would definitely suggest a Shih Tzu and for sure you should get one from the Peacock's!  Thank you so much for the completion of our family:) We love our little Brewzer!

The Hale Family

Adopted Sadie December 2011 - 

We have had 5 Shihtzu's, our latest addition is Sadie. It was a wonderful experience for us being involved with Stefanie Peacock and family right from her birth to our home. We were sent pictures and E-mails every week letting us know about her progress. We also felt very welcome visiting their home to check on Sadie's development. She is the sweetest little puppy and can tell she was given a lot of tender loving care. I would highly recommend this experience to others. 

Nelson Family

Adopted Bria December 2011 -

We adopted our little girl Bria  from Steffie on Dec. 7, 2011.  Bria is the second dog we've adopted from Steffie.  Our first adoption was a little male that we named Toby.

I was concerned how Toby would react when we brought a new dog home.  Steffie asked us to bring Toby with us when we picked up Bria.  Toby looked at us with such hurt on the way home, now he is Bria's best friend.  We still leave her in the bedroom if we go somewhere (because she is teething).  When we come home Toby will go to the door and bark to let us know its time to let her out.

Never in my life have I met such an honest, caring person as Stefanie Peacock.  She believes in what she is doing and loves each and every one of those little angels.  She keeps you up to date on the mother of your puppy while she is pregnant, she sends pictures and she answers every question.  She keeps you involved in the excitement.

Recently Steffie told me that Molly and Bailey, who are her female dogs, are both getting older and they won't be able to have too many more litters.  This just showed me that she is concerned about their health too.  It's more than a job with her.  When we picked Bria up to take her home, Steffie actually cried when we took her.  One thing I truly love about Steffie is that if a puppy is not ready to go home for whatever reason she'll let you know she's got to hold it a few extra days.  She is concerned and cares about the health of your puppies.  They are always in good health, house broken and on the way to learning their names.

The end result our little girl has the eyes of an angel and the baby face of Betty Boop (I am dating myself now.)  I couldn't be happier with our two kids the Shitzu is a beautiful, loving breed and the icing on the cake is the breeder, Stefanie Peacock.  If you want a positive, rewarding experience adopt one of her puppies.  You'll never be sorry.

Debby Brown

(Proud owner of two of Steffie's Shitzu's)

Adopted Gigi December 2011 - 

GIGI is doing great!!!! 

I Think Stefanie is great she made the waiting experience wonderful, it went by so fast because she was always letting us know how are little GIGI was doing and sending pictures.  Every time they ask me where i got my little diva i refer them to her without thinking twice. You can tell she spoils them as soon as they are born :). Thanks so much for are GIGI she really does complete are family!!!!! 

Judy Luna

Adopted Emmaline December 2011 -

Recently, I added a new addition to our family, a puppy from Stephanie Peacock. I am 68 years old and have had the fortune to share my life with many dogs over the years but never have I encountered a puppy that was so well adjusted! 

The only explanation for our new baby coming to us so happy and healthy is because Stephanie isn't a breeder...her families happy, healthy dogs have puppies and from the moment the liter is born, they are raised to become gifts to those searching for little ones to love and adore. 

My eleven kids have all unanimously voted that little "Emmy" is the smartest, cutest puppy that any of us have ever ever seen! Thank you Stephanie, for this most precious gift and for making this such a great unique experience.

The Hunt's

Adopted Annie June 2011 -

The experience with my puppy adoption was very positive.  Stefanie is more than qualified.  She kept me up to speed as the pregnancy progressed, sending photos of the moms.  It was reassuring to see the birthing area all prepared for the big day with clean, soft towels and and a humidifier.  When the big day came, Stefanie sent more pictures, labeling each puppy on the photos, so I could tell which one was mine.  As they grew, she continued to send photos to my email and also on facebook, so my friends could share in the fun.  I visited a number of times so I could hold my little one.  I wanted her to know me before I brought her home.

When visiting, I noticed how immaculate Stef's home was, and how happy her children were, playing with the puppies.

Stef and I have stayed in touch.  We became good friends.  She even visited my home with her kids, to play with "Annie."  I know she loves every puppy.  She has been known to cry when they leave her loving care.  I sincerely trust her and know you will too.  

