I have a lot of people ask me questions about different parts of the contracts and my rules, thoughts etc. So I have decided to put this down for everyone who is thinking about adopting a puppy from me. SO! Here we go!

First and foremost this puppy that you are adopting from me is a serious adoption. Do not plan on getting a perfect puppy. You will have to teach your sweet baby what you want them to do and reward them when they do it. There will be potty accidents and do not get mad, take the time to teach and they will learn (Also refer to the Potty Training and Chewing Page)

If you can no longer take care of your puppy you are required (per contract) to give the puppy back to Stefanie Peacock your breeder with no refund. I will then find a new home for your puppy. BUT, let's hope this does not happen, these puppies are to be apart of your life for the rest of their entire lifespan, plan on taking care of all medical needs, food and nurturing for their ENTIRE lifespan. This puppy is to be treated as if they were one of your human children. They do not have a voice and you have to be their voice. So be a commanding, strong and loving one! Pethood like Parenthood is a serious obligation! 

Your deposit is non-refundable, if you decide to put a deposit down on a certain litter and do not get the puppy you want, Male or Female or a certain color you are looking for, you can move your deposit to the next litter. You can move your deposit three times before you lose it. Your first deposit placement counts as one. So basically you can move it two more times after the first until you lose it. If your puppy happens to die (God forbid!) in the hands of your breeder or if the mothers have a miscarriage for one reason or another, your deposit is still non refundable. You can move it to another litter. Just know this is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit no ifs ands or buts! (Deposit amount - 250 for a pet and 400 for a breeder - non-refundable!) Also please be aware that if we raise our prices and you have already put down your deposit, that price WILL be honored. However, if you MOVE your deposit AFTER we have raised our prices you will have to pay the higher price. If you decide you do not want to do so, you will lose your first deposit. 

Sometimes, it depends on what is going on in my life, but usually at 3-4 weeks of the age you will come over to visit your new puppy and bring the remaining balance (1000.00 for pet 2550.00 for breeding rights, your deposit goes towards the balance. So the total for the pup is 1250 or 3000). 

If your puppy does pass away before you pick it up and you have already paid your balance in full, you will receive your refund within 30 business days, an updated mailing address is required for the refund to be sent to, or you can choose to have the money returned via paypal minus the paypal fee.  If your puppy dies within 2-3 days of you receiving your puppy from your breeder Stefanie Peacock you will have 24 hours to take your puppy to the vet and have them do a full autopsy and if the puppy died from anything passed on from the parents, you will also receive a full refund minus the deposit, as stated above the deposit is 100% non-refundable. There will need to be a full explanation signed by a Vet stating that it was a passed on genetic disorder that caused the puppies death. I will need the name and number of the Vet and their address so I can verify as well. I will also need proof (Which sounds horrible, but there are dishonest people out there and I have to protect myself) of the puppy passing away. So you will need to show me, send a video or a picture or bring the puppy back to me. Finally you will need to go see Dr. Anderson as specified on the Bill of Sale you signed for a second opinion stating that what your vet saw and found was correct. At that point you will receive a full refund minus the deposit within 30 working days. However, you can also ask to be placed on a list for another puppy at no cost to you and I will keep you updated on the progress of the mom and her pregnancy or if we have other pups you can just move over to one of them if they are not spoken for.

Babysitting, we can normally babysit, however sometimes we cannot if we will be out of town or if there is a lot going on here at our home. Some reasons may be, If we are expecting puppies or if our girls are in heat. Please do not feel offended if we say no, we just have a lot going on over here at the Peacock House of Puppies! LOL 

When the babies are born a lot of the time their eyes go to the sides they kind of look cross eyed! LOL It is so cute, but they grow into their eyes (sounds funny) but they move forward over time. Some puppies will have a delayed closure/umbilical hernia (belly button) and if that happens they will usually fix themselves within 4-5 months of age. If it does not fix and your vet feels that you should have the surgery, which is basically pushing it down and sewing it closed during neutering or spaying then I suggest you do have it done. It is a pretty easy fix as it is very common in this breed.  I will let you know beforehand if they do have delayed closure and if it is bad, I will be keeping the puppy and fixing it myself before I let them be adopted. Also puppies who have this condition when severe should not be bred, speak with your vet before breeding. I do know of cases where they had a tiny one and it was fixed with surgery and this friend of mine has had 4 litters of pups with no problems. Please read up on that before you ever breed your doggies and as always check with your vet!

You will have three days from the day of adoption (which I will let you know on the day your pup is born) to take your puppy to the vet for a full examination. Given the 8week prior notice for adoption day you will have plenty of time to schedule an appointment. Usually adoption day is on a Saturday. So using that day as an example you will have until Wednesday to take your puppy to the vet. Three business days. If there is anything genetically wrong with your puppy then you can bring it back to me for a full refund minus the deposit amount - as stated above the deposit is non-refundable. Also as stated above I will need all verification from the vet saying this was the case, phone number, address and name of vet and you will receive your full refund (minus deposit) within 30 business days. 

Okay I think that is about it! As we go a long and I learn new or find new things over the years I will add to this list. For now this should be pretty self explanatory. :)

If at anytime you have questions or concerns you can email me, text me or call me. 

Thanks so much and happy adoption!!!!!



Deposit Agreement/Contracts signed and initial you have read this entire page and agree to all listed above

All Payments should be sent via PayPal with a 3.3% charge or Venmo.com with a 1.1% transfer fee for the deposit and Cash on First Visit Day - out of town families we will also be using PayPal or Venmo.com for final payment. We will make all arrangements together through phone call or texting. :) 

This Contract Page Was Updated on July 1st 2020