Please make sure you read the entire Deposit Agreement and if you have any questions, please feel free to text me at anytime. :) 
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Please make sure you read the entire Bill of Sale and if you have any questions, please feel free to text me at anytime. :) 
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♥ These sweet puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract only. They are to be your pet and part of your life for their entire life span. 

 The total price for a girl or boy is $1250.00. I do not charge more for girls because I believe they are both equally as wonderful and if you are not planning on breeding them you shouldn't have to pay more! :) (The price is also the same for rare colors or sizing.)

 If you are looking to breed your puppy, you will need to purchase breeding rights. FULL AKC is $3000.00. (Questions and inquires will be followed up for FULL AKC)

 To send a deposit of (250.00 - Pet) or (450.00 - Breeder) please go to (8.9% Fee) - or, please look me up under Stefanie-Peacock-1 (2.6% Fee) or I cannot hold a puppy for you unless I receive the deposit.

Please contact me first at 801-634-7233 to confirm that we do have that deposit spot open as we do fill up very fast. We have an excellent reputation in the community and our open spots do not last long. 

You can also pay the total of 1250.00 + 8.8% Fee through Paypal to or + $15 fee - my email address listed on this account is or Stefanie-Peacock-1

Before you send the deposit please make sure you reach out to me first to make sure I still have the pup spot/puppy available. I will usually send you the deposit request, using your specific email.

Then once you have sent in the deposit, please shoot me a text or give me a call letting me know you sent it, then I will fill out the deposit agreement (Listed above) and send it to  your email. I will sign it and then you can fill it out and send it back to me. I will update the website and you will be all set!

Payment Options: PayPal, or Cash. Personal Checks will be accepted only on a deposit with plenty of time to clear the bank, we also do accept full payments with a check with 12 days to clear before adoption day.

This Contract Page Was Updated April 2017


I do not ship, if you want one of our babies you will need to come out to Utah and pick up your baby in person. I have had people come from California, New York, Colorado, Idaho, Washington State, Georgia, New Jersey and New Mexico. They flew here and enjoyed our beautiful sites here in Utah and then flew back home with their sweet puppy. 

Check with your airline to make sure they are okay with you bringing the puppy home with you. We will take our dogs with us at times and there are airplane approved bags and you place them in them and then under the seat during take off. Then you can hold them during flight. A lot of vets will suggest a sedative if it is a long flight. Check with your vet for more information on that. 

Puppies are sold on a Spay/Neuter pet contract only. You will need to send me a copy or take a picture of the actual vet receipt from the surgery and send it to me before they are 10 months old. Failure to do so and you could lose your puppy.

If you are interested in full AKC please email or text me.  801-634-7233

Breeding rights will cost an extra $1800.00. The total of your puppy being $3000.00 for FULL AKC.

I am also willing to do puppy trades, Full AKC with ONLY reputable breeders. 

(No Prapso and if your line has a Prapso puppy, I cannot take a trade on that specific pup)

I will trade lines, but will want to meet the parents of the puppy I am adopting and have s/he examined fully by my vet Dr. Anderson before anything is final. Call or text me anytime for more info 801-634-7233

I will not sale my puppies to Brokers, Mills, or Pet Shops under any circumstances! I do investigate all inquiries for FULL AKC.

These puppies are my little sweet hearts and I will turn anyone away who I feel may be dishonest or may have other intentions then having a loving puppy to grow old with.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Stefanie M. Peacock

801 634 7233 - Cell