Kathy Sutherland

Adopted Brandy - May 4th 2011

I am simply amazed with the adoption process with the Peacock family. I am a first time ShihTzu owner and Stefanie made adopting incredibly easy. I am still amazed at how much she did to help get our new addition ready to come home. Our puppy came potty trained, well mannered, socialized, and with so many perks! Prior to adoption day, we received multiple pictures and videos of our puppy on a weekly basis. I thought the coolest part was when she started calling our puppy by the name we had chosen. She kept us informed of delivery day, daily happenings, individual behaviors, and it really felt like we were there with her through the first weeks of our puppy’s life. She welcomed a visit prior to adoption day and the Peacock’s dogs were so well behaved. Our dog has been completely healthy and his temperament is so calm and loving. With the utmost confidence, I highly recommend adopting with Stefanie! 

Anita Johnston

Adopted Kioti - May 4th 2011

Kioti is a character! He does not enjoy being left alone and he is sure to let us know how much that upsets him. We left him home last weekend with a friend who had other shih tzus and he did great for her but he acted very distant and different until last night when he finally got back to the "shih tzu shuffle" as we call it. He was groomed recently and he looks like a little stud. His confirmation is outstanding. He knows a few tricks  (high-5s with both paws) and he's learned how to jump on the couch. 

 Thanks for the best pet ever : )

Spencer and Stefanie Johnston

Adopted Jimmer - May 4th 2011 


    Just wanted to say thank-you so much for bringing our little Jimmer to us. We had looked long and hard for the right dog and we are SO glad to have him. It was tough waiting for him especially when we had to wait a little over a week longer than normal because he was so small. It just went to show how much you love these little pups, and how you do everything you can to make sure they have an easy transition into their new homes. We have had so much fun with Jimmer. He is so playful and cute and it is so funny that he thinks he is such a big dog even though he only weighs 1.5 pounds! It was so nice to have him started on potty training we just had to learn his signs that he needed to use the bathroom and he is doing so well. You were so great to work with us on everything from surprising our kids, to keeping us informed about Jimmer, and sending pictures. We have so many people who ask us where we got him and we refer you every time. Many of our family members are in love with him also and want to get puppies from future litters. 

    Thanks again-

            The Mecham Family

Adopted Peanut Butter - May 4th 2011 - 

To Whom it concerns,

I would highly recommend purchasing a puppy from Stefanie Peacock.  We were so nervous about getting another puppy for our family, cause our first experience was not a good one (it was not with Stefanie--just to clarify).  I know now what a difference a GOOD breeder can make.  My sister has purchased 2 dogs from Stefanie and I have watched how wonderful these two are and what a good temperament they both have.  Stefanie spent the time talking with me (and I had lots of questions and hesitation) to make sure we got the right match for our family.  So when another litter was born we went for it and bought our little "Peanut Butter".  He came so healthy and happy and the adjustment to our home was so easy.  My son loves him so much!  He was a perfect match!!!   I would highly recommend going through Stefanie to purchase a new puppy in your family. 


Annica Coombs

Owner of Peanut Butter

Adopted Hali - May 4th, 2011

She is absolutely adorable. Everybody loves her to death. I am so excited to have another small dog that doesn't shed. Can live in my condo with me, but still loves to go fishing and hunting. I love her and Stefanie did a fantastic job of getting her ready for her new home. I would recommend her as a breeder to anyone that asks.

Tom Smith

Adopted Coco - May 4th, 2011

Stefanie did a great job caring for the moms and the puppies. She kept them healthy and safe until the owners went to go and pick them up. She is very dedicated to the puppies and the moms. She takes very good care of them. From when the puppies are in the mothers stomachs until we went to pick Coco up. She did a very excellent job. We have a very adorable bundle of fur. She is precious and we love her soo much!! :)  

Thank you!!!

