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?? Hi Everyone! Welcome to our Shih Tzu group! 
Here we can share pictures of our cute dogs, ask questions, get helpful info and just have fun!
If you are looking to adopt one of my puppies please text me 801-634-7233 or look over my website 

<3 Please be aware that adopting one of my puppies is a serious commitment! You need to make sure you have the time, dedication and the funds available to give to your new little sweet baby!
We keep our prices really low so everyone can enjoy them. They are Pure Bred and come from (in my opinion) one of the best homes you could ever ask or hope for! <3 

<3 I do not ship my babies, if you want a puppy please plan a trip out here to Utah! :) We have wonderful sites around that you can make a little weekender or even a week trip out of the adoption. We have Park City, were the 2002 Olympics were and where they have the famous Sundance Film Festival. We are about 20 mins from Park City! The Grand Canyon and Zions are only a few hours away as well. We are about 22 minutes from the Salt Lake City Airport!

<3 All of my babies come with AKC papers, treats, food wet and dry, puppy packets, toys, treats and a personalized outfit. They will also have their medical records - first shots, dewormer and dews removed. (there have been a few instances where dew were very small, not seen and were missed, but most of the time, I would say 96% of the time they are removed.)

<3 Please join in here and share videos or pictures of your cute pups! (They don't have to be Peacock pups either! This is for ALL Shih Tzu's!) Share with your friends add them in to the group! I will post updated info and pics every week! :)

<3 Any thing posted that is inappropriate, offensive, attacking or mean will be deleted and you will be removed from our group. I hate to do that, but please just be kind. If you have serious questions and are worried about something please direct it to me personally 801-634-7233 as we have many kids and sensitive adults as well in this group too and I do not want to upset anyone or raise anxiety levels in anyone, child or adult. I will always post to the group however, if we need prayers or thoughts for your family and doggy. Please always stay in touch with me, I want to know how you are doing and how your pup is getting along. I will also be here for you for your pups entire lifespan, so 5-10 years down the road, call me reach out to me. I am here to help you. I do not know everything as I am not a vet, but I can give you my best advice as I have been doing this for over 10 years. I will also direct you to the vet if I feel it is needed.

<3 I do not breed these dogs for certain colors or sizes. I breed them to be happy and healthy. Of course we always have some common Shih Tzu issues and in the word of Doctor Anderson, the best ones always do (meaning the pure bred ones!) Please look over Common Puppy Issues on my website as well. With the pure bred pups you will find they have snorting, sneezing, small nose holes and sometimes an Umbilical Hernia or Delayed Closure (which is just the fatty cells that get stuck in their belly button area when it is trying to close up, its a simple push down and stitch when you spay or neuter that the doc can do for you) Those are very common in Shih Tzu's they may sounds scary, but they are normal and please know that if there is anything serious going on I will keep the puppy until it is remedied and of course your vet can always help with any questions you may have. I do suggest you go to Dr. Ross Anderson at Animal Crackers Veterinarian in West Jordan 801- 561-9272 if you are in the area. As of Jan 2017 a vet visit is around 44$, not bad at all! Dr. Anderson is honest, his prices are fantastic and he is so smart, so very smart. He truly cares about your animal and will make you feel comfortable and always takes the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have. He was one of the lead vets up at the Hoogle Zoo for over 10 years. He is amazing and owns Shih Tzu's himself. Which makes him (in my mind) even a better vet for all of us Shih Tzu owners! 

<3 Check out my website for more info! - 
Our Nursery is where you need to look to see if we have babies available or will have upcoming babies. My lists do fill up fast, so please text me soon. If you do wait too long they can be gone for the year. I usually take a few deposits and those people are guaranteed a pup. We take less deposits then we will have as far as pups go. For example, Aurora usually has 7-8 pups so I will take 4-5 deposits on her. Then once the babies are born if we have more pups I reach out to those families who have contacted me and wanted to be put under a certain mom for waiting. They will have first rights to the available pups. At that point I will ask for your email address and send you a deposit request. If you don't get it back to me soon, you will lose your placement, at that point it is kind of a first come first serve type of situation. Pups aren't guaranteed until the deposit is received. So please be aware that they do go pretty fast. People know that I love what I do. I also have a full security system in place that is constantly recording at all times so if we leave to the grocery store I can see my dogs inside and out of the house and hear them. It also monitors the surrounding of he entire outside at all times, just to be safe! There have been times when I wanted to check a situation and just played back the camera and sure enough it was Minnie Mouse who stole the toilet paper out of the bathroom and ran down the hall. Then she sat in the front room and each dog took a turn ripping up pieces and making a toilet paper masterpiece! LOL!!! I am a stay at home mom to three wonderful children and of course a puppy mom! I always go above and beyond for my dogs, their care and comfort always comes first and people know that and want to adopt from me because of these things. Please read the Testimonials on my website as well. Once we are in labor I will reach out to everyone who has placed a deposit and is waiting under that particular mom and let you know the exciting news and begin with the texts as babies are born, pictures and weights! It is exciting and fun to be apart of! I will also post updates here in the group too, so anyone wanting to be apart of it can be!

<3 Also please be aware that if I find out you are not taking care of your puppy properly (Vet visits when needed, proper vaccines) I will come and take the puppy back. I do not care who you are or where you live, if I have to fly out to you I will. I have done it in the past and will continue to do so going forward. Of course any animal abuse either. I also will prosecute if my wonderful Veterinarian Dr. Ross Anderson confirms and lets me know the puppy has indeed been abused. I put so much love and time into every puppy and I expect when they leave my house that you will do the same. It is only fair, as you are THEIR voice and you need to protect them and keep them safe, just as you would your own child. So be a strong, loving and committed puppy parent and you will receive so much love back from your puppy, more than you could ever give to them and that is the truth!
If you have any questions please let me know!
Have a wonderful week!!!!