First Visit Info:

For your first visit, you will come over to my home and we will have a half hour visit. We will go over everything that you need to know at that time. Please make sure you are on time so you do not cut into anyone's special time with their puppy. Please be very courteous and kind to everyone and if you are early, please wait until your time to come to the door. We want everyone to have their full first visit time. If you are late, then you won't have extended time, you will only have the half hour that you were originally slotted for. So please make sure you plan your traveling time accordingly. 

Your final payment will be due on your first visit, due to issues we have had in the past we only accept the final payment in cash.
We will also go over your bill of sale contract (please make sure you read it) and your AKC papers will also be given to you at that time, along with a puppy packet and helpful info for you when bringing your new baby home! You will also be able to pick out your babies outfit during your first visit and then I will put their name on it and have it ready for you on adoption day! (along with Medical records, treats, toys and pee pad) 

 If you live out of town and cannot make the first visit that is totally fine! We will do a FACETIME!  Also, your payment will be due Three days before the first visit through PayPal or Venmo. Or you can send a final payment in a check 10 days before the first visit so it will have plenty of time to clear the bank. 

Then! The best part, you get to play with and kiss your baby! Ask any questions and go over any concerns!
Also as a side note, if anyone is sick, please leave them at home. If everyone is sick, (which has happened in the past) we will reschedule the visit and do your final payment through PayPal or Venmo. Our puppies immune systems are still developing and we do not want to do anything that could cause them any harm whatsoever. I also make you use hand sanitizer before we start the visit. (am I a little over protective, yes! LOL!!!) 

If you have young kids, please be aware that it may be distracting while going over all info with young kids present. They are welcome to come for sure, just know that it might be a little chaotic at times. Just with families in the past we have had issues of kids running through my house and crying, screaming or getting into things, which I totally understand is normal, I had three little ones at one point in my life, so I totally get it. LOL! But, if you can, maybe leave your little ones at home for the First Visit if you feel that we might not be able to communicate everything to one another adequately. Please do not get me wrong, I love LOVE little kids, in fact I have been the Sunbeam (3-4 year old) teacher at my Church. I LOVE them, I just know they can be a little silly at times and it is hard to go over everything in detail with mom and dad when we have little ones present. 

Finally, as always if you have any questions whatsoever please let me know. I am here to help you and answer any questions you may have. I want you to feel 100% comfortable and confident when bringing your puppy home!

Adoption Day info:

I will meet you in my front yard (weather permitting) to make sure your puppy goes potty. If the weather is bad, I have a big Gazebo in the back yard I take them to and have them go potty and then I will just meet you at the front door with your pup and all their goodies. 

I schedule everyone a 15 minute time slot to pick up their baby. It normally does not take that long, but just to make sure if anyone has any other questions I schedule a few extra minutes. There I will give you their Medical records - which include first shots, de-wormer and dews removed and a schedule for when they need their next shots going forward, pee pad for the car ride home (just in case!), toys, outfit and puppy treats! 

Then I will hug you and wish you all the best, kiss your little one and wave goodbye! BUT! Please know, our friendship does not end there, I am here for you for your puppies entire lifespan. Any questions or concerns you may have down the road, text or call me! I am here for you! 

Congratulations families! You will have many years of joy and happiness and silly crazy doggy time ahead! 

Call or text me for more info! 801-634-7233