Gabbi Clavel

Adopted Gizmo - May 4th, 2011

To whom it may concern,

Our little baby was born March 13,2011 wow we were so excited. We kept texting and bugging Stefanie to see how our SON was and if he was doing o.k.? I honestly think she got sick of us texting LOL....But you know I can honestly say our lives have changed since bringing him into our little home. See we own a BIG dog she is a pure breed German Shepherd and did not know how she would take being around a LITTLE dog so what we did is borrowed my sister's SON which she also got from Stefanie who is Shasta and he got Leah ready for Gizmo to come home and the day we went to meet him the Peacock's were so welcome and loving and said come on in and all I saw was PUPPIES the most beautiful little things in the world. Gizmo can definitely tell when his dad or mom is gone to work or to the store cause he whines and whimpers. I think the two cutest things I have seen our little boy do since he has been home now, mind you he is only almost two months old is one day he dragged the newspaper off the porch into the middle of the living room and growled at it. The second, is every night when it is time for bed he gets his second wind and wants to play and when mom and dad won't play he get's so upset and goes right to his bed which mind you is equipped with his own electric blanket and TUCKS himself in for the night. I would recommend PEACOCK SHIHTZU PUPPIES to whoever is looking for a puppy cause there is not enough words to say how well and loved these dogs are. Thank You Stefanie and Kyle for making our family complete we look forward to dealing with you again....

 Jeremy and Rayola Brown

proud parents of GIZMO

September 13, 2010

To Whom It May Concern,

Rarely do we compose a letter with such enthusiasm and compassion as we write this for Stefanie Peacock.  We worked through Stefanie for over a month prior to purchasing two puppies for our granddaughter. We have also purchased three other shih tzu puppies in the past, therefore, we feel it is appropriate that we make this recommendation on Stefanie’s behalf.

Stefanie is an extremely well-organized professional who, with her skills, raises beautiful shih tzu puppies.  Stefanie’s job is that she assumes responsibility of great importance in her field.  When purchasing two of her beautiful puppies, she was polite, courteous and eager to serve our needs.

We are convinced that you would need look far afield to find a better breeder than Stefanie.

Thank you for the opportunity to recommend her to you.


Mr. and Mrs. Curtis R. Irwin

Adopted Ellie on September 2nd -

 have had Ellie for a few days now and she is the cutest little puppy ever!! She is so well mannered and she is doing great with potty training all ready! 

When I went to Stefanie's house to pick up little Ellie it was such a good experience, Stefanie's dogs were so well mannered and they were great with the puppies. 

Stefanie was so nice and when I decided to get Ellie she sent me a picture of her and updated me on how she was doing which was so great! 

I just love my new puppy and if anyone wants to get a shihtzu puppy Stefanie is your girl! :) 

 Samantha Hargrave

We adopted our 2nd puppy Solo from Stef on August 14th, 2010.

We were so excited to welcome him into our family that day because it was my oldest daughter’s birthday.  What a great birthday present!  I told Stef after we adopted Chewie that I wanted another pup as soon as Molly had another litter.  She was just wonderful again to work with and we loved all the pictures and videos that were sent of Solo and the other little pups.  I thought it would be a hard process to bring Solo into our home, but he has done awesome.  Potty training is so easy, thanks to Stef practically has them potty trained before they go home.

He is so funny to watch with Chewie, the two are inseparable.  Chewie is very protective of Solo.  If anyone wants to pet or hold Solo, Chewie is right there sniffing the person.  I thought it would be hard to have two puppies but it’s so much easier.  The boys play together, sleep together and eat together.  I just LOVE them!!!  They are such wonderful pets to have and just great with my 2 girls.  I've had so many compliments on how cute and well behaved Chewie is and now everyone just awes over Solo as well. 

Stef is the best around and takes such good care of them from the very beginning. One thing that impressed me was how she loves her dogs and doesn't over breed the girls.  I love that she only does one litter a year. It makes such difference when you have a happy and healthy mom and puppies.  If you are thinking of getting a puppy these are the ones to get and I'd highly recommend adopting one or maybe even two!  I look forward to next year’s litter and maybe a 3rd pup, although my husband still isn’t sure how he ended up with two dogs in less than a year. 

The Pittman Family

We adopted Toby on August 14, 2010.  

Right from the beginning the whole experience was very positive.  Stefanie would send us emails every week and a half on the progress of Molly (the mother), and sent us pictures of the puppies once they were here, and home video's. Even when her and her husband went to Hawaii for their anniversary her daughter still sent pictures of our puppies. When the time came, we were welcomed into her home to meet the puppies and pick out which one we wanted. It was easy to see why the dogs had such great dispositions.

My daughter and I both adopted a puppy and I have been delighted ever since.  I love to watch and see what they come up with everyday.  I have an older Pomeranian Male dog so I was concerned about the reaction that I would get - there has been absolutely nothing negative happened, except that he is still at the "I will just ignore them and they'll go away stage."  He gets on the porch, they get on the porch.  He jumps off the porch, they follow.  It looks like a mother duck with her baby ducks following behind. My Toby has brought pure joy into our home.  He is an emotional little stinker.  If he gets upset with me and I pick him up, he either turns his head and won't look at me or he'll close his eyes.  And who said dogs aren't human, I honestly believe if he could he would talk to us.  In fact, every morning when we get up to go to work they are standing at the doorway of the bedroom, barking and wagging their little tails, which means their whole body is in motion.  We are blessed to have Toby and Shasta both in our home beings my daughter won't be moving out until the end of the year.  They have such love, and cute little personalities.  The puppies are tenderly loved and taken care of and treated like every one of them is part of the Peacock's family. When the puppies finally go home you're given an armful of goodies - Steffie had forgotten to give us Toby's and Shasta's little toy rope that they chew on - so the Sweetheart sent it through the mail to us.  The whole thing has been a heartwarming experience, one which I never for one moment have regretted.  We have called Steffie several times since we have adopted the puppies and she never once has lost patience with us.  I would highly recommend anyone looking for a puppy to adopt - get a Shitzu from the Peacock family, they are a treasure.

You won't be disappointed.

Debby Brown


Adopted Shasta August 14th 2010

Where do I begin about Shasta? Shasta is such a big part of mine and my two kid's lives, he completes it. I cannot express how much he means to us. He is the cutest little thing. I will be trying to sleep or get ready for work and he will do this little bark and it breaks my heart. Because, I feel like he is saying, "I am not ready for bed, or I am not ready to be alone yet." I look at him and say, "Son, I will be home soon." He then curls up under my bed and goes to sleep.

He is so good with my son and daughter, it is amazing. But it helps that he came from a loving home of a family who loved him and nourished him until he was old enough to come home with us.

Stefanie is a well natured, beautiful woman who has so much love for what she does and I will forever be grateful for the oppurtunity of meeting her and adopting Shasta. I would recommend her to anyone that asks, because it was an awesome experience.

Brandy Brown

We adopted Coconut in Feb. 2010.  

Wow, how awesome it has been.  I have been searching and taking my time to get the perfect Shih Tzu.  We have had a Shih Tzu before and love this breed of dog.  I wanted to make sure it was the right time and perfect puppy for our family.  As I was searching through KSL and other places, I found the Peacock’s website.  I was very impressed with everything on there.  So when we made the decision to adopt one of these puppies, I was not surprised at all how easy and friendly it was to talk to Stef.  And within the first few minutes of our conversation, I could tell how much she loves her dogs and the puppies they have.    When Bailey was in labor, she sent out emails letting us know how she was doing.  After Bailey had the puppies, she took pictures and sent them to me and let me know how sweet little Coconut was doing.  From the time Bailey gave birth until we picked our sweet little girl up, Stefanie has sent us videos and pictures of Coconut growing.  When we finally picked her up, I felt like I had known this puppy from birth.  Bringing her home to our children (who had no idea) was so exciting.  Coconut has done so well here with our busy family and other dog Cache.  She has been potty training well and is the sweetest, cuddliest, most loving dog.  I attribute that to Stefanie Peacock and how well she cares for these puppies and getting them started on the right foot!  We all love Coconut and are so glad we have the PERFECT dog!   Thanks Stef!!

The Weights

Adopted Gatsby Feb 2010 

From the time I decided to bring Gatsby into my life to the time he actually came through the door was one of the easiest processes.  It was great to see his progress in the videos and pictures Stefanie would send out.  He was a major part of my life long before he came home.  Gatsby is great with other dogs and with kids which I'm sure is largely due to the socializing that Stefanie and her family started.  My parents adopted Gatsby's brother Kirby and its been great to watch them learn and grow together.  I would recommend Stefanie's puppies to anyone looking to adopt a shih tzu.

Monica Patterson

Adopted Kirby Feb. 2010 

He is doing just great!  Growing so fast and we love him so much. Kirby is so spoiled. He sleepes with Allen and I at night and in his bed during the day. He has given me so much love back.  Thank you so much.

Danna and Allen Patterson

Adopted Vinny Dec. 2009

 We got our sweet Vinny from Kyle and Stef on Christmas Eve.  He was a long awaited Christmas gift for our 4 year old daughter (and three sons, too). Although he was ready to go a few weeks before Christmas, Kyle and Stef graciously took care of him so we could have a Christmas Morning Surprise. He melted our hearts the minute we brought him home.  He is so sweet and tolerant with his new mommy.  He's even let her push him around in the doll stroller a couple of times! :)

Vinny has been a wonderful addition to our family.  He gets along incredibly well with our Boxer and is so loving and patient with our children.  The next time we decide to add to our family we will definitely be adopting from the Peacock Puppies!


Travis and Amy McAllister

Adopted Chewie Dec. 2009

 One of the best days of our life was when we got our sweet Chewie for our little girls in December 2009.  Our oldest daughter was begging us for a dog for over a year and all she wanted for Christmas was a little puppy.  We had been looking for a dog for a while but never found a good match for our family.  I instantly fell in love with Chewie.  He was so mellow and easy to get along with.  It was great to meet Stefanie and all the dogs.  I was so impressed with how she took such good care of her dogs.  They were all so healthy and well taken care of.  I loved meeting Chewie’s mom and dad (Molly and Charlie).  They were so friendly and kind to us.  They were especially sweet to our youngest daughter who is only 2 and not so sure about dogs.  We even loved meeting their other dog “Aunt “Bailey.   She was so sweet to the little puppies even though they weren’t her own.  Chewie is so good with our girls and hardly ever barks or makes a peep!  It was defiantly the right decision for us to go through the Peacock’s.  Stef was so wonderful to work with and we loved how she kept in touch with us until Chewie was old enough to come home.   I’m grateful Chewie got off to a good start with Stef.  His living situation with the Peacock’s was excellent.  She truly LOVES her dogs and cares for their well being.   I would HIGHLY recommend getting a puppy from them.  I’m in the process of talking my husband into getting another puppy this coming year when Molly has another litter.....

The Pittman Family

Adopted Max Dec. 2009

Early in December 2009, we brought home our sweet little Shihtzu, Max!  Since then, our lives have been filled with excitement, fun and love!  Our breeder, Stefanie Peacock, did such a great job nurturing him, loving him and training him until he was ready to come to our home.  She called us the day he was born and we came right over and picked him out!  She kept us informed throughout the entire process--sending photos and narratives of how he was progressing.  When we picked him up, he was beautifully groomed and had visited the vet for his initial visit, shots, etc.  She gave us complete instructions on how to feed him and take care of him, along with puppy food to last the first few months!  We called her and texted her several times with questions, and she responded immediately!  It really made being a new mother to a sweet, tiny, fluffy, puppy easy!  When we brought him home, he already knew his name, as she started calling him by his name as soon as his ears could hear!  He also knew how to use his puppy pad immediately.  I was so amazed!  He was almost completely potty trained at 8 weeks old!  We are so happy with our new puppy, Max.  He always kisses us, licks our ears and lightly bites our neck!  Tawny loves to watch him try to play with our cat--barking and jumping toward it.  She loves how cute he is and how he snorts!  Nicole loves how cute and playful he is--and his cute personality!  He has brought our family closer together.  We all love him so much!  We spend more time together just hanging out with him, laughing and playing with him.  He is the most playful and loving thing we've ever known!  Thanks to Stefanie for her expertise and love!

 Brad, Sheri, Tawny and Nicole

Midvale, Utah

Adopted Hamilton "Hammy" Dec 2009

If you're considering buying a puppy from the Peacocks, do it!  Stefanie is such a joy to work with.  She sent photos, videos and emails to share with us the cute or funny things Hamilton was doing.  By the time he was able to come home I felt like I already knew him.  Hamilton is so smart that we can hardly believe how quickly he is catching on to his training.  He has added so much joy to our family it seems like we are always laughing at his cute personality and silly antics.  He is such a sweet little boy who loves to be held, kissed and played with.  We love our little 'Hammy' to pieces and are so happy to have him home.  Thank you Stefanie for giving our puppy such a wonderful start.

The Wagners

Adopted Noah Jan. 2009

We want to thank you for the addition to our family, Noah is so much fun.  Noah looks just like his dad, it seems like the last month he had a growth spurt. The Dr. says that he is perfect and healthy.  I would say he is a bit spoiled....from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed he is constantly playing. It has taken some time for our other baby, Harley, to get used to Noah but he has finally come around. Wow, how exciting, another litter.. perfect timing for Christmas. :-)

Thank you again!


New Update on Noah 12/9/09

Noah is the cutest puppy ever. He is so sweet, he has to try to bark, not much noise comes from him... here is a picture of him. We will take some more pictures of him and send them to you, he is still small... such a joy. Noah was so easy to potty train. He loves to play especially with squeeker balls, he drags his toys all over the house, he gets away with more than anyone else in the family. :-) We told Alexis that if and when she moves out he stays, lol!! Noah has brought so much joy to our family. Thank you so much... Monica

Adopted Peekaboo Jan. 2009

 Peekaboo is the best dog anyone could ever want. She really is the cutest most loving dog. Everyone who meets her just cant stop smiling. You really have no idea how much we love her. Thank you so much.

Sarah and Brian Billingsley     

Adopted Kawela Jan.2009

 We absolutely love our dog and so does everybody else.  Every where we take her people stop us asking what breed she is, and where they can get one.  She is an absolute social butterfly and has a personality unmatched by any other dog we have ever seen.  From the first car ride home when she barked at us when it was time to go potty and then came running back when we called her name - until now we are amazed at how smart and loving our little puppy is.  She loves children, kisses, and being outside.  Stefanie did an excellent job of starting our puppies training, and honestly our only complaint is that we could tell our puppy had been spoiled with attention when we picked her up.

Tom & Danielle Smith      

Adopted Crimson Jan. 2009

Thank you so much for our darling puppy!  Her features and personality our absolutely amazing!  We have really enjoyed her in our home and appreciated the extend of care and caution you exhibited when placing your puppies and transitioning them to their new families.  Thank you again we could not love her more!

Britt Constancia      

Adopted Jan. 2009

 We absolutely love our puppy!("Zorro") When we are out on walks, people stop us and say, "That  is the cutest shihtzu I've ever seen!"  We even had a lady stop her car just to get out to see and pet him!  He has been the best dog we've ever had! The Peacock's were great to work with in the adoption process and took such great care of our puppy.  He's so healthy and happy and is such a great dog!  If ya want to get a healthy, happy & CUTE dog, we highly recommend purchasing a dog from them.  They truly love their dogs and they are well cared for so you know you're getting a healthy shihtzu.  

                      Patterson Family Sandy, UT


We adopted Savanna & Bentley from Stefanie in August of 2008.  

We waited three years after losing our wonderful TASHA to think about getting another dog.  The minute my husband (David) saw Bentley he knew he was the one.  It was immediate love.  We saw Savanna, but she had already been adopted.  But immediately, I fell in love with her.  She was so small with a lot of energy. A week or so later, Stefanie called to let us know Savanna was available, the family decided maybe she was too small or wanted to take another route.  We knew we didn't really need two puppies, but thought we would go back to see Bentley and see Savanna again.  Well, needless to say,  we came home with two adorable puppies.  We are so glad we decided to get the two, they are so much fun and are inseparable.  We have spent hours just playing with them and watching them play with each other.  They travel really well, but have to be in the same carrier.  Took their first plane trip to Georgia in January and never missed a beat.  They are little lovers.  Our grandsons absolutely adore them too!  So much so,  the Easter bunny gave them one for Easter.  Her name is ISSY. Thank you Stefanie for our little blessings.  We look forward to many years of joy with Savanna & Bentley.   

Patty and David Dibell 

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